At Exemplary Marketing, we configure sophisticated Environmental Management Software as a marketing advantage for our clients, and an effective means to ensure 100% compliance with environmental regulatory bodies.

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Exemplary Marketing experts aim at improving environmental organizations by providing modern innovations for the industry, and that is why we combine our advanced knowledge of technology with experience to program individualized Environmental software for the relevant companies.

Our services include features that simplify environmental management processes through the creation of a centralized platform for data storage, report generation, and so on.

Environment Inventory Management and Hazardous Waste Manifest Tracking

Environmental Compliance Software Solutions for Audits, Inspections & Permits

Environmental Operational Database Systems

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Environmental GIS Mapping & Geospatial Technology

Environmental Risk Management Assessment Database


Risk management happens to be a critical aspect of the environment because if not well carried out, the environment and those who live in it would be the victims.

Assessing your risk management from time to time is essential for ensuring that all regulations are complied to.

Exemplary Marketing is a respectable community of software developers who are skilled, and create technological platforms in accordance to clients’ requirements. The Environmental Risk Management Software is not an exception in our skill set as we have created the Environmental Risk Management and Assessment systems for a number of organizations before now.

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Internal Activity Status, Escalation, and Log Reporting n

Our developers do everything possible to successfully reduce risks, build in features that ensure compliance to industry policies, and solutions for keeping records and logging compliance operations in cases of unscheduled programs.

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Notification Automation and Trigger Solutions

We build automated systems that are tailored for effective risk control, with modules for notifications as regards company compliance with regulations. We engineer the systems to give instant messaging alerts too via email and/or SMS.

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Internal Risk Assessment Auditing

Exemplary Marketing builds an Audit Assessment Software that works for Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS), Product Safety Data Sheet (PSDS), and Safety Data Sheets (SDS) for analytical purposes and report generation.



Our experts take advantage of the Geospatial Information System to generate needed information from the soil for testing and inference purposes. The integration is also done alongside Geospatial Technology Software for the creation of Computer-aided Design which is configured for Android, iOS and Linux.

The LIDAR 3D technology and many other systems are also used to optimize operations.


Looking for where to get satisfactory Content Authoring Software Development Services? Exemplary Marketing is where you should look.

At Exemplary Marketing, we engineer platforms dedicated to content authoring, and we integrate variety of tools for creativity in content creation.

Creating content is not enough, you must also be able to share to your desired media platforms and devices, which is why we configure our Content Authoring Software for multiple platforms with inbuilt sharing options.

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Hosting & Publishing

We build solutions that allow you to seamlessly share your content on various platforms, and a cloud storage from which content can be downloaded.

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Comprehensive Reports

Our team builds dashboards with modules for generating instant reports, and tools for quick search within the system.


Keep tabs, and stay in control of your inventories with our advanced Environment Inventory Management Solutions. “Advanced” because they are configured with modern inventions and there is 100% guarantee of their effectiveness.

We build U.S. EPA compliant platforms, and the Treatment, Storage, and Disposal Facility (TSDF) processes are well coordinated. We do not build “one size fits all” systems, rather we make them unique to individual company requirements.

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Inventory Management Solutions

We develop Waste Management Systems in accordance to the regulations of the Environmental Protection Agency, and they are capable of handling GHG and Nitrogen Emissions correctly.

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Inventory Mapping Solutions

We merge the GIS and GPS technology into our Environmental Management Software for mapping and tracking respectively. We also provide features for acquiring real-time analysis and reports.

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Hazardous Waste Tracking

We integrate custom solutions for your Waste Management Software such that modern technologies can be used to track and control the lifecycles of wastes.


Environmental Operational Database Systems are the solutions for effective information control. They subject your institution to accuracy under governmental regulations, both at the state and federal levels.

Our systems provide periodic warnings (when necessary), serve as guides in the decision-making process, and you can also store or edit operational data as the need arises.

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Waste and Hazardous Management Software

We build a secure and robust solution with which you can effectively track waste and manage environmental data.

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Water Utility Management Software

We provide tailor-made platforms for managing water utility, and streamline workflows within your organization.

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Emissions Database Systems

Sustaining Air Emissions is made possible with our custom Emissions Database Systems which also supports reporting, and more.

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Electronic Reporting for DMR

Exemplary Marketing provides platforms to support Discharge Monitoring Reports (DMR) amongst other environmental tasks.

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