For years now, Exemplary Marketing has been responsible for the digital exchange/transfer of knowledge through the configuration and development of custom E-learning Software.

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We are fully aware of the constant developments in the education industry, and that is why our developers provide standard e-learning solutions that do not only ensure the seamless transfer of knowledge, but also keep students enthusiastic about learning. We have custom solutions for the different education phases; higher institutions, primary, etc.

Learning Management Systems (LMS)

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Content Authoring

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Student Information Systems

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Web-Based Training


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At Exemplary Marketing, our experts build top-notch Learning Management System Solutions that give room for growth within the organization yet the system remains flexible, usable and of course, standard. The solutions are custom-made for the Education industry, and they control, monitor and accomplish the aims of education.


We are your trustworthy company when it comes to providing world standard LMS Development Services because our developers are not just experienced, but we also work with creative skills like integrating other systems into your LMS to optimize its performance.

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Custom Communication Interfaces

Our communication interfaces are unique with the integration of several other features designed to facilitate easy learning. The interfaces allow the use of contents in text and video formats, Voice over Internet Protocol, and a host of others.

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Custom Gamified Environments

Exemplary Marketing specializes in making the learning process fun as well, and that’s why gaming features in two-dimensional and three-dimensional display are included in our LMS.

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Custom Plugins & Extensions

Our Learning Management System is comprehensive enough with a couple of plugins and extensions such as customized display options, all aimed at making the learning system flexible and highly effective.

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LMS Software Integrations

Take advantage of technologies like the HTML5 Publishing, and others to equip the Learning Management System for multiple functionalities.

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LMS Data Migrations

Our experts move big data from one system to another with the use of additional systems such as MuleSoft, SoftChalk, etc.

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LMS Mobile Application Development

Our online LMS solutions include the creation of custom mobile applications with interfaces that provide personalized user experience.

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LMS AR & VR Technology Solutions

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are also two major features integrated into our Learning Management System to help student stay engaged and retain knowledge faster.

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LMS Cloud-Based Software Solutions

Our Cloud-Based Software Solutions allow the safe keeping of large files such as video or any kind of visual for educational purposes.

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LMS Role—Based Access Control (RBAC)

The RBAC feature is incorporated into the system to ensure authorized access to stored files in order to ensure data integrity.


Exemplary Marketing developers create a personalized learning environment for students by integrating interactive features that help to track their learning process and keep you in charge. You tell us what you want featured in your learning software, and we would fix exactly that for you.


We build highly interactive mobile applications and web designs where your customized contents are displayed for users to enjoy. Automations are also included, which help to compress organizational activities, and aid the free flow of data.

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Instructional Designs

Modules for instructional Designs such as ADDIE, SAM, KEMP, and Merrill are tailored to fit inyo the Learning Management System for optimal user benefits.

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Interactive Education

Education just got more relational for students because our system is integrated with tools and modules such as animation, questions & answers, voice recording, and lots more.

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Gamification of Content

Engineer monumental games featuring AR, VR & MR on the likes of Oculus, PlayStation, Cardboard, and so on with the use of Open XR for the creation of AR/VR Gaming Apps.

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Hosting & Publishing

We develop content hosting and Publishing solutions with which educational contents (video, text, audio...) can be transfered from one device to another via the cloud.

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Comprehensive Reports

Our centralized dashboard is characterized by many features including tools for analyzing and generating reports.

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Bespoke Subject Matter

The Bespoke Subject Matter, alongside multiple font options, and other features are also merged into the one robust learning platform.

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Easy Content Generation

Whatever format it is you want to have your contents, we have the best tools to achieve them so, there is no limit to generating content with our services.

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Student Attendance Monitoring

You don't have to struggle to keep up with supervising how often students attend classes, we have integrated features to track the presence of each student and give feedbacks to whoever is in charge.

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Student Disciplinary Tracking

Student performances are strictly monitored, disciplinary measures are taken and tracked down when they default. Our system also notifies parents as regards this when necessary.

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Student Financial Services

We have integrated tools for payment support and monitoring so, students can easily make payments and the institution's authorities can also effectively manage and supervise the process.

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Student Information Applications

Data is of topmost priority, even in the learning environment, and there is no where else your data is safer than a Cloud-Based system where students details, learning progress, and more are safely stored.


We have a computerized database for the seamless collection, safe-keeping and transfer of student information via the web. So, the use of paper in the educational sector is severely reduced, and efficiency is guaranteed. We also integrate other functions and interactive interfaces to ensure a stress-free learning process.


Our System Information System gives full access to schedules, student frequency, student performance, and many more, just to ensure that each student maximizes the learning opportunity. The functions are on a centralized platform so it is super easy to move from one activity to another unrestricted.

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Self-Service Portal Development

Everyone involved in the learning ecosystem; student, lecturer, teacher or even professor, have access to SIS Portals where they can access results, educational publications and many more.

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Record & Document Management

Let go of the use of papers and the stress attributed to it in the learning environment and embrace our unique system where files are easily uploaded, downloaded, recorded or even edited, however the case may be.

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Enrolment & Onboarding

Our Learning Management System is equipped with guidelines in form of videos, emails and texts for users who are not familiar with how the system works. This alone hastens the learning process for both students and instructors.


We simplify education with our Customized Web-based Training Software Solutions which are made by the best software developers. The software solutions are useful for business organizations, students, schools, and other institutions that work to impact knowledge into people. This online training system solutions bring learners, instructors and great content together irrespective of demography, location or whatsoever.


We are a team of experts who provide highly competent Web-based Training Software Development Services to satisfy our clients. Our services include the integration of Third-party platforms for optimal system performance.

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Self-Paced & Collaborative Training

Our experts create the most engaging self-paced educational system that is equipped with carefully selected materials such as videos, animations, and many more to boost the learners’ knowledge and creativity in diverse areas according to client specifications.

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Heightened Learner Usability

What use is a system that a user cannot comprehend? Our system is custom-made and advanced yet it is simple enough for learners to interact with for learning purposes.

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Credentials Digital Badges

Like the typical learning ecosystem, we incorporate badges and certificates which serve as rewards and encouragements for students upon the successful completion of a learning phase.

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Web-Based Training Portals

The digital learning space is a place for every student or teacher to be, it is where you will find varieties and creatives.

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Reporting Dashboards

The process of generating reports is quite seamless because we have added varieties of report guides into the system.

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Training Payment Modules

Exemplary Marketing developers build Web-based Training Portals that support online payments in any currency of your choice

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Continuing Education Software

Our system supports a continued learning process through the use of recorded sessions, graphic representations, and other models that simplify learning.

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