Should your business invest in a mobile app in 2020?

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16Dec, 2019

The short answer to this is, yes. Depending on the nature of your business, you need to have clear goals for your mobile app for it to succeed. While you ruminate on that, here’s why your business needs an app in 2020:

  1. Captive Audience. Having a mobile app means having an audience that is focused only on your brand, your content, and your product or service. No distractions. Having a mobile app is a way of promoting and encouraging brand loyalty — as long as you keep providing content or promotions in the app that are valuable, exclusive and interesting, you’re sure to find more and more loyal users in the future.
  2. Sales tool. A business is a business, and every business operates for profit. A mobile app is an excellent tool to bring your product or service closer to your market and make it easier for them to purchase. One click, and both client and business are happy. Exemplary Marketing offers app development services that make sure the process of purchasing is seamless and easy for customers, so that the usual glitches in most apps don’t stop them from buying.
  3. Regular connection. Through the mobile app, you can send customers updates such as promotions, freebies, articles, new products and other exciting through push notifications. This enables your business to have constant, useful communication with your audience. They get an alert when you have something for them, and they read it. It’s that simple.
  4. Soft promotion. You can make your app extra useful by incorporating tips and reminders that make your customers’ day better. It helps your brand get incorporated into their day, and their daily lives. Make your app indispensable, and there would be no reason for them to ever uninstall it.
  5. Edge over competition. Not all businesses have apps because they are perceived as unnecessary. However, in this age of mobile phones, having an app for your business can really only be an advantage — if it’s there, they will use it, especially if it makes life easier. Having an app strengthens your position in the industry and gives you an edge over your competitors. Another means of connecting with your market is always welcome.

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