Exemplary Marketing is a leading software development company made up of many experts who have been in the field for years, and we work with advanced tech tools to create top-notch Payment Software Solutions.

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Our Payment Software Solutions Include

We are a team of experienced Payment Software developers who delight in creating varieties of custom solutions. Some of our custom solutions for payment software are given below.

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ACH & Check 21

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First Data

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Fraud Protection and Detection

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Mobile Payments

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Online Payments

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Payment Gateway

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Terminal POS

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Custom Payment Gateway and Processing Solutions

Our team is equipped with the necessary skill set for creating Payment Gateway solutions from scratch or merging it with your present system, but we will do either based on what you need to achieve better results.

We integrate Payment Gateways like Authorized.Net, Elavon, Amazon Payments, PayPal Payments, etc.

We are the number one provider of tailored Payment Gateway and Processing Solutions. You can interact directly with any of our experts when you click the button below.

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Payment Processing Software Solutions

Our developers make online payment easy by creating payment solutions that are tailored to your business’ specifications, with different payment alternatives from which customers can choose the most suitable for them.

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Payment Gateway Integration

We merge custom-made payment gateway solutions with mobile applications and e-commerce carts to optimize purchase experience. We do all to ensure that you get the best for your business with the present-day technology.

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Custom Payment Applications

Our Developers create customizable Payment Applications, and having such makes it easy for you to amend the system on the basis of what your business needs to improve efficiency per time.

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Multi-Currency Processing Solutions

Exemplary Marketing experts will increase your capacity to run business across different nations of the world by integrating the Pay in Your Currency functionalities and the Dynamic Currency Conversion system.

Mobile Payment Processing

Creating a Mobile Payment platform improves your business efficiency, and reduces operational time because customers can easily make payments online with their mobile device from wherever they are across the globe.

Give your customers individualized services by hiring our service.

The Mobile Payment Processing we provide are integrated to support the use of credit cards and other E-payment methods that give users a satisfactory experience. We do everything to satisfy your business requirements at Exemplary Marketing.

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Mobile Online Payment Processing Systems

Having a business online without necessary tools like an online payment method would yield very low results. Let us build Mobile payment applications that link with bank accounts and individual debit/credit cards to achieve P2P exchange.

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Mobile Wallet Development

We integrate different features while carrying out Mobile Wallet Development to ensure that the app is 100% secure, has high functionalities, and very engaging. Our applications are also user friendly, and receipts are generated automatically.

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Mobile Device Payment Processing Solutions

Boost your business by integrating our custom Mobile Retail Application Solutions. We create the best to keep your business at your customers reach (on their devices) with the best designs to engage interaction and superb business management on your end.

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Mobile (POS) Systems

We build quality Point of Sale systems for mobile devices by leveraging a couple of technologies like Peer-to-Peer Communication, Near Field Communication platforms and others.

Custom Online Payment Software

Exemplary Marketing is a team of experienced developers who have successfully worked with different businesses of various sizes over the years.

We are good at what we do; providing the best Software Development Services and Solutions locally and internationally.

Looking for where to get the most fitting Online Payment Software? Click the “CONTACT US NOW” button below, and you’ll be able to interact with our Developers who are experts in this field.

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Online Payment Processing Solutions

Exemplary Marketing experts build the best Online Payment Processing Solutions, made to work with customers’ financial cards be it debit or credit, they also support Electronic Bank Transfer, web-based payments, International Cards, and more.

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Custom Online Payment Software Integrations

Would you like to provide a safe, user-friendly and fast payment platform for your customers? You are at the right place! Exemplary Marketing creates tailored Online Payment Software with other in-built systems for businesses like yours.

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Online Payment Security Modules

Security is highly essential for any online Payment method, and that is why Exemplary Marketing pays utmost attention to it. We encrypt the system with the likes of P2PE, 3D Secure Protocol, and a host of others, to ensure strong security.

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Online Payment Portal Interfaces

All you have to do is tell us what your business needs and we will develop the perfect Online Payment Portal Interface for you; beautiful, user-friendly, easy to navigate, fast, efficient, and above all, secure.

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