We create round-the-clock Retail Software solutions that improve business efficiency, simplify inventory management, enhance customer experience, and boost customer satisfaction.

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We Have Software Developers with Retail Industry-Experience

Need an experienced team to design your Retail Software? Exemplary Marketing is capable. Our developers have been dedicated to the industry for years, and we do the best only.

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Brick & Mortar Store

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C-Store & Grocery

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Loyalty APP

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Shopping Cart

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At Exemplary Marketing, we have top developers who dedicate their time, energy and patience to analyzing your business requirements and subsequently create the perfect retail software for you.

Partner with us today, and let us take your business to where you desire for it.

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Retail Software Development

Enhance your business growth by adapting our disruptive software designed to support retail purposes with automations and speedy payment processing from any location all over the world.

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POS Software Systems & Billing

We build POS Software Systems with features that do various business activities like automatic generation of invoice, payment management and monitoring, protective measures for online payment procedures, and more. We merge these features in to ensure usability and satisfaction.

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Commercial Operations

Our Retail Software implementation will assist your commercial operations workers in carrying out their tasks and improve their efficiency. More results will be generated within a lesser period with the automation of the different procedures for managing promotions, product data, etc.

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Inventory Management

We will build tailored Applications and systems for you to order and sort your company’s inventory. We have developers who program Applications for mobile devices so that users can run payment procedures and manage products (both the raw and processed) to ensure business efficiency.

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Order Management

Exemplary Marketing equips you to treat your customers rightly by developing software integrations to manage their orders. With these integrations, you can successfully keep track of all orders and see them to the distribution point without any omission or error.

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Supply Chain & Logistics Management

Our Developers create tailored applications that are useful in mobile devices and desktops to support the POS Software both online and otherwise, to simplify business transactions in terms of swift payments, and proper payments record. These benefits and more will help actualize your business goals.

Custom Retail & Wholesale Software Solutions

Our Developers build the best Custom Retail and Wholesale Software Solutions to optimize business processes and enhance growth.

Exemplary Marketing is helping businesses like yours thrive in the midst of competition, let us augment your team.

We can integrate these solutions to your business infrastructure or build a new one for you based on your business needs. Whatever we do, we do it to make business easier for you in every way.

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Retail Loyalty Software Solutions

We create virtual tools with which you can track customers and offer more value to them after they must have paid for your product/service. They include reward modules, individual account management, and more.

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AR & VR Retail Solutions

Our Developers integrate Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality solutions into business platforms to activate more functionalities. Examples are; product index and device marketplace. Real-Time business data and better productivity are made possible.

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Mobile Retail Application Solutions

Boost your business by integrating our custom Mobile Retail Application Solutions. We create the best to keep your business at your customers reach (on their devices) with the best designs to engage interaction and superb business management on your end.

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Omnichannel Retail Solutions

Exemplary Marketing leverages modern technologies to engineer multiple solutions to facilitate excellent customer service and payment management. These solutions are fashioned to sustainably satisfy individual business needs.

Custom E-Commerce Software Solutions

Our experts create E-Commerce Software Solutions and tailored features targeted towards simplifying your numerous business processes to achieve set goals.

We create top-notch innovations with different advanced technologies.

Do you need the most affordable yet excellent E-Commerce Software Solutions for your Enterprise? Exemplary Marketing has the best hands to create them for you.

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Virtual Storefronts

We display your products before your customers by creating solutions that support the exhibition of products on mobile devices so that interested individuals can order and pay right from any part of the world.

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B2C & B2B Marketplaces

We have advanced features that facilitate business-to-business and business-to-consumer marketplaces. Our Retail Software is built as a central location for buyers and sellers to meet for business purposes without the barrier of distance.

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E-Commerce Web Designs

Exemplary Marketing developers maximize their skills and experiences to fashion superb apps and websites which optimize business operations by improving interaction and the overall customer satisfaction.

Custom Dealership Management Software Solutions

Exemplary Marketing helps to reduce enterprise expenses, improve efficiency and stimulate business growth with integrations such as Payment Gateways, and Processors.

Leverage recent technologies to make your business thrive among others like it.

We are the number one company providing digital supports to enterprises across the countries of the world. Let us help you grow your business.

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Sales Management

Sales is a lot easier with our sophisticated platforms that have in-built capabilities to coordinate operations, assist sales workers, and many other activities, to the end that business revenue is multiplied.

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Inventory Management

Inventory management and control is pivotal to eventual business success. At Exemplary Marketing we empower business owners and administrators to stay at the hem of business affairs by creating custom solutions for real-time access and management.

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Accounting Management

Our developers do Accounting Software implementation into your business systems to activate features for automatic receipt and invoice generation, fast track book keeping processes, run orders, and transmit payment receipt when necessary.

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