Exemplary Marketing is a top AR/VR development company with experience in creating excellent visuals through the use of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality software. Our unique services and solutions help you increase your ROI.

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We have experienced VR experts who are dedicated to providing unrivalled VR Software Development Services, configuring fresh VR Solutions or integrating your old systems for optimized results. Our solutions are created in accordance to your specifications.


With our custom VR Development Services, your company would be able to improve efficiency in operations, and promote interaction with users. Some of the solutions we customize for your use are; HTC Vive, Oculus, Samsung Gear VR Hardware and Google Daydream VR.

The design innovations we use include Autodesk 3DS Max and Unreal Engine.

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VR Games

We are expert designers and developers of VR Games, characterized by high-definition which keep users immersed. Our experience also grants us the opportunity to take advantage of modern tools in the development process.

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3D Tourism

Using the VR technology, our Developers create very realistic geo visualization of environments virtually such that users can have real-time experiences of physical locations without having to travel there.

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Corporate Training

Your employees can easily get the necessary trainings to boost performance and ensure your company goals are achieved when you take advantage of our custom-made Employee Training Software Development services.


At Exemplary Marketing, we configure brand new AR Software Solutions from start to finish or modify your existing system/solution to generate optimized presentation and experience for users.

We have experienced developers who are vast in the creation of AR & VR solutions that are characterized by convincing productions. With our solutions, you can give your brand better recognition amongst the public, interact with your audience, improve employee performance through trainings, and many more.

The design innovations we use include Autodesk 3DS Max and Unreal Engine.

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The E-commerce industry benefits from our solutions as our 3D rendering allows shoppers to have clear view of products virtually.


Marketing & Advertising

Marketing and advertising is better with our AR Software Solutions. We make your gatherings, campaigns, and more, relational for your audience.

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Industrial & Medical

Our developers configure Augmented Reality Software Solutions which increase productivity, and reduce mistakes in the health and industrial sector.

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Mixed Reality (MR) Software Development

Exemplary Marketing provides wholesome Mixed Reality Software Development Services with unique web-based solutions that support the creation of contents, 3D models, etc.

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Internet of Things (IoT) Integration

Our services include the optimization of existing AR, VR and MR devices to work with IoT connected gadgets like camera, sensor, etc.

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3D Data Visualization Platforms

Our 3D Data Visualization Platforms helps you to clearly understand big data seamlessly. Quick tracking of data flow is also enabled

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Computer Vision Software

Our Developers do Computer Vision Software integrations with technologies that analyze images to optimize their performance and improve workflow.

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