How Do Mobile Apps Benefit Businesses?

How Do Mobile Apps Benefit Businesses
27Nov, 2020

Every business’ goal is to expand its audience, enhance brand popularity, and increase sales with the overall objective of generating profit. With the growing number of companies offering similar products and services, competition has skyrocketed to an all-time high. With technology continually evolving amid changing lifestyles, the way we interact has taken a digital dimension, with an estimated 80% of the population adopting smartphone use in their day to day activities. This has made mobile applications an excellent tool for businesses to find opportunities and make substantial revenues.

What Are The Business Benefits Of Mobile Apps?

Over the last few years, technology has proven a crucial tool for business development and sustainability. Several businesses moved to adopt mobile-friendly websites to market their products and services. However, websites have proved inadequate, especially with the “I want it now” generation. A mobile app offers a quicker option as you don’t need to open your browser and enter a URL before accessing the platform. This has contributed to the mobile apps revolution, which is growing at a lightning pace.

Marketing tool

A mobile application is an innovative market tool if you want your business to stay ahead of the competition. It has provided a better medium of advertising as against the traditional approaches using brochures, pamphlets, among others. It is essential to get your app optimized for the various mobile application stores to ensure your target market can easily find it. Whether you are offering new product launches, discounts, booking, or newsfeed,  mobile apps will perform these tasks efficiently. Push notification is currently the most searched feature that has made mobile apps an extraordinary marketing tool.

Customer loyalty

An intriguing aspect of mobile apps is their ability to allow business owners to communicate with customers with ease. Communication is very significant, especially in an era where customer loyalty is important to businesses. Features like in-app purchases, notifications, and promotions have an incredible impact on your customers compared to tools like email marketing and social media advertisement, and other conventional advertising strategies. For your business to grow, you need to improve your brand and customer loyalty.

Improved brand awareness

Studies suggest that every individual spends at least 2 to 3 hours on their mobile phone each day. During this period, they explore various applications and use them for specific needs. In doing so, users frequently see your business logos and images any time they access the app. This contributes to unconsciously recording the images and photos we see. Interestingly, Customers become more aware of your business when they continuously visualize brand images, icons, and logos, improving your brand awareness.

Collect customer information

While interacting with the mobile application, users share invaluable information with your business. It provides you with useful information based on demographics, ages, and geographic information to offer better products and services to attract an even larger audience. An excellent mobile application should integrate data analytical tools to enable you to understand user behaviors and interactions. Accessing such vital data can help you create effective online marketing campaigns and target-driven business strategies.

Improved accessibility

Previously, business owners were faced with the challenge of reaching a broad target market across multiple platforms at the same time. This is no longer the case as mobile applications offer great accessibility across several platforms simultaneously. Business owners can share promotional offers, discounts, or an upcoming event via push notification from any place, and such new offers will prompt customers. Should the product offered to be appropriate for them, they’ll proceed to make a buy. A mobile app keeps you competitive while increasing your earnings.

Advance customer service

Customer service is an essential component of your business. When performed correctly, customer service will help your business establish a great connection with its customers. Over the years, customer service has grown from just handling calls and complaints to anticipating your customers’ needs. While it is true that customers buy for logical reasons, they do so also for emotional reasons; therefore, how you treat them is very important. They are less likely to make a purchase or conduct future business with you if they feel mistreated. Unfortunately, it may be too late to correct this since customers may never tell you of their misgiving.

Communication is an integral part of your business if you want to reach your audience. A well-designed mobile application can help you reach your targeted customers, advertise, sell, as well as take their feedback on your products and services. Get in touch with Exemplary Marketing via (708)4076827 for your mobile app design and digital marketing services.