25+ Mobile App Design Companies in Georgia

25 Mobile App Design Companies in Georgia
18Apr, 2021

A mobile presence is needed to be successful in today’s market. With more customers turning to mobile apps to connect with brands, we are seeing a significant increase in the number and types of business apps that are being downloaded. In fact, it is predicted that annual downloads would more than double to 284 billion between 2016 and 2020. As a result, there has never been a better time to embark on the journey of mobile app development.

Enterprise demand for custom app creation is increasing, rising from 23% in 2014 to 32% in 2016. According to one report, 62 percent of companies either have or are in the process of developing an app. Twenty percent use their apps for branding, thirty percent have revenue-generating apps, and fifty percent use them for help and engagement. In reality, businesses of all sizes are investing in mobile to generate new or expand existing business.

What are some of the benefits of having a mobile app for your business?

It increases customer engagement: Mobile apps are an excellent way to keep your consumers connected with your brand because they have exclusive features that are more interactive than the web. Apps will entice both new and existing consumers to interact with your company and keep them engaged. More precisely, they serve as gentle nudges that entice your customers to return to your business.

It is a direct channel to your customer: The advantage of using a mobile app is that it allows businesses to personalize their communications. Companies may engage their customers directly in real-time by leveraging user profile information. An app gives brands a fantastic opportunity to provide a highly personalized user experience and build deeper and more meaningful relationships with their customers. This, in turn, leads to better results and brand interaction. App user profile data can be used to deliver highly segmented and personalized communications to the user based on their individual preferences.

It builds brand awareness: One of the most important services that an app provides to customers is brand recognition and communication. It creates a setting in which frequent contact with your target group will promote trust and loyalty. Not to mention, the more often a buyer is exposed to your brand, the stronger their desire to buy becomes. As a result, mobile apps are regarded as an important strategy for brand promotion and growth.

It encourages brand loyalty: In order to promote brand loyalty, it is critical to establish a genuine and sincere link with your customers. The value of an app’s user interface to consumers is what has linked brand loyalty to mobile apps. This is one of the most important reasons why you should think about developing a mobile app for your business. Improving the usability of your goods and services is a perfect way to boost consumer satisfaction and enhance the offering organically.

Of course, for many businesses, developing a mobile app in-house is not viable. It takes a great amount of skill to build an app, from the conception of the idea and interface design to testing and the release. That is why most business owners will look for a highly skilled mobile app design company to do the job on their behalf. However, a good mobile app design company will listen to you and work closely with you to ensure your mobile app looks and works like your vision.

Here, we have put together a list of the best mobile app design companies in Georgia so that when you are ready to look at launching a mobile app for your business, you know who to turn to.

25+ Mobile App Design Companies in Georgia

1. Exemplary Marketing

Exemplary Marketing is the best mobile app design company in Georgia. They are well-known for providing industry-leading mobile app services all over the world. Here you can find the most competitive applications to satisfy all of your IT requirements. Exemplary Marketing builds user-friendly iOS and Android applications that are cross-platform compatible.

2. Designli

Designli is equipped with an expert team of native developers and can work to create cross-platform compatible mobile applications using Google’s ‘Flutter’ technology. They can also work with you on your web-based app to complement your mobile app.

3. App Zoro Technologies Inc

App Zoro Technologies Inc develops mobile apps for both Android and iOS systems. Their mobile apps are optimized for use on all devices and can be integrated with any back or front-end system that you choose to utilize.

4. Digital Scientists

Whether you are looking for an app for an iOS, Android, or hybrid device, Digital Scientists can work with you to design, build and carry out testing an app in 12 weeks. It does not matter whether you are looking for a warehouse inventory app or something that can communicate with a wearable medical device,  Digital Scientists can help.

5. Big Nerd Ranch

Big Nerd Ranch can either work alongside your company or take on full responsibility for building your custom app, offering you ongoing support before, during, and after the creation process.

6. Salista Software

Salista Software has a multidisciplinary team to help with every aspect of the development of your mobile app from product design to build engineering and production support.

7. Codesmith Development

Codesmith Development builds custom applications that run flawlessly across all common browsers and provide an immaculate interface with a simple logical layout and mobile adaptation.

8. Tyrannosaurus Tech

Tyrannosaurus tech can help you to develop iOS, Android, or cross-platform applications that are engaging and reliable.

9. WeGotCode.com

We Got Code builds custom mobile apps for both iOS and Android devices using Xamarin and React Native. It gives you the opportunity of connecting your back-end systems to your mobile device.

10. Pixel Rocket LLC

Pixel Rocket LLC uses a close-knit team of designers and developers to build your custom mobile app, ensuring a flow of communication and simplicity the entire way through the process and app that works smoothly and cohesively.

11. Bellwood Labs

Bellwood Labs creates cutting-edge software and mobile apps to give your business a leading edge over its competitors.

12. Rightpoint

Rightpoint gives their clients a  holistic experience-led transformation approach when it comes to building a mobile app. From concept prototyping to finished products, they are invested in every step of your app-building process.

13. YML

YNL built the 54th most popular app in the Apple Store. Considering there are millions of apps, this is no mean feat. They specialize in innovative concepts and digital experiences.

14. BlueFetch

BlueFetch has an in-house team that works with your own team to build both employee and customer-facing mobile apps that solve problems and drive value. They have expertise in all phases of development, from conceptualization to interface design and backend coding.

15. Stable Kernel

Stable Kernel, guided by their founder and best-selling author on iOS programming Joe Conway works with your business to consider your budget, strategy, resources, product roadmap, and other considerations to ensure an app that works for you and your needs.

16. Idle Fusion

If you want to guide in the process of building a simple yet effective app? Idle Fusion can help you along every step of the way.

17. Helium

Helium’s expert team, known as their guides, will be at your side throughout the process, so you end it with an app that works for you and your business.

18. Solution Built

Solution Built specializes in developing mobile apps that include multiple user roles, complex databases, and web administration panels with real-time web services and push notifications to keep your iOS, Android, and web applications in sync.

19. The Websuasion Group

The Websuasion Group is a mobile app development company building hybrid, cross-platform apps for Apple iOS & Google Android. They are experts in building scalable applications optimized for mobile.

20. Soltech

Soltech’s process, from mobile strategy to launching your app on an app store makes it easy to bring mobility to your organization.  They help you innovate and solve business problems through the use of mobile technology.

21. Intuitio Labs

The developers and engineers at Intutio Labs team up with UI/UX experts to create experience-centric mobile apps, a new marketing tool you can use to continue building customer loyalty. Their software is always current, and their fluency in hybrid development means they get your mobile app out there quicker and on budget on both Android and iOS.

22. Black Airplane

Black Airplane builds world-class web apps for consumers and businesses alike. Their team of innovators and engineers is well-versed in leading technologies to help bring your app to market.

23. Waker

Waker provides iOS, Android, hybrid, responsive web applications, as well as backend development. They take pride in building scalable, maintainable technical infrastructure that lasts for years.

24. Brain Bytes Creative

Brain Bytes Creative builds native or cross-platform mobile apps that adapt to Apple’s frameworks and Google’s Material Design. Their front-end and back-end methodologies tie in seamlessly with APIs.

25. Mobile App Hero

Mobile App Hero is a full-service design and development shop with a focus on mobile, based in the heart of Atlanta.

26. GRSP Tech

GRSP only uses senior-level developers –  programmers with BA/MA and 5+ years of experience will handle the process of designing and creating your mobile app.