Exemplary Marketing is a top provider of technological software and solutions for non-profit. Helping organizations like yours to improve efficiency by speeding up operational processes through automations, and many other features that meet organizational needs.

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Financial & Analytics Non-Profit Software Solutions

We have the Technology and expertise needed to develop top-notch software solutions to cater for your Financial and Analytical needs.


Accounting Solutions


Membership Management


Dues and Grant Management


Social Media Marketing

Accounting Solutions

Hire the best tech company to provide the most effective software solutions for you at a very affordable rate. Contact Exemplary Marketing today! Let us take you to your desired level.

We specialize in equipping non-profits with software solutions for easy financial management.

Exemplary Marketing is an ever ready support system for challenges regarding non-profit accounting because we have experts who develop innovative solutions to handle the unique needs and challenges of our clients.

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Treasury Management

Our experts build quality Treasury Management Software to ensure transparency in expenses made on various tasks, and efficiency in the management of your company’s financial resources, removing unnecessary risks, and making sure you stay in compliance to regulations.

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ERP Integration

We merge Enterprise Resource Planning software, and other required external applications like Payment Gateways and e-shopping tools, into the system you already have in order to optimize the performance and generate better results.

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Fund Accounting Software Solutions

Exemplary Marketing creates excellent applications for your mobile devices and desktops. These applications work for virtual financial transactions, and payments at POS Terminals, simplifying the whole process to enforce accountability.

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Compliance Management System

Being in tune with regulations and legal policies in your industry is important, which is why we leverage our skills and experience to develop systems to manage these. These implementations will always see to it that your organization meets regulatory demands.

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Project and Team Management

Our Developers do the integration of Confluence with Product Management Software in order to make comprehensive tools available to oversee the proper management of your company projects and team.

Membership Management

Exemplary Marketing is skilled in the configuration and Integration of multiple Membership Management Software solutions, and we will craft the ones that best fit your organization.

Get equipped to provide the best services to your clients, let us augment your team.

Nothing beats having the best IT Company as a support system in carrying out your daily activities. We are ever ready to partner and be a part of your success.

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Member Database Management

We have custom solutions to help non-profit organizations like yours in keeping a centralized platform where donors and fundraising performances are monitored for effectiveness. Thes solutions are easy to use and they foster good interactions between you and your donor.

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Vendor Management

We integrate VendorInsight – a Cloud-Based tool with which you can manage all risks associated with your vendor and keep every vendor in check. This amazing solution automates the entire process so, time and other resources are adequately preserved.

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Meeting and Transportation Logistics

We make scheduling meetings and logistics easy for you by creating tailored Meeting and Logistics Solutions – specific to your business needs, with inbuilt features that support smooth communication, and various portal systems for employees.

Dues and Grant Management

Our experts use modern technologies to build tools, software and solutions that help nonprofits organization to monitor the whole lifecycle of grants.

Stay up-to-date in the knowledge of your grant and dues to ensure that they are well managed.

We are experienced in Dues and Grant Management, let us support you by building the best system at the most affordable price. Contact us today!

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Committee Management

We build top-notch Committee Management Software, which provides you with features for planning committee meetings, foster interaction among committee members, and double secure your data, especially during transfers.

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Grant Seeking and Fundraising

Here is an opportunity to automate your Grant Seeking and Fundraising process. We will create varieties of tailored solutions with which you can search for grant, apply for it, follow up, and see it through to the end. Online Payment points are also installed for donations.

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Event Management

CRM features are part of the integrations we make to optimize Event Management, making emails, SMS and other quick contact measures possible. Adapting this software takes your organization to a whole new level of administration.

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Grant Award Management

Our Grant Management Software Solutions are second to none, the best technology for you to run all your grant-related activities, ranging from application to organization, and many more. We will make overseeing grant very easy for you.

Social Media Marketing

Every organization, including Non-profits should embrace the use of Social Media Marketing systems. We have something special for you in this regard.

Marketing on Social Media is a secret to thriving as a Non-Profit Organization. We will show you how.

Exemplary Marketing is made up of tech experts who leverage the 21st century advancements to build top Social Media Marketing Solutions for Non-profit organizations. We will build these solutions for you with specifications on what you need.

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Mass Email Campaigns

Make use of the most creative modern tools that our experts develop to market your organization on the web and get the most amazing results. We integrate MailChimp, and some other tools to drive productive Email Marketing strategies.

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Social Media

Stay in touch with your community online by adapting our custom-made marketing tools. We build this software to enable you manage your various social media platforms simultaneously and effectively while you also gain better online presence.

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Marketing Automation

Automate your marketing processes, and get empowered to run multiple adverts all at once with the use of just one system. You can also design or create your designed adverts, schedule them for uploads, and keep tabs on your revenue.

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Interactive and Action Driven Website

To make your organization stand out, we will implement tailored CMS features which give your website a unique outlook and feel. The whole thing also works with automations so, management is purely seamless.

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Automated Calling

Get an automated calling system custom-made for you alone. Our experts are ever willing to do this to making progress tracking easy, and automate your calls to promote customer satisfaction through productive interactions.

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