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Increase Website Visitors

Create Instagram advertisements to drive a high volume of quality visitors to your website.

Boost Website Conversions

Conceptualize Instagram advertising campaigns for increased conversions.

Increase Brand Awareness

Refine your Instagram branding at affordable rates.

Why advertise on Instagram?

Instagram has a vast and diverse community of users that actively browse, click and engage with photos 24/7. It’s the leading social media platform that cuts across a variety of demographics and chances are, your customers are on it. Apart from its unlimited marketing potential, Instagram is also a user-friendly platform through which your customers can find your brand, communicate with your team, and even purchase your product or service directly.


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What is Instagram marketing and why you need it?

Instagram is a social media app that has launched a many successful businesses that are found on the app alone. Adding Instagram marketing to your arsenal of website marketing, email marketing and campaigns on other social media platforms boosts your brand visibility at exponential levels.

Our steps for effective Instagram growth

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Professional Business Account

Exemplary Marketing creates professional business accounts that are designed to deliver high engagement through 3 to 5 weekly posts.

Demographics and User Engagement

Exemplary Marketing assess demographics and user engagement specific to your type of business to help promote your product or idea to the right audience.

Ads Tailored to Your Niche!

We run Instagram ads that are tailored to your niche market to direct traffic to your website and increase revenue.

Correct & Efficent

Our ads management team makes sure that your ads are performing as intended and running smoothly.

Monthly Reports

Finally, we send out monthly reports of your Instagram analytics to relay the performance of your campaigns, increase in followers and user engagement.

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What makes Exemplary Marketing’s Instagram Growth So Special

Simple! Here is work that our Instagram specialists have developed to create a great amount of FORTUNE for our clients




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$50 AD Spend Over 6,500 Clicks


$35 Ad Spend Over 300 Clicks!


Real Customers Real Results The power of Instagram is amazing!

We have helped Hundred’s Of Clients With their Instagram Growth. We are Best Instagram Marketing Service Company.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of Instagram marketing?

The purpose is to gain followers and increase engagement on your Instagram page, as well as increase website traffic, ultimately to boost awareness of your brand and convert site clicks to sales.

How many new Instagram followers can I expect?

With a consistent social media marketing campaign, clients usually see an organic increase in followers ranging from 100 to 300 a month.

Does new followers mean more website traffic?

Yes, however, to see substantial impact on sales, we recommend using paid advertising on social media to reach untapped app users that are within your target audience.

When will we start seeing results?

Every new post can lead to increased followers and engagement, as this is the nature of social media platforms. To see substantial results, we recommend running a campaign with a duration of six to 12 months, which is ample time to develop a loyal following and customer base. If you wish to see increase in followers and engagement in the short-term, you may opt to select our social media advertising service.

Do I have to pay for sponsored posts?

Yes, advertising on social media will incur separate costs. Our social media marketing service covers increasing followers and engagement organically, which means you don’t need an advertising budget. If you want to try the paid approach, we can do that for you as well, with an advertising budget.

Who will manage our Instagram page?

Your account will be assigned to a social media manager who will be responsible for posting content, as well as monitoring performance, comments, likes and DMs. We will be contacting you for appropriate replies if necessary.

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