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12Apr, 2021
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Exemplary Marketing is a professional and certified app development firm that works with a conventional methodology to offer mobile app development solutions to various industries according to GoodFirms researchers. Navigate below the company’s profile and their services in detail. 

Exemplary Marketing: A Brief Introduction

Founded in 2015, Exemplary Marketing is a professional app development company located in the United States. The company consists of 100+ passionate developers who work with dedication and commitment to help clients drive business with a mobile application. They have successfully delivered 600+ projects and served 450+ happy clients from startups and fortune 500 companies. The fast and efficient services offered by Exemplary Marketing stimulate business growth and aid them to meet endless possibilities.

To offer any services, the firm follows a conventional approach and does extensive research to provide and automate businesses. Exemplary Marketing goes to great lengths to provide mobile app and support services to successfully offer world-class services. The other offerings by Exemplary Marketing are app design, web design, Facebook marketing, Graphic design, artificial intelligence, copywriting, and multiple other services.

GoodFirms Research Process

GoodFirms is a renowned online research and review platform that consists of a list of various companies ranked and registered under separate categories. These companies are examined critically on important parameters of Quality, Reliability, and Ability. Exemplary Marketing was also evaluated on these important criteria, and it was observed that they hold excellence in delivering the best mobile app development services. Their service list in detail is mentioned below.

Mobile App Development

Exemplary Marketing helps companies of different niches because they have a wide array of business and technical knowledge. Developing a mobile app that is feature-rich and responsive, the company helps to change the overall business growth and the way they operate. Driven by the commitment, the firm offers a scalable and systematic mobile app that ultimately provides companies with an added advantage to get closer to clients. By developing cross-platform, iOS, Android, AR/VR, and IoT apps, Exemplary Marketing has provided services to companies of different verticals.

To offer an intuitive mobile app, Exemplary Marketing takes care of everything right from the start. This includes taking care of procuring requirements, design & build shipping, and promotion. The app development team ensures taking care of everything at each step of the way and offering seamless service and rigorous support and taking care of the design and build of the app. Thus, the firm is ranked as one of the top mobile app development companies in Illinois, USA (Chicago) at GoodFirms.

 Mobile App Design 

It is an unarguable fact that an enticing design is sure to attract customers to the brand. Designing a perfect app is equally as important as having an app, and Exemplary Marketing designs a captivating app themed precisely with the client’s business mission in mind. To give a modern touch and create a visually stunning design, Exemplary Marketing uses state-of-the-art technology that can purposefully meet the business expectations. To ensure that clients receive an aesthetically pleasing design, the designing team is acquainted with all the latest technology and trends.

Francesco D’Auria-Gupta, Founder at Stocknack, gave a 5-star rating to Exemplary Marketing for their quick response and turnaround time.

Exemplary review

By taking careful consideration of each element and serving mid-scale and large-scale industries, Exemplary Marketing has developed and designed apps for big brands over the past few years. The designing team follows a few systematic processes to create a stunning app design. The process starts with a skeletal design, followed by a prototype, interface, and design. Thus, for being a well-grounded firm that believes in developing a well-rounded app, Exemplary Marketing earns a spot as one of the top mobile app design companies in the USA at GoodFirms.

Web Designing

Exemplary Marketing knows that a website is crucial for business, and it also holds an equally important part of a business marketing strategy. Ingrained with the latest trend knowledge and expertise, the firm guarantees delivering a mobile-optimized and consumer-friendly website with advanced design and layout. With the latest tools and technologies, the company delivers stunning websites to engage consumers, ultimately increasing traffic. The skilled website developers create a perfect website that is well optimized and compatible with every device.

All the processes and procedures adopted for website development are aligned with the client’s business mission and goals. With the most advanced technology, they have created an easily navigable website that can carry a brand perfectly. Plus, to make the website more optimized and user-friendly, the professional designers’ team goes great miles in the designing approach. Thus, for being a professional and renowned website designing firm Exemplary Marketing is on GoodFirms list of top user experience (UX) design companies.

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