Exemplary Marketing Ranked as Best App Development Company in Chicago

Exemplary Marketing Ranked as Best App Development Company in Chicago
18Dec, 2020

More and more entrepreneurs want a proprietary app for our business. It makes them not only stand out, but it’s great to hold onto customers in the long-term. Exemplary Marketing is currently seen as America’s number one App Development Company for a whole host of reasons. Firstly, our process is simple yet very detailed. This is the first hurdle that many app developers must navigate over. Secondly, the team of professionals they have working in the company is incredibly adept at the newest software, UX design, deployment strategies, and continued support after launch. Let’s dive deeper into the reasons why you might want to work with us.

Mobile apps

Google has proclaimed several times that mobile searches are now far ahead of any other type of platform. However, customers may search for using our phone, but they tend to still buy our products via different platforms. This is why companies want to make mobile apps so they can transition from search to buying with just a few swipes.

Exemplary Marketing knows the importance of this and they have made sure to have a 50-50% focus on mobile apps and UX design. Open up our profile here, and you can see this in great detail. Our clients include enterprises in the education sector, fast-food, automobile and taxi cab services to name a few. The main drive is to give these companies a mobile app that is unique, and ultimately designed to be easy-to-use and fits the modern needs of customers.

A reputation

App development companies come and go. The reason for so many collapses is because the designs become lazy, too simple and do not incorporate new software. However, our reputation speaks for itself. They have expertise in website development, redesign, CMS, IOS apps, cross-platform and ecommerce design to name a few. This wide range of areas in which they operate, helps them to use what they learn in other zones and implement it into new projects. With over 130 or so distinct reviews giving them a rating of 5-stars, one could say our reputation has been earned by delivering results.


Very often, new software will have lots of bugs in it and it can just be annoying for the customer. If an app doesn’t work properly you’re more likely to uninstall it than to wait for an update. This is why prototyping is so important. As a client, you will get a preliminary version of the app so you can test it out and put it through its paces. We find that making multiple versions of the test product allows us to iron out the kinks because we’re using it in a real-world scenario. You may also find that you want something different and the app which you visualized isn’t as good as you thought it would be. No worries, we can chop it up, switch it, change it, flip it and do anything you want with it to mold it to your liking. This is what this stage is all about.

Strength in numbers

We’re a small business but we have a lot of experts on our team. With over 50 employees, we can set multiple teams to work on multiple projects. If your app is complex or is very intricate in design, we can increase the numbers of employees working specifically on your project. This can mean, we have strength in numbers and complete a tough and challenging app, without deadlines needing to be moved back.

After launch

We don’t just forget about you after your app has been launched. Of course, every single app on the market, has to be continually updated. Most of the time, this means fixing bugs, adding more things, changing the look, improving the speed, etc. however, we also know that having continued support for your app’s development after launch is something that gives you peace of mind. So even if you think your app is fine for 6 months, if you suddenly want to add something or improve it, you can always contact us again. We pick up projects after long hiatuses because, well you can’t update apps every single day! So we know that apps improve incrementally and that takes time.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with your specific app development needs. Ask us any question and we will get back to you as soon as possible.