We develop fitting Supply Chain Management Software to improve your business performance, reduce cost, enhance security and integrity, foster decision making, and generate more revenue for you.

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We Have Experienced Supply Chain Management (SCM) Software Developers

We operate on a high level of proficiency; combining years of experience with innovative tools to create exceptional platforms for your Supply Chain Management needs.


Supply Chain Management (SCM)

Our SCM Software automates the process of Supply Chain Management, which in turn gets rid of the errors attributed to the manual method.


Asset Tracking Supply Chain Software

There have features for asset tracking built into the software to allow you seamlessly monitor all your assets irrespective of the location.

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Manufacturing Software Development

We engineer a comprehensive Material Resource Planning Software into your system to effectively keep inventories and optimize business transactions within your enterprise.

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Inventory Management Software

Thanks to the integration of many (recent) technologies, inventory management is swift, excellent and convenient on the software we build.

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Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Exemplary Marketing experts build tailored Electronic Data Interchange systems that are acceptable at the global level. An example is TRADACOMNS.

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Regulatory SCM Compliance Software

We can merge SCM Compliance solutions into the software you already have in your business, or build a fresh one from scratch.

Supply Chain Management Application Development

We program both Cloud-Based and Mobile device apps with which you can generate reports, and monitor orders up to delivery stage.

SCM Applications

Exemplary Marketing is the go-to company for you if you want to optimize your inventory process. Our developers are the best, and we are dedicated to giving innovative solutions to supply chain challenges.

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Supply Chain Lifecycle

We build unique solutions with which you can automate the supervision of your supply chain stages from the beginning to the end.

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Shipping & Logistics

Our experts will develop the best software that would cater for your Shipping and Logistics needs effectively. This software can also be integrated into your present system.

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Inventory & Orders

Exemplary Marketing experts will create applications that would work on your mobile so that you can stay aware of your inventory and monitor it accordingly.

Get Custom Supply Chain Management (SCM) Software Solutions

Asset tracking, profit maximization, cost reduction, efficiency, easy access, and many more benefits are what you stand to gain from our Custom solutions for Supply Chain Management Software.

We will streamline the supply chain process for you by providing a technology that handles all the stress for you. You are just few seconds away from leveraging technology to optimize your business.

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Multi-Channel Inventory Solutions

Our affordable custom software is equipped to seamlessly automate your supply chain process, procurement supervision and streamline inventory management across different sources.

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Custom Order Management Solutions

We provide customized Order Management Solutions based on your business needs so, time is maximized, error is minimized, and revenue is boosted while cost is reduced.

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Custom Fleet Management Solutions

Organizing and managing your company vehicles would be a lot easier with our advanced software. Integrated in it are tools for GPS Tracking, maintenance, and many more.

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Warehouse Management Solutions

We will grant you maximum access and visibility to all your business assets wherever they are with our innovative solutions which would even be designed according to what you need.

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