We render tailor-made Transportation Software Development Services that will undoubtedly optimize your business revenue and enhance your entire business operation. Get rid of poor transportation management with our assistance.

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Explore Our Transportation Software Development Services

At Exemplary Marketing, we understand that the needs of organizations as regards transportation keep growing by the day, and that is why we have a team of dedicated developers who create custom transportation solutions for businesses.

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Car Rentals

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Fleet Management


Traffic Management


Parking Management


Public Transportation

Dispatch Software Solutions

The dispatch software solutions we develop are programmed in accordance to the needs of our clients, optimizing dispatch routes to reduce expenses while efficiency is still guaranteed to the maximum.

Get the best hands to develop a custom Transportation Software for you, choose Exemplary Marketing.

We merge different tools into the dispatch systems you already have to make them more functional and give you more options/tools with which you can monitor dispatch.

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Dispatch Routing Software

To allow you enjoy maximum benefits from our transportation software, we also incorporate the Geographic Information System (GIS) software Application Programming Interface, and other tools to make dispatch scheduling easier.

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Emergency Dispatch Software

We implement tools that provide emergency aids, like the International Academics of Emergency Dispatch (IAED) Protocols, to guarantee support in case of any emergency. Trackers are also put in place to ensure time compliance during dispatch.

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Mobile Field Dispatch Software

We provide the needed technology for your field dispatchers to access necessary information on their device, at any time and from anywhere in the world. We build mobile applications for windows, iOS and Android to this effect.

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Dispatch Scheduling Software

Exemplary Marketing experts combine expertise with advanced technology to build a custom software that streamlines the whole dispatch process by enabling automations, dispatch scheduling inclusive.

Fleet Management Software Solutions.

Exemplary Marketing Developers have multiple innovative creations custom-made for each client, and with the modern solutions, tools and integrations we provide, managing a fleet of vehicles would never be challenging for you again.

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Fleet Telematics Software

As experts, we have a wide range of custom solutions that are designed for real-time vehicle tracking and monitoring which helps to guard against fleet loss or theft, avoid additional expenses, and enhance efficiency in operations.

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GPS Fleet Tracking Software

You can effectively keep tabs on your fleet by using our top-notch GPS Fleet Tracking Software. Different technological solutions like the Onfleet are adapted into the software to optimize its functionality.

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Fuel Management Software

We grant you limitless access to every information as regards your fleet, including the details on fuel management. This software allows you to proactively curb unreasonable spending on fuel hence, your resources are wisely managed.

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Asset Management Software

Maximizing profit is not possible without proper monitoring and management of business assets. Exemplary Marketing equips organizations with the best technology like Fleetio to control the deployment and use of assets.

Public Transportation Software Solutions

We combine the power of Artificial Intelligence and other modern technologies with our years of experience to create custom solutions that work with an online system to optimize the management of public transportation.

Your dispatchers are able to keep track of your fleet from wherever they are with our web-based tracking solutions. Productivity is greatly improved and asset durability is guaranteed.

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Vehicle Telematics Software

Our developers do tailor-made Transportation Management Systems alongside some telematics solutions specifically structured to make vehicle tracking seamless irrespective of the location. These solutions are always built in compliance with the FMCSA protocols.

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Route Optimization Software

This software is highly essential because it helps to reduce operational time as a result of the minimized driving time which does not just improve the driver’s efficiency but also reduces costs on fuel and maximizes business revenue.

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Transportation Mapping Software

We provide an amazing software with in-built features like GIS to support the creation of excellent transportation strategies, route optimization, identify inefficiencies in delivery system, schedule delivery locations, and a lot more.

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Paratransit Dispatch Software

We have tailored solutions for Non-Emergency Medical Transportation and Paratransit which also facilitates dispatch planning for clients. It is a system on which uninterrupted communication occurs, trips can be edited, and so on, to ensure smooth dispatch experiences.

Rideshare & Carpooling App Solutions

Exemplary Marketing is skilled in the creation of various solutions for Rideshare and Carpooling applications, and these solutions are tailored to meet the specific needs of individual business.

We are a team of experts with quality experience in using the modern technologies to provide whatever organizations need to succeed. You can count on us anytime any day for your mobility needs. We have Rideshare apps for bikes, luxury cars, etc.

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Rideshare Passenger App Development

We program Rideshare Applications to work on different devices, iOS or Android, to enable your customers do ride bookings on-the-go. Our cloud-based solutions can be banked on because of the thoughtfulness and expertise put into building them.

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Rideshare Driver App Development

Exemplary Marketing experts provide the best Rideshare Driver Application on which drivers can be matched with corresponding passenger, and trip information can be easily accessed. Driver’s will also be able to exchange info on routes, among other benefits.

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Rideshare Admin Panel Development

We provide an impeccable Rideshare Admin Panel online. Your business supervisors can access this panel on their devices from any location to reach out to drivers, get reports on your fleet, effect payment, etc.

Car Rental Management Software Solutions

Exemplary Marketing creates built-in Solutions for car Management Software, and these solutions are effected to keep you in control of your car rental procedures. The solutions include control tools, portals for customers, and so on.

We provide you with all the required parameters to automate car reservations, and give your customers maximum satisfaction through our unique online solutions.

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Booking & Reservation System

Booking and reservation are now very easy with our custom systems. We combine different technologies, including the Online Booking Tools to optimize booking/reservation experiences.

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Rental Fleet Management Software

Our experts develop the best dashboards with unique features to activate and supervise the rental process from start to finish. These dashboards keep accurate records on the registration details of fleet, their conditions, and other necessary information.

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Rental Insurance Software Solutions

Exemplary Marketing developers will fashion the best solutions to insure your assets in case of accidents or emergency. There are tools to help drivers at the roadside, and we also integrate the damage waiver and other liability securities.

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Car Tracking Software Solutions

We have GPS features built into the software to aid monitoring and live tracking of cars. The whole process is web-based and automated to ensure accuracy and keep your vehicles within reach irrespective of their locations.

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