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Exemplary Marketing offers content marketing services that is tailored to the needs of your business, specifically to help increase traffic to your website out of online marketing channels such as social media platforms and email marketing. Our experienced team of writers are tasked with producing relevant and engaging content that is specific to your target audience. Our services include writing, editing and publishing compelling articles and marketing copy for your website.

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Why Content Marketing?

Content material is king. by using crafting compelling, treasured content material that receives to coronary heart of your readers, you earn accept as true with your target market. studies indicates that the greater content your target market consumes, the more likely they’re to buy from you. here are a few greater reasons why you have to make investments into content material advertising:

  • Web sites that produce normal content receive 8x more site visitors
  • Content advertising costs sixty two% less than outbound advertising and marketing
  • Content advertising generates 3x as many leads as outbound advertising
  • Content material marketing adopters have almost 6x as many conversions non-adopters
  • content material advertising and marketing complements your electronic mail advertising and marketing and social media advertising efforts

Content material advertising and marketing is less expensive and more powerful than conventional kinds of advertising. it is also tested to steer conversions. Our content material advertising offerings will assist you to write content so as to drive consequences and enhance your complete online advertising presence.

Content Marketing Services in Chicago, USA

Content Marketing Strategy

The first step in implementing an effective content marketing strategy is gaining a firm grasp of customer behavior by collaborating with businesses in understanding their target demographic and its buying and engagement patterns. This allows us to customize articles that are of interest to your customers, and create a blog calendar containing topics tailored to your audience. Once all topics are approved, our team of writers will get to work, and we will be sending all materials to you for approval prior to publishing on your website.


Content Development

Exemplary Marketing takes pride in delivering high-quality, professionally written content for your business. Every article we develop is unique and exclusive to the client it was written for.

All materials have to be published on a WordPress blog or any comparable CMS. If your content is hosted on any other website, we will create a WordPress weblog for you and add it to your website.

Content Distribution

Our content advertising and marketing offerings include automatic distribution of your content to social media platforms, namely Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. For maximum exposure for your content, we suggest availing of a mix of our social media control services, social media advertising services, and our email advertising and marketing services.


Content Marketing Reporting

Clients will be able to monitor progress through our content marketing reporting, in which Exemplary Marketing sends monthly content marketing reports that contain a detailed breakdown of the performance of our services, based on two primary metrics, namely increased website traffic and time-on-site for each new user.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the service include?

Exemplary Marketing’s content marketing service covers producing content for your website in the form of blog posts. Our able and experienced copywriters will be writing regular posts on your website through an agreed period of time.

How many blog posts will we have in a month?

It depends on what your business requires and how far along your website is. Most small business post one article a week, while others post more. However, the more you post, the more traffic you get on your website, which is the goal of content marketing. We highly recommended engaging your audience through regular blogging.

Will the articles be long?

It depends on your requirements. Ideally, word count ranges from 250-500 words. However, if you require longer, more extensive posts, we can do that, too.

What will you require from our end?

We will be asking you to fill out a form and describe your requirements in detail. If you have available materials for content, such as articles and photos, you may also submit those for publishing, however, you are not required to. We can create all your content for you.

How long will we be working with you?

We recommend running an initial three-month campaign, during which we will be creating and posting content on your blog/website. You may extend the contract as you see fit.

When can we start?

Whenever you like! Contact us if you are ready to fill your blog with amazing content and draw lots of traffic. We will provide you with a contract indicating service coverage and terms. Once you approve, you’re all set!

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