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I Have an App Idea, but I need Funds – We Can Help You Get Funded!

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Everyone passionate about an idea, wants to get it started as soon as possible. We are sure that’s how you feel about your mobile app idea, especially as the Market Value of mobile applications grow at a crushing rate, more than 20% rate annually.

We know how it feels when you have a great idea, but with a limited fund to launch. This is why when an app design + FRD is purchased from us at Exemplary Marketing, we help guide in finding the best investors.

We Have Solved A Formula That Investors Love To See And Hear When Investing In Technology and We Will Share That Secret With You!

We can help you with the following:

Describe a real pain point

We will help you address the problem and clearly demonstrate how your solution will help solve it.

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Authenticate your idea

We ensure that there is no similar product in the market or make competition research to develop a better app for you.

Create Design/App Demo

At the design phase, we create clickable mockups for you, to visualize the idea and give a better view of the app solution concept.

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PowerPoint for Investors

Also we help build a beautiful PowerPoint pitch to show to investors (for an additional fee). This will surely help you convert more investors, and make it easier to launch your dream.

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This company helped me develop my app. At a really good price. Very Good Quality.. Best team and integrity. I Highly recommend
Lidia Ramirez