How a Mobile App Can Increase Your Sales

How a Mobile App Can Increase Your Sales
12Jan, 2021

Smartphone users usually have their phones in their hands for most of the day. They’re scrolling through social media, checking notifications, downloading apps, and more. TechCrunch reported that in 2020 there were 130 billion apps downloaded, and MarketingLand reports that during 2017 conversion rates are three times higher on mobile apps than on the company website.

What does all this mean? It means that if you still don’t have a mobile app for your business, you could be missing out on some serious conversions.

So here are some ways that a mobile app can increase your sales.


One of the most effective ways to keep customers loyal and entice new customers is by showing them more products and simply asking them to buy them.

When you have customers using a mobile app, you can see what they are looking at, what they have saved or shared. Using all of the information you have available, you can improve your retargeting and see an increase in sales.

What is retargeting? Think of retargeting as a gentle reminder to your potential (and current) customers of products they have recently looked at. Or, this can also be products that are usually purchased with the product they have viewed or recently purchased.

Customer Relationships

The most successful customer relationships, and the ones where the customer feels like they are part of the ‘in-crowd.’ A mobile application breaks the barrier between the consumer and the company. It gives the consumer direct access to products, online chat, their own account space, and quick access.

These are all ideal for your brand. The instant interaction, coupled with your detailed demographic information, means you know who needs what and when.

Offering exclusive access to discounts, early access, and more. Building the rewards for the customer creates loyalty that just isn’t the same on a website. Making all of this available, accessible, and instant to a customer in a single mobile phone application can be invaluable.

Mobile applications are more personal.

Increased engagement

When a customer downloads the app, they will be offered a range of different marketing preferences. Most often, they want to know about new offers, discounts, and sales. They’re already interested in your brand and want more.

Mobile applications make it fast and efficient to share new finds with friends, to share on social media, and to save the item. They can ask questions quickly, read reviews, and make quick decisions.

The push notifications give you unrivaled access to your customers. You can deliver a special offer directly into their hands, entirely based on their interests and recent purchases.

To do this effectively, you will need to refine your push-notification strategy. Push-notifications have a higher open rate, retention rate, and conversion rate – according to a report from Invespcro. Making them an invaluable part of your marketing strategy – but only if you have a mobile app.

Email List

An email list is something that has to be a focus for your marketing efforts, but you can increase the rate at which you collect emails when you have a mobile application in play.

An email subscription during signing up for the mobile app can increase the rate at which you can grow your email list.

Your marketing emails will also quickly and conveniently open your mobile app, so that people can quickly make a purchasing decision.

Social Referrals

Giving users the ability to quickly link and share to their own social media means your customers can start marketing on your behalf. You can leverage all of your customers’ social media accounts and enjoy some digital word of mouth. Social sharing and conversation are some of the most persuasive forms of marketing.

User-generated content, including link sharing, is a powerful marketing tool. The content, in this case, the social shares, is coming from a real user. This means it is unbiased, and more people are likely to be interested in that opinion. Adsmurai reported that 64% of consumers look for reviews before making a purchase.

A mobile phone app for your business isn’t just something for the future; it is something for the now. Millions of companies benefit from the marketing potential when it comes to increasing their conversions. It’s not just any mobile phone that can pull this off, though; you need one that functions well, has the options your customers need, and is easy to use too.