Simple & Easy Ways to Promote Your Mobile App for Free

ways to promote your mobile app
05Sep, 2020

A mobile app in current times open doorways of heaven for you in terms of business and marketing. However, as you will need a solid clientele first to Grow Your Business Through App, you must make sure that you do the perfect marketing in order to attract the right clientele. For this purpose, there are a few marketing and promotion tactics that you can use in order to make sure that your app makes the right buzz and gets to the right audience to generate bigger waves for your business.

Hype Up With the Influencers

In the Instagram world of today, you must have some influencer colleagues who can promote your app to their followers. The IG influencers, YouTubers, and social media influencers have a big fan following and if you are able to get in touch with them, you will be gaining a lot more clients than you can imagine. Ask you, influencer colleagues, to sign up on the app and do a little video tutorial for their followers so that more and more people sign up on the app.

Blogging the App Out

You can take your promotion game a lot higher if you are able to pull off an interesting yet captivating blog. You can blog about your app and what it offers to the audience. The random Q&A sessions will help to interact with more audiences thus, the audience to client conversion can be highly improved via the blog.

Email Marketing

You can keep the tradition of email marketing alive but you can take it up a notch by promoting your app through the emails. Providing the sig up options with discounts on the app through the emails will help you to give an insight about your app to more and more people, thus converting them into potential clients. Since 90% of the people check their emails on a daily basis, you are in for a real treat if you get the promotion done right.

YouTube the App Out

A demo video on a YouTube channel is the best way to make sure that people understand what your app is offering and what they can get out of it. You can create a YouTube channel and provide video tutorials and demos on the channel so that you can gain more and more followers who will be ensuring that your business skyrockets to make the profits.

Search Engine Optimization Done Right

You can make sure that your SEO is done right by making the content that suits your app. If you are launching a music app, make sure that you generate content that is SEO friendly and is highlighted by the search engines for the users who search for the music apps. If your content lacks proper SEO, you might not be able to generate the buzz and gain the expected followers.

Get in Touch With Developers & Entrepreneurs Groups on Social Media

You can generate more promotional wave for your app if you are in the right circle of people. Make sure that you get in touch with the developer and the entrepreneur groups where you can talk about your app and promote it. Most startups like to collaborate with other startups to provide services to the audience on a wider scale. Get the promotion codes and coupons out through these groups and gain the right following.

The Landing Page Optimization

Make sure that you design the landing page which attracts the most users. Make sure that your landing page is attractive from every perspective. Its features should be on coordination and sync to the app to make sure that the users get the idea about the app from the landing page. Keep the coordinated themes and colors of the landing page and app to make sure that it gives the same feel to the audience.

App Downloading Through the Webpage

Make sure that you customize your landing page such that it offers a link to the users to get the app downloaded from the website. In this way, they will not have to scroll through the app store separately. You will be saving them a lot of time and effort in this manner while allowing them to get the app without any lengthy promotion being done.

Social Media Marketing

Your social media page is the best manner to promote your app. No influencer and external marketer can promote the app that you designed better than you. Make sure that your social media handle is capable of providing detailed yet interesting insight to the users about your app. Your posts, videos, and hashtags for the app will go a long way in its promotion. Make sure that you have the resources and the mental capability to use the right channels for promotions.