We are highly experienced in telecommunications software development, and our innovative team provides the best services customized to meet the specific needs of our clients at the most affordable rate.

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We Have Dedicated Developers with Telecom Industry Experience

Exemplary Marketing has been in the tech industry for a time long enough to know the in and out of telecommunications software development. All our clients have been able to overcome their telecommunications challenges and achieve better business results due to the help of our dedicated developers.

Operations Support Systems (OSS)

Exemplary Marketing creates custom Operations Support Systems having VoIP features integrated into them to enable the seamless management of different business operations for customized Systemic Investment Plan and your Server-Side Applications which include;

  • Network Resources Inventory Management
  • Fault Management
  • Fraud Protection Solutions
  • Performance Management
  • Trouble Ticketing
  • Customer Billing Management
  • Data Reports & Dashboards
  • Security Authentication
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Business Support Systems (BSS)

Our expert developers design Business Support Systems that support the management of orders, profit inflow, and products. Thanks to the different customized systems, applications and features, you can also conveniently manage customers to enhance customer satisfaction. The systems include the following;

  • CRM Systems
  • ERP Software Solutions
  • Billing Systems
  • Customer Self-Service Portals
  • Personnel Management Corporate Portals
  • Predictive Analytics Solutions
  • Report Generation & Data Visualization Tools
  • Sales & Leads Generation Automation Systems

Telecom Software Development Services

Exemplary Marketing has experienced developers who are dedicated to providing tailored communication solutions to Communication Service Providers (CSP) in order to help them improve user satisfaction and boost their overall revenue level.

We are rich in technology and experience so, we merge these important attributes together to create the best features and platforms to make your work a lot easier and more productive, yet at the most affordable rate.

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Telecommunications Software Development

Our experts are skilled in the creation of Telecommunication Software which is designed with other integrations like the OSS, Business Support Systems, Software-Defined Networking, Network Functions Virtualization, management Applications for your Network, Video Conferencing Platforms, and online systems for IT.

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Telecom Network Management Software

We design this software with robust features to facilitate effective monitoring and management of networks in your organization. Activities like provisioning, Network Inventory Management, and configuration can be easily carried out at a reduced cost.

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Telecom Network Applications

Our Developers create Telecom Network Applications that are useful in different devices. These Applications already have different tools built in them for instant messaging, telephony, information transfer, online communication, email, etc.

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Telecom Performance Monitoring Software

We provide top-notch Telecom Performance Monitoring Software which is well equipped to make performance analysis easier for its user. There are built-in tools for reporting, analysis to foster informed decision making, and many more to optimize telecommunications.

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Call Accounting Software

Get automated reports and live access to call information. This software also keeps an error-free record of all telecommunications information, assigns costs to each call made, secures Network, and ensures the PCI-DSS is complied to.

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Telecom Security Management Software

Exemplary Marketing implements strategies to ensure that your telecom systems are well guarded. Our security systems prevent hacks, SS7 attack, etc. because we integrate data encryption, IoT features, and many more security procedures.

Custom Telecom Solutions

Our experts design top solutions for the telecommunications Software, and these solutions are made with utmost consideration of what your business needs. We will help you optimize your business to gain more customers and generate more revenue with our state-of-the-art solutions.

Telecom BI Solutions

Let us take you steps ahead of your competitors by integrating Business Intelligence Solutions into your daily telecommunication activities. Revenue boost and increase in customer satisfaction are two of the guaranteed benefits of our Telecom BI Solutions which include;

  • Strategic Performance Management
  • Campaign Management
  • Revenue Management
  • Customer Management
  • Payment Risk Management
  • Telecommunications Data Management
  • Network, Regulatory, & Compliance Solutions
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VoIP-Based Telecom Solutions

Tailored VoIP-Based Telecoms solutions are built to automate the conversion of business data, data deployment and transmission of voice during business operations with the use of the following modern tools;

  • Video, Audio, & SMS Mobile Applications
  • Multimedia Conferencing
  • Desktop Softphone Connectivity
  • Data Security & Encryption
  • Connection Breaks
  • Processor Draining Capabilities
  • Interactive Dashboards
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Telecom IoT Solutions

We craft solutions to help organizations in managing their assets remotely. We leverage IoT to customize features that support the transitioning of 4G network to 5G, and they work to interlink network systems with IoT devices, optimizing data protection, and a host of other benefits.

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Custom Vas Software

Our Value Added Service is customized for each client to with various modern tools integrated to grant the highest level of benefits. Telecoms organizations are thankful for our services because we make things like emails, SMS, recording of messages, etc. seamless and effective.

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Telecom AI Solutions

Our experts implement Artificial Intelligence into the telecommunications software to provide more solutions to handle your information data, and effectively run operations without human supervision. RPA, online assistance tools, and other technologies are also introduced to enhance business productivity.

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Telephony Servicing Solutions

The Telephony Servicing Solutions we create include IP PBX, which supports the connection of devices. We provide whatever you need, ranging from SIP Services, to Contact Centre Services, and so on. The goal is to create matching solutions for your business goals and see them brought into reality.

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