Narayana Health: A Successful App Developed By Exemplary Marketing

Narayana Health A Successful App Developed By Exemplary Marketing
14Feb, 2022

Mobile apps are the need of the hour and a boon for every business. Today, people are living healthier and getting more mobile. They are also using technology and mobile apps to access medical services. As a result, medical practitioners have to constantly upgrade their knowledge and skills to keep up with the latest developments in technology.

Providing patient care and ensuring the safety of medical services require a high level of efficiency and accuracy. The whole healthcare system, including hospitals, doctors’ offices, clinics, pharmacies, and laboratories must work together to provide patients with timely access to care.

Mobile apps are helping healthcare organizations in three ways: giving people a convenient way to book appointments or make payments; making it easier for patients to communicate with providers, and delivering vital health information through mobile devices.

How Narayana Health Got Mobile App Development Services From Exemplary Marketing & Improved Their Services?

Located in Bengaluru, India, Narayana Health has a network of hospitals across the country, with a strong presence in the southern state of Karnataka and eastern India, as well as growing presences in northern, western, and central India.

For staying competitive, Narayana Health has decided to get a developed app so patients can easily make a booking through the app to improve their healthcare services. For this, Narayana Health contacted Exemplary Marketing. Our team of experts and dedicated developers developed a stunning app that improved their medical services.

Improve patient experience

The healthcare industry is undergoing a massive change. It’s becoming more consumer-oriented, and patients—instead of doctors—are taking charge. With a mobile app developed by Exemplary Marketing, Narayana Health has made it easier for patients to access information and schedule appointments from our system.

Their staff is now able to use mobile apps to communicate with one another, making patient care more effective and efficient. And by providing great service to patients through the app, Narayana Health has established an excellent reputation within your community and beyond!

Better engagement

The average attention span of a web visitor is just 5-8 seconds, which means you need to do everything in your power to keep them engaged. This is where the mobile app comes.

Narayana Health is making an experience that patients can take their app with them everywhere they go. When it comes to healthcare services providers like Narayan Health, better engagement means better patient satisfaction. And improved patient satisfaction means more opportunities for word-of-mouth marketing and referrals.

Increased brand awareness

There’s nothing more frustrating than waiting in a long line at a pharmacy or doctor’s office, only to wait longer on hold to talk to a representative. With mobile apps and care providers, you can get all your questions answered in one place, 24/7.

In addition, the mobile app has given an opportunity to market Narayana Health services directly from their phone. Now the users of Narayana Health don’t have to go searching for hours on end just to get a general idea of what they are offering; everything is right there.

Helped in Generating More leads

Mobile users use applications for information, notifications, alerts and reminders as well as getting directions and finding venues all at their fingertips, implementing a mobile app will help customers feel like they’re really interacting with you. By having an application, Narayana Health has made it easier to get in touch with clients and get more work done.

Better staff/patient coordination

In today’s fast-paced world, technology that allows healthcare providers to streamline patient interactions is quickly becoming a necessity. It has been shown that better staff/patient coordination leads to a happier workforce, which in turn increases efficiency and ultimately helps to reduce costs.

This is why Narayana Health has got its mobile app developed to make it easier than ever for patients and staff members to connect and communicate seamlessly. In this way, they have streamlined their healthcare office and other management tasks.

How You Can Improve Your Business With A Mobile App If You’re Running A Healthcare Business?

The popularity of mobile devices has increased dramatically over the past decade, and so have mobile apps. With the invention of mobile apps, it’s now easier than ever to connect with potential customers, creating business opportunities in the process.

If you provide health care services and haven’t started using mobile apps, you may be missing out on sales opportunities by limiting your customer base to those who access the internet on their desktop computers or laptops.

We can help you develop your next app. Contact Exemplary Marketing today.