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Leverage one of the most important social media systems to reach new customers.
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Increase Brand Awareness

Grow your Twitter audience to build brand awareness and visibility.

Increase Your Engagement

Give in order to receive! Retweets, favorite, and click relevant posts to build and engage your audience.

Improve Brand Perception

Tweet quality messages regularly to improve brand recognition and perception.

Why is Twitter Marketing Important?

Twitter has over 330 million monthly users, which makes it a marketing platform of great potential for your business. Capturing a different pool of users with different interests, temperaments and buying behaviors can help boost the results of your marketing efforts. By regularly engaging in meaningful conversations with your followers, you develop brand loyalty.

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What are Twitter Advertising Services?

Exemplary Marketing designs and creates Twitter advertising campaigns on your company’s behalf. This includes account tracking, content creation, audience growth, and regular reporting. Our Twitter experts are up-to-date on the latest best practices for Twitter advertising and marketing, as well as cost-effective ways of growing your visibility and reach on the social media platform. We provides best Organic Twitter Growth Service to our Clients.


Twitter Marketing Strategy

The best Twitter strategy involves an in-depth understanding of your business and market. Exemplary Marketing will tailor our Twitter marketing strategy for your business to engage with your target audience with interesting content and well-timed posting behaviors. We will also be using specific Twitter hashtags to optimize visibility for your posts.

Twitter Content Creation

Exemplary Marketing will be creating content for your brand as well as dispersing this content on the social media platform. We will be providing a monthly content calendar that will allow you to track and approve content before they are published on Twitter.

Twitter Page Growth

Our Twitter marketing service includes increasing your following. Exemplary Marketing’s Twitter experts make use of organic strategies such as hashtags, follow-to-follow, contests, and other technique to increase your follower count. We also run Twitter advertising campaigns, as well as Promoted Tweets, to optimize visibility and engagement.

Twitter Marketing Reporting

Exemplary Marketing will be preparing monthly reports on your Twitter activity and campaigns. Your company will have 24/7 access to our reporting software at any time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of Twitter marketing?

Twitter marketing involves creating meaningful conversations on relevant topics with the purpose of gaining followers, increasing engagement, and increasing website traffic, ultimately to boost awareness of your brand and convert site clicks to sales.

How many new Twitter followers can I expect?

With a consistent social media marketing campaign, clients usually see an organic increase in followers ranging from 100 to 300 a month.

Does new followers mean more website traffic?

Yes, however, to see substantial results, we recommend using paid advertising on social media to reach untapped app users that are within your target audience.

When will we start seeing results?

Every new post can lead to increased followers and engagement, as this is the nature of social media platforms. To see substantial results, we recommend running a campaign with a duration of six to 12 months, which is ample time to develop a loyal following and customer base. If you wish to see increase in followers and engagement in the short-term, you may opt to select our social media advertising service.

Do I have to pay for Twitter sponsored posts?

Yes, advertising on social media will incur separate costs. Our social media marketing service covers increasing followers and engagement organically, which means you don’t need an advertising budget. If you want to try the paid approach, we can do that for you as well, with an advertising budget.

Who will manage our Twitter page?

Your Twitter account will be assigned to a social media manager who will be responsible for posting content, as well as monitoring performance, comments, likes and DMs. We will be contacting you for appropriate replies if necessary.

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