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Improve Brand Recognition

Build a community of Facebook fans who are loyal to your brand.

Increase Engagement

Create real connections with your target audience with relevant content.

Improve Brand Perception

Craft a compelling and relatable brand image that represents your values and products.

Why is Facebook Marketing Important?

As the most popular social media platform in the world, Facebook is the ultimate venue for promoting your business. It is important to maintain a Facebook page that is up-to-date and full of interesting content when building a brand following or selling a product — you need to be there when they stumble upon you, and with Exemplary Marketing’s social media marketing services, you can be sure that they will. Because we are best Facebook Marketing Company in Chicago, USA.


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What are Facebook Management Services?

Our Facebook Management Service is designed to maximize your Facebook posts and advertising. Having a professional agency handling your Facebook account lets you spend more time on growing your enterprise — let Exemplary Marketing do the work! Our specialists are experienced at Facebook strategies that increase following and engagement for your business account, so that every post and advertisement reaches more of your target audience.


Facebook Strategy Development

To kick off your Facebook marketing campaign, we will be studying your business, your market and your goals. Our Facebook specialists will use this data in developing content for posting, strategies for attracting followers, and increasing engagement, that is, likes, shares and comments, on your Facebook account.

Facebook Content Creation

In collaboration with your team, we will be creating unique content for your brand and products, which includes copywriting and photography. You will be furnished with content calendars wherein you’ll find the articles scheduled for posting and approve them beforehand.

Facebook Page Growth

While our team of content creators is busy drafting articles for your account, our Facebook management group will be working on building your followers and engagement, which can range from organic strategies to paid marketing campaigns for an added boost. Our strategies will ensure that your marketing campaigns will be perform at their most optimal, at the lowest cost.

Facebook Reporting

Included in our Facebook marketing service is a reliable analytics software that allows you to see your account development, key metrics and campaign statistics at any time. You will also be receiving a monthly summary of Facebook insights from our team of specialists.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of Facebook marketing?

The purpose is to gain followers, increase engagement, and increase website traffic, ultimately to boost awareness of your brand and convert site clicks to sales.

How many new Facebook followers can I expect?

Increase in followers will depend on how much we will be advertising.

Does new followers mean more website traffic?

Yes, however, to see substantial results, we recommend using paid advertising on social media to reach untapped app users that are within your target audience.

When will we start seeing results?

Every new post can lead to increased followers and engagement, as this is the nature of social media platforms. To see substantial results, we recommend running a campaign with a duration of six to 12 months, which is ample time to develop a loyal following and customer base. If you wish to see increase in followers and engagement in the short-term, you may opt to select our social media advertising service.

Do I have to pay for social media advertising?

Yes, advertising on social media will incur separate costs. Our social media marketing service covers increasing followers and engagement organically, which means you don’t need an advertising budget. If you want to try the paid approach, we can do that for you as well, with an advertising budget.

Who will manage our social media page?

Your account will be assigned to a social media manager who will be responsible for posting content, as well as monitoring performance, comments, likes and DMs. We will be contacting you for appropriate replies if necessary.

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