Getting The Right Hashtags for your social media accounts

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06Feb, 2020


Using Instagram has become one of the quickest ways to grow your business digitally. With the growing number of users on Instagram every day, it has become a gold mine to generate traffic and get more customers

Hashtags are a combination of different letters that are started with the symbol (#) whenever a user clicks on any hashtag, he or she is directed to a place where he will see all posts with that Hashtag.

Including the right hashtags on your post will help you with a stronger online presence and help you gain more engagement with your posts. However, most people find hashtags challenging to use. Some tips and tricks would make the hashtag work correctly for you.

The golden rule of using hashtags is to use a hashtag that is relevant to your line of business. Don’t try to combine different niches to gain a higher engagement as you would only be getting irrelevant followers.

Tips for using Hashtag to grow your account

  • Use Multiple Hashtags: Research has shown that posts with nine hashtags get more engagement than others. Ensure to use multiple hashtags, preferably nine
  • Use Niche-Specific Hashtags: If you are operating a dressing niche, all your hashtags should be related to dressing. Don’t use hashtags meant for sports to generate more engagement
  • Save hashtags to be used later: You can do research and get more hashtags that you would use much later. That way you would always have an active engagement
  • Create a Brand Hashtag: Using a hashtag that is unique to your company is a sure way to grow your engagement.
  • Get a social media tool: This makes finding the right Hashtag very easy. It equips you with the best and latest tools and helps you to discover the best Hashtag for both Instagram and other social networks.

In conclusion, hashtags, if well used, could be just what you need to scale your business and move to the next level. Get the right hashtags and use them properly.

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