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Use the number one B2B advertising and marketing channel to grow your business.
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Increase Awareness

Grow brand awareness on LinkedIn using the most effective methods.

Increase Your Engagement

Increase LinkedIn connections, likes, and comments through content that is relevant to your circle.

Improve Brand Perception

Post consistently on our LinkedIn page to refine brand perception.

Why is LinkedIn Marketing Important?

LinkedIn is a professional network of over 500 million users. It is a platform that offers an opportunity to create meaningful connections that translate into business and partnerships that are directly instrumental to growth.

It’s where you can promote your company and brand through indirect advertising, namely sharing blogs and other content that your circle will identify with. Maintaining a strong LinkedIn presence keeps your company top-of-mind, not just with business connections but with customers as well.


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What are LinkedIn Advertising Services?

Exemplary Marketing offers LinkedIn marketing services, which includes account management and monitoring, content creation, audience expansion and regular reporting. We will help your company leverage your LinkedIn presence so that it’s not just a platform for making business connections, but an effective venue for growing and advertising your business with impressive results.


LinkedIn Marketing Strategy

Exemplary Marketing will assess your business, your goals and your target market in order to create a custom LinkedIn marketing strategy for your company. The strategy will include attracting your target audience, creating a content plan, and developing your LinkedIn presence overall.

LinkedIn Content Creation

Our LinkedIn experts are tasked with creating all content and publishing these to your LinkedIn business page. We will also be preparing content calendars for your evaluation.

LinkedIn Page Growth

Exemplary Marketing’s LinkedIn marketing service covers growing an audience around your LinkedIn business page. To facilitate consistent growth, we will be working with organic as well as sponsored posts targeted to your intended market.

LinkedIn Marketing Reporting

Exemplary Marketing will monitor your accounts analytics 24/7. Insights may be accessed by logging on to our proprietary software program. We will also be providing a comprehensive monthly report on the performance of your LinkedIn marketing campaigns.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of LinkedIn marketing?

LinkedIn is a unique platform, where marketing’s main purpose is, not just to gain followers and increase engagement, but also connect with relevant and quality individuals who will help boost business. The ultimate goal is to increase website traffic and create awareness that converts to promotions or sales.

How many new LinkedIn connections can I expect?

With a consistent social media marketing campaign, clients usually see an organic increase in followers ranging from 100 to 300 a month.

Does new connections mean more website traffic?

Yes, however, to see substantial results, we recommend using sponsored updates to reach untapped app users that are within your target audience.

When will we start seeing results?

Every new post can lead to increased followers and engagement, as this is the nature of social media platforms. To see substantial results, we recommend running a campaign with a duration of six to 12 months, which is ample time to develop a loyal following and customer base. If you wish to see increase in followers and engagement in the short-term, you may opt to select our social media advertising service.

Do I have to pay for sponsored posts?

Yes, advertising on social media will incur separate costs. Our social media marketing service covers increasing followers and engagement organically, which means you don’t need an advertising budget. If you want to try the paid approach, we can do that for you as well, with an advertising budget. It is also recommended to upgrade your account to Premium to access extra features.

Who will manage our social media page?

Your account will be assigned to a social media manager who will be responsible for posting content, as well as monitoring performance, comments, likes and DMs. We will be contacting you for appropriate replies if necessary.

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