Our experts carry out custom Construction software Development with different in-built features that make scheduling, project supervision, estimation, administrative roles, and other management processes in the construction industry seamless.

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Exemplary Marketing makes the business growth of her clients her own responsibility by providing quality systems that serve as proactive measures for accelerating business productivity and efficiency now and in the future. Our team is made up of professional and dedicated software developers who give their work all it takes to design the best.

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Accounting & Finance

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Bid Management

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Construction ERP

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Cost Estimation/Takeoff

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Equipment Management

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Modeling Drafting

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Project Management

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Revit Drafting

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Exemplary Marketing is a top developer of Construction Accounting Software that are built to render adequate support to construction engineers and businesses, ensuring compliance to policies, managing expenses, simplifying budgets, and many more. All in all, our software development services ensure better efficiency in the shortest time possible.

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Job Cost Accounting

We design custom tools for the creation and management of budgets for construction projects from start to finish. There are also features for tracking expenses and any change in contract cost.

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Asset Accounting Software

We conveniently merge Construction Asset Accounting Software with external Accounting Systems alongside multiple capabilities to generate optimized outcomes in calculations and account auditing.

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Payroll Software

Exemplary Marketing Developers introduce the Payroll Software into Human Capital Management Systems, financial APIs, and a couple of other technologies.


Exemplary Marketing provides world-class Building Information Modeling Solutions, tailored to satisfy the needs of construction companies in the 21st century. Work processes, and many other day-to-day operations can be computerized, eradicating errors, and giving room for more efficiency.

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BIM Coordination

Avoid errors that could cost you a fortune in business operations. We equip your team with sophisticated solutions for detecting issues fast and seamlessly, which in turn makes your workers more efficient.

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BIM Integrations

We install Computer-aided BIM applications and other Systems like the 3D and 4D applications with a host of other software for optimized performance. Some of the software are Autodesk, Rino, etc.

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BIM Facility Management

We build robust BIM Facility Management Systems coupled with Integrated Workplace Management System and Computer-Aided Facility Management system for optimizing business resources, and manage workflows respectively.


At Exemplary Marketing, we design and program Revit Software Solutions with in-built features that empower construction companies to seamlessly carry out their architectural and engineering operations. We have specialists who build solutions that commensurate client requirements.

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Revit 3D Modeling

Our experts in the development of 3D Modeling Software provide state-of-the-art 3D designs by leveraging the Revit BIM Software which also automatically runs routine practices for you.

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Revit VR Rendering

Producing unique Virtual Reality renditions from computer-aided design information is made possible as a result of the advancements that Revit is known for.

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Revit Plugin Development

Exemplary Marketing experts develop plugins that you can easily use, making your daily tasks absolutely convenient and fast.


Exemplary Marketing experts create customized Enterprise Resource Planning Software with which organizations can connect their teams and functions to boost all-round operations. We integrate Machine Learning, computerized modules and other systems into the robust ERP Software to support real-time analysis, evaluation, process automations, and more.

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CRM Development

We engineer Enterprise Resource Planning Software tailored to the individual needs of clients, and the solution includes a comprehensive data storage platform, tools for managing leads, etc.

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Inventory Management

Managing company inventory is made possible with comprehensive information storage platforms engineered with multiple functionalities for keeping tabs on all company assets.

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Contract Administration

Contract Administration Systems are built in accordance to clients’specifications with the integration of technologies like the Customer Relationship Management software, ERP Software, applications, and more.


Accurate cost estimation coupled with a convenient process is essential to achieving minimal risks in construction, and that is why Exemplary Marketing experts build a robust system solely for this purpose. Estimating all construction costs including labor and materials becomes easy and error-free with our sophisticated inventions.

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Cost Database Development

We carry out innovative cost database development to help construction companies with the analysis of project costs related to labor, needed materials and the general equipment.

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Building Material Calculators

Do precise calculations on the cost of required building materials with our simplified calculation tools that are customized to your own needs, and are configured to adapt to the unstable market worth of materials.

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Electrical Estimation

The digital approach to carrying out electrical estimations aimed at maximizing business profits with accuracy in calculations, automated update of prices and reporting.


We empower you to stay in charge of your company equipment by building a world class Construction Equipment Management Software with which you can track, generate reports, and run routine checks on your equipment. The software works by automations so, you can schedule processes according to preference, and irrespective of how large or small your business is.

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GPS Tracking

GPS Tracking is enabled on the software with the integration of technological solutions like the Apple Maps, Waze and Google Maps. So, you can see the live location(s) of your equipment remotely.

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Tool Tracking

We engineer solutions for tool tracking into the custom Construction Equipment Management Software. The Internet-of-Things technology, and a couple other innovations are merged to achieve this feature.


Equipment Telematics

Exemplary Marketing experts build in functionalities for automated equipment tracking and performance report generation. The system is cloud-based and the features are made possible by the use of sensors.


Improve the efficiency of workflows with the No. 1 Scheduling software.

Exemplary Marketing is a leading provider of various systems specific for construction companies, and one of them is the Scheduling software. You can better engage customers, maximize resources, mange projects, and simplify business operations with our development services. Our experts develop these solutions in respect to your area of needs.


Appointment & Shift Scheduling

Our experts engineer custom systems for automating appointments and Shift Scheduling according to company needs. Makes it easy appoint employees as the needs arise.


Time and Attendance Tracking

Keep tabs on employee presence with our custom Time and Attendance Tracking system, tailored for automated live updates as a result of integrated GPS. So, you can ensure the punctuality of employees, no matter their number.


Payroll & Accounting

We conveniently merge Payroll and Accounting solutions into the running system of construction companies to ensure adequate and prompt financial control. The likes of ERP, HCM, APIs and HRIS are used.

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