Why Should I Improve My Mobile App Design?

Why Should I Improve My Mobile App Design
06Jan, 2021

The mobile app market is currently seeing an unprecedented boom due to the growing number of smartphone users. According to Statista, there are almost 7 billion mobile users globally, with mobile devices generating nearly half of the website traffic worldwide. Despite this, many mobile apps have failed to reach their intended levels due to several reasons. Did you know that user-experience (UX) is crucial for mobile app success, affecting how users view and interact with your mobile application? Here are some good reasons to improve your mobile app user experience and design.

Think about Necessary Features and Functionalities

Mobile app users download applications with a specific objective in mind. But if they need to spend so much time to find their way through the app function, chances are they will get frustrated and uninstall the application. A minimalist approach will provide a more straightforward and interactive mobile app application. A typical example is the Google Wave app, which failed to meet its expectation due to “over-designing.” The app contained so many complex features that required users more time to appreciate how it works. Subsequently, the app endured a worse retention rate before eventually being removed from the mobile app market.

Utilize Native Elements in the Mobile App

When designing your app, include features that encourage users to make intuitive decisions while adding known native components. Keep visualization at the minimum to avoid creating a messy interface. It can be tempting to get creative, but this often leads to issues such as:

  • Clutter
  • Pointless designs
  • Irrelevant design components.

This is the last thing you need on your app to make an aesthetic mobile app design. The smart approach is to utilize local details in developing your mobile app.

Go for Consistency and Convention in Design

Consistency in configuring mobile application guarantees that users will continue utilizing the same application. Therefore, it is essential to maintain coherence in describing app terms and avoid using varying words that may prove deceptive to a user. Maintaining consistency in the following will improve your UX:

  • Font
  • Color
  • Components that users can easily recognize and use

When planning your design, go for a friendly UI to create a memorable experience for your app users. Always use straightforward and clear language to enhance your mobile UX. There is no point adding features that will cause users to spend so much time knowing and understanding how it works.

Onboarding App Design

Whether you are developing an app for Android or IOS platform, the first impression you create leaves a lasting impression on the user. There are specific questions an effective onboarding process should answer – does the app provide an initial introduction review on its features? This way, you get to decide which component or elements best meet the user’s interests. You can offer the following to enhance UX in real-time:

  • In-app tips
  • Arrows
  • Specific designs

Including videos and animations is another smart way to provide complete onboarding content. For instance, several communication apps utilize a value-oriented framework to improve their UX.

Test Your App

The ideal approach to testing your mobile app’s convenience is to perform remote testing. This is one sure way to get user feedback on your application’s performance. These responses enable the app developers to proceed with quality assurance and remove any “bugs” during the process.

Testing your app is an effective way to see and feel the application from the end user’s perspective. Additionally, you are provided with more insight into areas to improve and upgrade even in the future. Testing your app is also fundamental to understanding the differences between an average and ideal application. It is therefore imperative to test your app before launching on app stores globally. Keep in mind that it may be challenging to get the user back after an unimpressive first experience. Do your best to get it right from the beginning.

Enhance In-App Search Function

Mobile users download your application for two main reasons:

  • Expecting to accomplish their objective
  • Finding and purchasing your items or services.

An excellent mobile design makes navigation easy and makes any useful links visible, which improves your app bounce rate. You can offer an in-application web index to make search fast and straightforward. The following can also improve your app usability immensely:

  • A simple navigation design
  • Improved search function
  • Data structure

Your mobile app’s design plays a vital role in enhancing the user experience in many ways, including:

  • Creating the right impression
  • Boosting awareness
  • Setting you apart from the competition
  • Generating revenue

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