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Why Social Media Marketing is Important
05Jun, 2020

Why Social Media Marketing is Important for Businesses in 2020

In modern days, the internet has changed everything. Businesses nowadays strive to maintain a strong online presence. For this purpose, they utilize different techniques of marketing. One of the dominant factors in internet marketing is social media. Businesses now rely on social media marketing in order to lead their businesses’ instant growth. In fact, social […]

06Feb, 2020

Digital Marketing Vs Traditional Marketing

While having a marketing budget is important for any small business, it’s equally important to spend it in the right direction and make the most of it. How do you know where to spend it when it comes to digital marketing vs traditional marketing? For many businesses, reaching the right “marketing” decision is not easy, […]

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01Jul, 2019

5 ways social media can boost your business

Social media has become impossible to escape. For individuals, it’s an effective tool for sharing personal events, from milestones to selfies, to maintain ties with friends we’d otherwise not have time to see with our busy schedules. For companies, it’s a way to promote products and services through compelling, creative content. While there are many […]