Document Management System (DMS) Software


This is a critical part of your business which allows you to digitally store and control all your business files. We offer the best Document Management System (DMS) Software.

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Upgrade your project management abilities using our Virtual Document Management Solutions.

Running a paperless company is now becoming the order of the day , but there is still an ever increasing need to keep work records properly. This is where our Virtual Document Management Solutions for DMS Software comes in. It is built to help you properly store and manage business documents without keeping a pile of paper in your office.

We make the entire documentation process easier and faster with our solutions which we seamlessly incorporate to work with DMS software.

With our solutions, you can work with any type of digital file. Document scanning is also possible for businesses who still use paperwork.

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Information Technology Software

We build the custom software for creation, storage and sharing of information with maximum security. Our software support cloud-based access and automated work processes.

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Practice Management Systems

The perfect system to manage your daily operations. We build features for drawing schedules, billing, etc.

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Personal Records

Unique personal information software for your records, with a strong security to prevent intrusion from external parties. Enables easy transmission of your records into a principal database.

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Electronic Records

Your records; graphics, pictorial, audio, texts, and other digital form of records are stored, managed and distributed


Our team of professionals are conversant with every rule, and we do everything in our power to stay within the law. We are not just offering document security, we also improve regulatory compliance.

The compliance requirements of some documents, as laid down by the federal or state body could be complex. But with the use of our Document Management System, non-compliance risk is reduced.


End to End Encrypted Cloud

We build your document management software with an end to end encryption (the highest form of security in the digital space). Enabling a centralized and constant access to your documents. To also allow for critical awareness from your documents, we do mapping, data mining, and predictive coding.


Information Governance

We place importance on the veracity of your documents, and you being able to effectively capture, manage, trace and control your documents. Hence, we apply RBAC (Role Based Access Controls), with a tight authentication process and encode them with DMS portal scheme.


Collaboration and Workflow Automation

Our “drag-and-drop” feature makes work a lot easier. Great UI/UX designs to give your workers an office feel, where they can all conveniently work together on a single document. Features like e-signatures, comments on documents are many more are also added to give the perfect experience with no hassles.


Document Scan & Index Software Integration

Our document scanning feature works perfectly with Document Management Software to make it easy for you to digitalize your documents, and convert to which ever format you like. This is achieved with the implementation of Optical mark recognition, Optical character recognition, and the Intelligent character Recognition in the DMS.


Document Management

Capture, archive and do all you want with your documents with the programmed APIs. This makes workflow easier, plus unique centralized DMS solutions.


Electronic File Cabinet Solutions

Super easy maintenance of all your records at all phases of development. You will get automatic updates on the audit trail of your document. Furthermore, you will be able to abide by the data retention regulatory and other regulatory standards.


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Our Cloud-based Document Management System allows you to access your documents from anywhere and at any time.

Our Comprehensive Legal Document Management Software allows the safekeeping of agreements, emails, documents and notes in an organized manner. You can keep indexes in individual categories. This feature makes it absolutely easy and fast to search out any document.

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