Terms of Service


Cordially go through these terms of services carefully before using our services. Exemplary Marketing offers a variety of services to every type of business. The Company provides social media marketing, search engine marketing, website optimization, Graphic & Web Designing, Application Development, and related services on a local, national, and international basis. We will provide you services, which are subject to the conditions stated below in this document. Every time you visit this website, use its services or make a purchase, you accept the following conditions. If you have questions or maybe of any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.



Before you continue to utilize our Services it will be helpful to you better understand our practices. Company submits information on your behalf to social media sites and search engine providers for whom you must agree to their terms and conditions, and they all equally apply. Exemplary marketing will not share your information with any business other than in the course of securing online advertising and marketing services on your behalf.



Content published on Exemplary Marketing website is copyright reserved. Content on the website (images, texts, graphics, logos) is the property of Exemplary Marketing and protected by international copyright laws.



Following Exemplary Marketing privacy policy, our websites use cookies to capture user details for each visit. Cookies are used to help the functionality and ease of use for those people visiting.



By visiting and using our services, you agree to be bound by these web site Terms and Conditions of Use, all applicable laws, and regulations. You agree that you are responsible for compliance with any applicable local laws.



All work that represents the creative effort of the Company remains the property of the Company. All logos, Application, website, and social media content is considered to be owned by the Client once it has received final approval to go live, and payment in full has been received and may be reused, shared, and reproduced by the Client.



  • Unauthorized use of our services may give a claim for damages and be a criminal offense.
  • Without any prior written consent, you may not generate a link to this website from another website or document.
  • The Client shall provide timely assistance, technical information, and personal decisions to the Agency, as reasonably required by the Agency to facilitate the execution of marketing efforts.
  • The Client agrees to provide regular feedback so the Agency can create fresh content and make adjustments accordingly.
  • The Client shall be responsible for ensuring all information provided to the Agency, including providing necessary login information and passwords to access social media, analytics, hosting, domains, and other third-party accounts.
  • Any Application developed by engaging our team is entirely the Client’s choice, for which we shall not be liable. It shall include the client’s responsibility to ensure that any products, services, or information taken by our service meet your specific requirements.
  • You are allowed to send us emails or add review comments as long as they are not illegal, defamatory, offensive, threatening, and injurious or make invasive of privacy in any way to third parties.



  • Agency has the right to place information relating to your business on any of the social media, publisher, and search provider websites.
  • The client authorizes Agency to develop content based on materials, including copy, form, size, text, graphics, names, addresses, phone numbers, URLs, logos, trade names, trademarks, service marks, and endorsements, photographs, or likenesses, and videos.
  • The client must provide the information to us, which is truthful, not misleading, and must have the authority to represent that product and service information to the Agency.
  • The client authorizes us to contact their customers if required for gaining endorsements and reviews for publication.
  • Any articles, press releases, or blog postings designed for your service will be sent to you for approval before publishing.



  • Payment method: Company receives payments via PayPal and Zelle by issuing invoices to the Client. Payment must be made automatically in advance on the (1st) of each month that the contract is in effect (ACH or credit card). We work in Milestones for every project, and payment requires to be issued following the completed tasks.
  • On-Time Payment: Delay in any client approval on website designs, social media page creation, digital creative, digital ads or application designs, etc., will not be considered a reason to delay payment beyond the due date.
  • Taxes: If any federal, state, or local taxes are imposed on the printing, publication, or distribution of advertising material or the sale of advertising or products and services produced by the Company, these taxes will be assumed and paid by the Client
  • Rates: Company may, in its preference, from time to time, increase the rates listed, modify the product/service offerings, or update its service terms. The client will be informed of any change or increase in rates, new product/service modifications, or change in writing 30 days before the increase’s effective date.
  • Cancellation & Refund Terms:
    • The service will not be canceled unless requested by the user with 30 days prior written notice of cancellation.
    • Payment once made for milestones will not be reverted.
    • Client may not claim a breach, terminate or cancel terms on typographical errors, incorrect ad placements, under deliveries, omissions, or errors in advertising, social media, and website content.
    • The company agrees to take action for correction within 2 business days of notification by the Client.
    • On cancellation of services, if days of service are remaining under the billing period, the service amount of those days won’t be refunded to the user.



The Client acknowledges the following terms for SEO services from Exemplary Marketing.

  • We have no authority over the policies and ranking algorithms of search engines concerning the type of sites or content they accept now or in the future. The Client’s web site may be excluded from any search engine or directory at any time at the sole discretion of the search engine or directory.
  • As per the competitiveness of some keywords and ongoing changes in search engine ranking algorithms, Company does not guarantee No.1 positions or consistent top positions for any particular keyword, phrase, or search term.
  • Google sometimes hinders the rankings of new websites until they prove their viability to exist for more than a specific amount of time or have enough backlink strength. We are not liable for ranking, traffic, indexing issues related to such penalties.
  • The Client must understand that ranking a new website is much more complicated than ranking old established sites, and they should not have unrealistic expectations about rankings, traffic, and revenues.
  • Ranking of the website can fluctuate any time or day because of on-going changes in the ranking algorithm, SEO efforts made by the competitors.
  • Company makes no guarantee of project timelines or added expenses if the content is destroyed by any party other than the Agency or without prior consultation with the Company.
  • Company is not responsible for overwriting content or SEO work done by Client or any of its affiliates. The company will charge an additional fee for re-constructing, re-optimizing content/web pages.



The client must agree on the following terms for Pay-Per-Click /Social Media Campaigns/Search Services:

  • Company is not responsible for policies of PPC Advertising Networks, social media platforms, third-party search engines, directories, or other websites. The third party resource might be excluded, rejected, or ban your content or website at any time. The Client accepts not to hold the Company responsible for any actions taken by third-party resources under these terms of service, whether now or in the future.
  • Client acknowledges Company makes no warranty about the search providers, social media platforms, or publishers, including placement of paid advertising or any specific results. ​The company does not guarantee a position, consistent positioning, or particular order for any particular ad, keyword, phrase, or search term.
  • Client accepts that paid advertising may be subject to the individual advertising network’s policies and procedures. Also, consider that online advertising networks, social media sites, search engines, directories, or other resources may reject, block, prevent, or otherwise stop accepting submissions for an indefinite period.
  • Client must accept that online advertising networks may drop listings from its database for no predictable reason. The company shall re-submit resources based on the current policies of the third-party advertising network.
  • Digital media advertising costs are additional and paid directly to the third-party. Payment for media that the Company is running on behalf of you shall be paid for in advance of running if there is a lack of adequate funds in a third-party account (e.g., Google, Facebook, and Yahoo). Agency reserves the right to suspend advertising until accounts are made whole.
  • No refunds will be made for SEO or digital marketing campaigns (SEO, PPC, Shopping Feeds, Email Marketing, Re-marketing, Content Marketing, Blogging, and Social Media).



The Company may reject an order upon notice to Client for any of the following reasons:

  • If the Client fails to make payment.
  • If the Client works for the benefit of creditors.
  • If reorganization under the bankruptcy or insolvency laws is filed against the Client.

If terminated for any above reasons, the Client will nevertheless remain liable for balances due to any services, whether billed or unbilled. The Agency will send an invoice to the Client, which the Client agrees to pay promptly.