How Do You Estimate The Mobile App Development Cost?

How Do You Estimate The Mobile App Development Cost
09Dec, 2020

Developing an app can be a good thing for existing businesses, as it can be something that helps to expand what they are already doing. Developing an app can also be a good thing for someone looking to create a business of their own, or for someone who has a love of technology and wants to design something new and innovative. But how much does it cost to develop a mobile app? This is one of the main questions that you will need to look at and assess before any app development begins.

The cost of developing an app could be the thing that means that you do start to develop it or not. You will also have to think about who will be doing the app development. For an existing business, it might be easier to have someone do this for you, but for a start-up or a tech enthusiast, they might have the know-how to get things going themselves.

It would be nice to be able to put a precise number on app development, but there are a number of things to think about. Developing an app involves a number of different processes that can all influence the final figure. Some apps won’t need as much and will cost less to create as a result. Others will need a lot of more time and money into them, due to the nature of the app. So generally, a mobile app development cost estimate is what you will have. However, there are some methods that can help you to shape the cost of an app. Here are some of the factors that can influence it, so you can think about what the costs will be for your app development project.

Use a Mobile App Development Calculator

The good news is that there is a mobile app development cost calculator that you can use, here: This will take some information that you can input about the app, and it can come up with an estimated cost of the mobile app development. As it is simple and easy to use, it can be a good starting point for anyone wanting to look into mobile app creation.

Consider the Use of Smartphone Hardware Features

When it comes to thinking about the costs of developing a mobile app, you need to think about what smartphone features will be used, when someone will be using the app. When an app will be using things like GPS navigation, camera, motion co-processor, or other technology on the smartphone, then it will impact the cost of creating and developing the app. Naturally, the more complex the app, and the more features of the smartphone that it will use, the more it will cost to develop it.

Think About Mobile App Maintenance

When you have created the app, it doesn’t always stop there. For some apps, that will be it. People can download it and go from there. For other apps, once it has been developed, the app will need some ongoing updates as well as technical support from the development team. If this is the case, then the ongoing maintenance of the mobile app will need to be considered into the costs. Sometimes updates and maintenance will be required to keep it secure and safe for users, but you do need to factor in the costs of this.

Mobile Platforms and the Devices That are Supported

When you are developing an app, or just in the initial stages of developing an app, you do need to think about the platforms and devices that the app will work on. Will you develop the app for one platform only, such as only iOS or Android or Windows Mobile? Will you choose to create an app that is suitable for all of them? The more platforms that the app will be available on, the higher the costs.

The same goes for mobile devices too. If the app will be available on a number of mobile devices, such as a range of iPhone models, as well as Samsung models, and so on, then the more money that it will take to develop the app. So you need to plan and think about what you need the app to do and where it will be best to do it. If you just choose one platform, then that could work for some apps but not for others.

There is a range of things that can determine the cost of a mobile app, so there is a lot to consider. Once you have planned it out, using a mobile app cost calculator can be a massive help.