20 Best Mobile App Development Companies in West Bengal

20 Best Mobile App Development Companies in West Bengal
01Jun, 2021

As technology has increased, so has the world of information technology. IT has grown as the tech world has because as more technology comes, the more need to have subject matter experts. Whether that subject matter is cybersecurity, coding, design, et cetera, there are plenty of individuals – and companies – out there to help you, or your business, grow.

For example, there are thousands upon thousands of app development companies out there for people to take advantage of. In today’s day and age, if a business does not have its very own app, they are behind the times. The world has become too digital and on the go for a business to be without a mobile app. Seriously, try and think of a company without a mobile app. It is harder than one would think.

So, with all that being said, it is essential that people looking to grow and expand their brand find an exceptional app development company to help them move forward. But where should they start? How about here. Below is a list of the 20 best mobile app development companies that need to be considered:

Exemplary Marketing

Exemplary Marketing is a terrific app development company. They have achieved a 4.9 rating (out of five) despite having over 10 years of experience in both mobile app development and design. For a company to be held in such high regard, despite being around for so long, shows that they are a company that will provide the goods and services the customer needs. Going through their portfolio will get plenty of businesses hooked.


Openxcell has been connected to a multitude of impressive companies (and apps). Google, Pedigree, OpenChair, and BeerTap are just a few apps they have developed with their team. With decades of experience in mobile development, Openxcell is a great app development team that a business could put their faith into.

Ads n Url

With over 400 apps on global app stores, Ads n Url has created good and consistent work with all of their partners. The company has been awarded five global app design and development awards due to their culture of respect and transparency.

Ripen Apps

Ripen App is full of consistent and experienced developers that have helped generate over $380 million in revenue. Whether it is electronic learning, food delivery, sports, or entertainment, Ripen Apps has created various apps across every industry that are both cutting edge, and bring in a lot of traffic (over 7 million in traffic, to be exact).


SPEC INDIA has over three decades of experience in the field of software. According to their website, SPEC INDIA, “strive to serve our esteemed clientele with focused collaboration, cutting-edge technologies, immaculate user experience, well-tested solutions and round-the-clock support.” For 30 years, SPEC INDIA has shown that they have been consistent in maintaining this goal, so there should be no worries if one were to go with this company.

Hidden Brains

Hidden Brains has been awarded over 11 industry awards, such as the CES Innovation Award, the World Quality Commitment Award and the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Awards (to name a few). Hidden Brains harnesses the latest tools, technologies and frameworks to develop custom apps. They are a fantastic and cutting edge app development company that would be worth looking into.

Apps Maven

Apps Maven has been able to provide its services across more than 15 countries since the company’s founding. The company can create unique Android and iOS applications with cutting edge design, efficiency and data security. With 24/7 support and a track record of success, Apps Maven has become a well-respected company within the world of app development.

Crest Coder

Yet another company with a multitude of awards, Crest Coder is a cutting edge app developer. Crest Coder helps create an online presence for whoever they are partnered with. That includes the creation of iOS, Android and cross-platform apps.


Volumetree has applications across 17 different industries. Like other app developers on this list, their creativity and design are not pigeonholed to one area or field. Their end-to-end solutions help keep their customers covered, managing each company’s needs throughout every stage of the product life cycle.

Konstant Infosolutions

Konstant Infosoultions has been able to keep business after business happy with the production of their products. They create dynamic, fully interactive applications – across all platforms – that give business what they want: an app that draws their customers in. They have been able to offer project performance optimization by building a foundation for cognitive business, by working with complex technologies in a rapidly evolving business environment.

3Brain Technologies

On their website, 3Brain Technologies has this as their mission statement: “We put customers first, it achieves results. Our decisions and actions are guided by details. It helps in sustainable growth.” 3Brain Technologies does a fantastic job carrying out this statement by providing the best application services like mobile app development, react native app development, meteor javascript development and more.

Net Solutions

Develop your software product better, faster, and cheaper. That is what Net Solutions promises when an individual or company acquires their services. The company has a people first approach that helps produce the products that their customers are looking for.


Founded in 2012, CognitiveClouds has had continued success since they have been in business. The business prides itself as product innovators that help its customers succeed. Solving tough design and engineering problems for both big and small businesses has put them at the top of the list of software development companies.

Codewave Technologies

“What you need is not design of tech, but design of value.” That is the first thing someone will see if they go to Codewave Technologies website. And if that does not drag them in, Codewaves’ portfolio of apps and software design has helped them gain reviews north of 4.5 stars across Glassdoor, Facebook, Clutch, and Google. Those reviews are most certainly not because of their work and not because of luck.

Fusion Informatics

Retail, e-commerce, manufacturing, healthcare, finance, education, whatever; Fusion Informatics has created apps across every industry imaginable. That is one of the reasons Fusion has become the business it is today. They create safe and consistent web products for businesses to use and provide to their customers confidently.


With a group of passionate developers leading the charge, Smarther helps turn ideas into successful business. They develop modern apps specifically tailored to what their customer wants. Their collaborative style of work helps any business work “smarther” and not harder. They are most definitely a company that should be considered by any business looking to expand their reach.

MacApp Studio

MacApp Studio puts an enormous amount of resources into research and development to ensure their customers get the best product possible. MacApp Studio has managed to do this for over 120 apps across every platform imaginable. Being humble and progressing with conviction is a huge reason why MacApp is one of the better mobile app developers out there.


Receiving Entrepreneurs 2020, “App Development of the Year” should not be something that is overlooked. Their hard work and determination in creating the best product possible for their customer is why they have been able to stick around for so long. There are plenty of companies that can design and develop mobile apps, but the ones that put their heart and soul into their work are the ones that stick around and the ones that businesses should look to partner with.

Innofied Solution

75% of their clients come back, they have developed over 450 apps, and they have a team strength of over 100 workers. Innofied Solution is a one stop shop for all of your software needs, especially when it comes to the development of apps. For example, one of their most successful products is BidRide. BidRide is a Milwaukee based ride sharing app that has given Uber a run for its money. Not many app developers can say that.


Fueled is a great app development company, but they want everyone to know that is not all they do. Their process and people have produced an award-winning technology consultant that transforms business after business. They pride themselves on accelerating growth for their customers, and that is something any business would love to sign up for.

Whatever the case may be, finding the right development team can be hard for any person or company. There are so many options to choose from but, by doing some research, it can be easy to determine what partner is best suited for the needs of an individual or company.

Every company offers innovation, company growth, creativity, and so on, but will they fulfil that promise? That is for the consumer to determine based on their research. It does not matter where they are located or where they are from: what matters is the quality of work and service the company is willing to provide.