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Growth Visibility

Increase visibility for your brand with Google Ads.

Increase Clicks

Get clicks from individuals who are interested in your products and services.

Growth Conversions

Boost your sales through relevant advertising.

Why do you need Google Search Adwords?

Eighty-one percent of consumers use Google to get information that address their needs — if your product addresses a need and you want people to buy it, you need Google Search Adwords.

Google Search Advertisements get your businesses front-and-center, appearing on your target audiences’ browsers even before they realize they were looking for you. Forty-one percent of these individuals would click on a Google Search Ad if it appears in their search.

The key is understanding how the customer thinks and finding all the right keywords, that, much like beacons, will guide them to you as they search. Certain words of phrases have charges per click, depending on the industry, competitiveness, or popularity on Google’s search engines.


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Why Do You Need An AdWords Management Agency?

Most companies don’t employ Google Adwords services, so getting one already puts you several steps ahead of the competition. Google Search advertisements require a lot of work and analysis, as well as day-to-day monitoring and updates. Exemplary Marketing will do all the legwork for you, performing at the highest level to deliver real results.


Google Search Research

The key to a successful Google Serach Ad is understanding the consumer. Most Ads perform poorly because of lack of keyword research. At Exemplary Marketing, we make time for your business and get to know your consumer before creating your advertisements.

Google Search Ads Budget

We will work within your budget in delivering the most value for your money. In order for you to be able to properly control and monitor spending, we will work with you in setting a price range for your Google Search ads.

Google Search Ad Creation

After having studied your customer, identifying key phrases and setting a price range, we will create your ads. We will employ all possible measures to make sure that you get the most leads.

Google Ad Optimization

Because consumers are human and can change their behavior hourly, Google Search ads require constant attention and modification. Our Adwords team will be at work, continuously looking for ways to enhance your ad so that your business maximizes its potential.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of Google Adwords?

Avail of this service if you want to significally improve your search engine rankings and organic website traffic.

How much do I need to spend?

We will work within your budget in creating a campaign that fits your business and delivers results.

How long should we run the campaign?

It usually takes six to 12 months to climb the Google search ladder. The objective is to drive more searches to your site monthly.

What are the key steps in the process?

First we will identify your customer, and study their search and buying patterns. This process will allow us to pin-point key phrases that drive their search. The second step is setting a budget that is within your range. Finally, we will create your advertisement.

Is monitoring the advertisement necessary?

While we can study your customers’ behavior extensively, there is still no telling how they will behave. This is why Google Search ads require constant tweaking — we need to keep adapting to your customers’ ever-evolving needs.

How will I monitor results?

We will be actively monitoring the performance of your Adwords campaign for you, and provide you with a monthly report.

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