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DON’T SKIP – You Need a Landing Page for Your Mobile App

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A Mobile App Landing Page is the webpage dedicated to convert leads by displaying the details of your mobile app. Ignoring this aspect of mobile app development could take a toll on your app marketing results.

You must raise the excitement of your leads by giving them fascinating, yet true benefits they would enjoy when they download your app.

Many business owners focus on building user-friendly applications only, but what’s the use if consumers do not download them?

Exemplary Marketing is dedicated to helping you scale your business, and that is why we offer wholesome development services which include an explicit app Landing Page.

Major Features of the App Landing Page:

About Us

This is where we tell your story – your leads get to know more about your brand. We use facts to inspire trust, tell visitors what they want to know, give them a peek behind the curtains, express your values and build strong connections. We make this interesting and also talk about your certifications and achievements.

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App Graphic Screens

We give your leads an idea of the great graphic designs in your app by implementing extracts from the app on the landing page. Users are attracted to the superb UI/UX designs, and they would want to experience it. This helps to ensure more conversions.

Terms and Conditions Agreement

The agreement includes the terms, the rules and the guidelines of acceptable behavior and other useful sections to which users must agree in order to use or access your mobile app. It permits you to terminate the access of abusive users or leads who do not follow your rules and regulations, as well as other required business benefits. This aspect is very important. It requires the service of a lawyer, and costs quite much.

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Privacy policy

We will describe how users’ information will be used, and will make it clear your company will not use their contact information in a destructive way. This makes your leads feel safer to download and use your mobile app.


A Mobile App Disclaimer limits your brand liability, and disclaims certain responsibility. It is usually uncomplicated, nevertheless it is necessary in the internet age. This helps to make sure that there are restrictions to what the users can hold you responsible for. It ensures your own safety as well.


When you get a Landing Page from us be sure that

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Users are engaged before your app is launched

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Your app gets a grand launch

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Consumers will download

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Guaranteed visibility prior to app launch and after.

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