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The process of developing a mobile app involves different stages before it can be pushed to the public. Every product has its target audience and a level of expected results. To know if your mobile app will serve its purpose, a model called “Prototype” is first created and subjected to tests.

A UI/UX prototype is a sample of what is to be built. It is a model which explains how your final product will look.

Using this prototype would allow you get feedback from your audience to know how effective your app would be, and it would also make your app development process a lot easier.


Functional Prototype


Functional Requirement Document

Some Benefits of Clickable UI/UX Design Prototype


Quicker understanding of your mobile app

A prototype doesn’t just represent the visuals of your app, it also allows you to have a feel of how your app would operate after it is developed.


Feedback is highly essential in product building. With your prototype, you’ll be able to gather reviews on every stage of your app development from the target audience. You would know what and what to improve or eliminate.

Concept Validation

Having a prototype to test run helps you to know if your end product would satisfy all the needs you intend for it to attend to. By getting feedbacks, you would also know how valid your ideas are to your target audience.

Conservation of resources

Time and money are assets in business hence, there is a need to save as much as you can while increasing profit. When your prototype is set, it’s more economical to make necessary changes instead of having an entire restructuring.

Technical Feasibility

When a prototype is used, it allows developers to fully understand the technical feasibility of the app to be built afterwards. Feasibility in terms of required effort and available time is also considered.

Usability Test

Prototypes are good for testing if your proposed design or app is usable or not. By having a clickable UI/UX design which would display the intended interface of your app, you would be able to test and know what users’ experience would be like on the final product.


Right Estimates

With the use of a clickable prototype, accurate estimation can be done on required resources, sufficient time, and the development costs for your design. And right estimates equal fulfilled expectations.

Your clickable Design UI/UX prototype comes with a Functional Requirement Document (FRD) from us.

The FRD (Functional Requirement Document) contains details on the components of your software and what it offers. Some benefits of the Functional Requirement Documents include;

  • Understanding of the system and how it works
  • Helps you to know the functionality of the system and subsystems
  • Allows the easy fix of any error detected
  • It helps you to identify the areas of the system that are inefficient
  • It is a great support for user goals.

Prototyping remains a working approach for mobile app development. It is pivotal to the end success of your mobile app.

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