At Exemplary Marketing, we provide tailored Agriculture Software Development Services and farm management solutions for Aquaculture, Agribusiness, Livestock production, and other agricultural practices.

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Exemplary Marketing specializes in creating advanced Custom solutions for the Agriculture Industry, and these solutions are known to improve the performance of Agribusiness, Aquaculture, Livestock Farming, and other agriculture-based companies. We have experts who also configure mobile applications to achieve better productivity and optimized business operations.

At Exemplary Marketing, we pay attention to building workable solutions that befit the peculiar needs of our clients, and that is why we have multiple service options.

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Land Management

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Livestock Management

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Farm Management

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Precision Agriculture Software Solutions

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Seed-to-Sole and Dispensary Software Solutions

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Agriculture Drone Software Development

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Food Safety and Compliance


You need a unique platform from which you can take care of all the activities related to land management, and that platform is the Land Management Software. Exemplary Marketing experts are dedicated to developing Land Management Software and solutions that take care of periodic land inspections, land surveys, land control, etc. These solutions are automated in order to avoid errors or omissions in management processes


Land Mapping & GPS Software

We merge the Geographical Information System and Global Positioning System into your software to give accurate results on land mapping of your sites.


3D Field Design Applications

Our software developers build unique 3D Field Design Applications with the implementation of Topography Mapping system to give you a remote view of land properties.


Smart Controllers & Sensors

We do Smart Controllers and Sensors integrations in order to measure yields as a result of a significant change in humidity, temperature, and environmental elements.

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Precision Agriculture Management

We leverage Information Technology to ensure precision in agricultural practices; making sure that the accurate quantity of needed materials are used.

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Agronomy Software Solutions

We integrate custom Agronomy Software solutions for optimized Agriculture experience and live reviews in soil testing, among other practices.

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Irrigation System Management

Exemplary Marketing experts engineer robust Irrigation Software with different integrations to ensure excellence in irrigation management.

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Operations Management

Exemplary Marketing leverages the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle System with the integration of Application Programming Interface to organize operations.


The Agriculture Industry is not left out in the technological advancements happening all over the world. Exemplary Marketing makes it easy for you to take advantage of this digital age by building world-class Agriculture Management Software Solutions that make your business a lot easier.

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Farm Inventory Management

Our experts use Geographic Information Systems like the RFID and barcodes to make tracking your raw materials and products seamless.

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Farm Equipment Servicing

Our services include GIS Equipment Development, and we merge it with mobile applications to activate real-time survey at field level.

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Crop Planning & Tending

Our Developers provide modules merged with a mapping software to activate automated watering methods and see to plant growth.

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Labour Management Software

We build custom software that compress operational time which in turn results to reduction in required labour, and record is kept adequately.


Farm Accounting Software

We build Farm Accounting systems for the Agriculture Industry, and we build custom solutions that ensure speed and accuracy.


Mobile Farm Management

Exemplary Marketing experts design mobile applications for different device types (Android or iOS) so you can manage and supervise your business from any location.


Agribusiness Software

Our wholesome Agribusiness Software keeps you in control from end-to-end with the integration of the CRM Software for advertisement and other purposes.


Creating sophisticated solutions to streamline Livestock Management activities is one of our expertise at Exemplary Marketing. We have software developers who take time to study trends in the tech industry, and how to implement them to achieve better results in Agriculture. We will teach you how to spend less and achieve more by leveraging modern discoveries.


Livestock Breeding Software

Exemplary Marketing provides software features with which you can track the different life stages of livestock, and these features can be customized.


Livestock Inventory Software

Having a clear view and being in control of your business inventory are made possible with our robust Livestock Inventory Software.


Livestock Tracking Software

Tracking your livestock from any location is made possible with our third-party integrations of technologies like RFID, GIS, and others.


Cattle Management Software

Our experts design custom Cattle Management Software as a centralized point from which you can track cattle, collect data, etc.


Animal Husbandry Software

We create the software with which farm owners or managers can make accurate and informed decisions on the livestock to breed.


Feed Mill Automation

Building a system to supervise how your livestock feed is managed is also part of our expertise in Exemplary Marketing.


Pasture Grazing Systems

We integrate Geographical Information System and Geofencing to access details on site records and livestock locations remotely.


Our tailored Precision Agriculture Software Development provides you with a centralized platform for business activities, with inbuilt features that support digitalized form of operations which reduces omissions or errors, and ensures accuracy at all levels. We make managing Agribusiness easy across all stages.


Agriculture Monitoring Systems

Achieving improved crop quality is possible with our sophisticated systems which are dedicated to monitoring agricultural progress.


Agriculture Software Integrations

Our Developers carryout various integrations like DAS and API into the Agriculture Software in order to optimize its performance.


Agriculture Soil Sensors

Exemplary Marketing is a leading provider of technological innovations and systems targeted towards helping agricultural firms to detect soil properties accurately.


Agriculture Precision Farming Apps

Creating agricultural mobile apps merged with technological solutions aimed at ensuring precision is part of our skill set.

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