Our Custom Meetings and Event Planning Software Solutions allow you to create unique cloud-based registration that can be easily used, generate reports swiftly, manage business logistics, and more.

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Our Meetings & Event Software Development Solutions

Exemplary Marketing developers create the best custom software with innovative features that simplify the work of meeting and event planners.

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Association Management

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Dating Apps

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Event Management

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Event Technology

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Lead Retrieval

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Meetings & Web Conferencing

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Trade Show Management

Custom Event Management Software Solutions

We pay close attention to the needs of our clients to ensure that the software we build is well-suited for their needs. Improving your productivity is our goal.

Let us help you save time by creating an affordable Event and Meeting Planning software for you.

Our team is made up of the best 21st century developers who are conversant with the tech industry as a result of many years in the field. Our software solutions are known for boosting customer engagement, simplifying data collection, and a lot more.

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Virtual Events

Our robust solutions for virtual events are made up of various integrations yet affordable, to allow you interact with your audience smoothly from different places around the world, on a virtual platform.

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Hybrid Events

Running Hybrid events is made easy with our flexible software which is merged with various technological implementations to make planning, organizing and managing hybrid events super easy according to your specifications.

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In-Person Events

Exemplary Marketing experts build an all-encompassing Event Planning software as a platform on which you can successfully see a meeting or event through from the planning stage to registration, execution and even get feedbacks from attendees.

Meetings & Web Conferencing Software Development

Exemplary Marketing develops various solutions including the ones for managing meetings which support audio conferencing, online meetings, etc.

Achieve more with lesser stress and shorter length of time.

You would be amazed at how using our well-structured Meetings and Web Conferencing Software would ease your operations and help you get more productive.

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Meeting Management Solutions

Join the growing number of organizations who have benefited from our advanced Meeting Management Solutions, made to effect ease in managing meetings from inception to the end, and strengthening your team to do more.

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Web Conferencing Solutions

We develop tailored solutions according to the individual needs of our clients, which equip them to engage in live conversations via the internet, share video contents from one location to another, schedule conferences, and even many more.

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Mobile Meeting Applications

Our expert developers engineer standard mobile applications that cover your entire meeting cycle with different integrations like maps, search buttons, and other features to make your meeting experience the best.

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Attendee Management Solutions

Manage your attendees with our quality platform which allows you to store and retrieve attendee information anytime and anywhere. An example of the multiple features we integrate is one that allows individuals to vote anonymously.

Custom Dating App Solutions

We optimize individual dating experiences by providing tailored modules and multiple solutions for your online dating platforms. We have experts who do software integrations for old or new dating applications.

We help organizations like yours thrive in the dating industry, and we would gladly help you too.

Let Exemplary Marketing take stress off you by building mobile applications with user-friendly interfaces that give your customers satisfactory experiences, and generate more revenue for you.

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Online Dating Application Development

Our experts create top-notch dating applications with algorithms that favour different actions like “facial recognition”, “Swipe and Match” and many more, leveraging the Artificial Intelligence technology. These applications are always fashioned according to custom orders.

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Better Matching Algorithms

We take advantage of the advancements in modern technology to create standard Matching Algorithm that conveniently run analysis of predictions, language sorting, and match-making according to individual behaviour on your dating system.

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Online Meet-Ups & Communication

We make swift meet-ups and communication possible online by integrating Cloud-Based communication software Application Programming Interfaces to activate modules for real-time video chats, quick messaging, and voice calls to ensure individualized experiences.

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Enhanced Security Implementation

We also see to it that your dating platform remains secure by implementing the 2FA (Two-Factor Authentication) and Identity Verification systems. Users would only be granted access after been verified via one-time pin sent through email or SMS.

Event Technology Solutions

Exemplary Marketing is a top technology company that is actively providing modern solutions to help organizations like yours in rendering the best experiences to customers.

Apart from equipping you to render top-notch services you will also ba able to run your business with ease when you adapt our Technology solutions.

We engineer the best Event Technology Solutions around the world, and as from now, your events will be outstanding if you choose to partner with us. Contact us, and let us create the most fitting solutions for you.

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Event Technology Software

We have tailored Event Technology Software characterized by a strong degree of responsiveness, actively encouraging brand communication with audience, promotion on social networks, file sharing, etc to improve all-round efficiency.

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AR/VR Event Technology Solutions

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are parts of the Integrations we introduce into your system alongside a couple more solutions known to optimize software performance and grant an irresistible user experience.

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Beacon Software Integrations

Exemplary Marketing team is skilled in developing Beacon applications that are common for supporting interactions with maps, monitor resources closely, advertising at close distance, and so on with the use of iBeacon and Bluetooth.

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Beacon Software Integrations

Our experts provide custom Beacon Software offers that leverage Technologies like Bluetooth, iBeacon, BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy), and many more, to multiply your business productivity and produce high functionalities.

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