20 Best Mobile App Development Companies In Uttarakhand

20 Best Mobile App Development Companies In Uttarakhand
01Jun, 2021

Looking to develop an app in Uttarakhand? The market for apps is steadily growing and now could be a great time to get involved. When developing an app, it’s important to choose an experienced and reliable app development company. This can ensure that your app is the best quality and that it meets all of your specs. You’ll find many mobile app development companies in Uttarakhand. Below are 20 of the best companies to choose from.

Exemplary Marketing

Exemplary Marketing serve customers across India and are able to create iOS and Android apps that are visually appealing,  easy to navigate and highly responsive. They use the waterfall method, handling everything from back-end design to UI/UX. On top of app development, Exemplary Marketing are also digital marketing experts and are able to handle tasks including web development, social media marketing and graphic design. If you’re looking to propel your business into the digital age, Exemplary Marketing could be the company to help you do it.

Evon Technologies

Evon Technologies is a software company based in Dehradun. The company was established in 2006 and has grown to become one of the biggest mobile app development companies in Uttarakhand. On top of being able to develop iOS and Android apps, Evon Technologies also specialise in building websites and providing startups and SMEs with IT consulting. Whether you’re just getting your startup off the ground or you’re an established company in Uttarakhand, Evon Technologies could be a great company to choose to help you grow digitally.

Rubico IT

Rubico IT is an IT company established in 2003. The company has branches in Dehradun and Haridwar and has become a big tech name in Uttarakhand. Rubico IT has lots of experience in mobile development and is able to code in a range of languages. The company also specialises in web development and infrastructure development. They could be a great company to choose when developing your app.

Floating Webs

Floating Webs are a creative tech solutions company based in Rishikesh. They’re specialists in UI and UX design and development, helping to create apps with an unforgettable user experience. On top of helping to produce apps, Floating Webs can help you to design and build a website and carry out SEO. They also offer web design training and photoshop training for anyone looking to expand their digital skills.

Inside Softwares

Inside Softwares was founded in 2002. The Dehradun-based company develops websites and software not just for companies in Uttarakhand, but the whole world. App development is just one of their many services – they can help with everything from email marketing to SEO. E-commerce is a big focus of theirs making them a good choice for growing e-commerce companies that may be looking to branch out their services by building an app.

Logic Simplified

Logic Simplified specialise in game design. They’ve produced 80+ Android games and 50+ iOS games since their inception in 2012, as well as a number of cross-platform desktop games. If you’re looking to produce a mobile game, this Dehradun-based company could be a good choice for making your game concept a reality. IoT and AI are also services provided by this development company.

Amilent Technologies

Amilent Technologies is a leading web, mobile and ERP software development company in Dehradun. On top of developing apps for both Android and iOS, this company is able to handle a variety of digital marketing tasks for your business ranging from SEO to web design. The company has a lot of experience in the industry. With clients all over India, this is certainly one of the top mobile app development companies in Uttarakhand.

Codotron Technologies

Codotron Technologies have clients across the world including in the UK and the US. The mobile app development company is based in Dehradun and caters to companies of all sizes from small businesses to larger corporations. Alongside mobile app development, web design is also a key service of theirs – if you want to build a website and an app at the same time, they could be a great company to choose in order to help make this happen.

Aceweb Creations

Aceweb Creations is a web design and app development company based in Haldwani. They’re able to build apps for both Android and iOS and are also able to carry out services such as web design and SEO. If you’re a company based in Haldwani, this could be a great local company to use. Of course, Aceweb Creations doesn’t just serve clients in Haldwani, but clients all across Uttarakhand.

Royal Developer

Royal Developer specialise in back-end development for Android applications. The Dehradun-based company has been operating since 2008 and has helped produce apps for a huge range of clients since then. Royal Developer is also able to carry out various other digital marketing tasks ranging from social media marketing to SEO – they’re a one-stop shop for digital marketing.


REOSYS are based in Dehradun and have over 20 years experience in the software and web industry. They offer a range of digital marketing services including app development for Android devices. E-commerce is a big focus of theirs, however the company has produced software for a range of industries beyond this from government organisations to universities. No matter what type of business you run, REOSYS could be a great company to choice for building the right app for you.


InfoTheme is a web development company based in Dehradun. On top of designing websites, they’re one of the top mobile app development companies in Uttarakhand, helping to develop hybrid apps for both Android and iOS. The company can also handle various other aspects of digital marketing from graphic design to SEO. Those looking for a versatile company to help their company to digitally excel should definitely consider InfoTheme.

S S Solutions Info Technologies

S S Solutions Info Technologies is a Haldwani-based company that can handle everything from web design to SMS bulk marketing. Among their services is top quality Android app development. The company has a lot of experience in digital marketing having been established in 2006. If you’re looking for an experienced company in Uttarakhand to help produce an Android app and provide other digital marketing services, S S Solutions could be a great option.

Puminati Digital

Puminati Digital is a cutting-edge digital marketing company that caters to clients all across Uttarakhand. The company is able to produce user-friendly mobile apps for iOS and Android. Other services offered by this company include web design, social media marketing and search marketing. All in all, this Haldwani-based company could be a great option for handling all your digital marketing needs.

Smart 5 Solutions

Smart 5 Solutions was established in 2012 and has since become a premier web design company in India. On top of handling web design, the company also offers app development, producing apps for both Android and iOS (including hybrid apps). Smart 5 Solutions are also experts in various other digital marketing tasks from SEO to SMM.


Groveus is a professional IT services company based in Pithoragarh. The company produces world-class apps for Android. They’re also able to assist with a range of other digital services including website development and general software development. The company has been running since 2013 and has helped produce applications for many companies across Uttarakhand.

smartData Enterprises

smartData is a custom software development company with clients all around the world. The company was founded all the way back in 1996, giving them a lot of valuable experience in the industry. On top of creating software for desktop usage, smartData also produces applications for mobile use. They’re also able to offer general IT consulting to businesses that want to digitally expand and are specialists in the healthcare tech sector.

Apncoders Solutions

Apncoders Solutions is a company based in Dehradun offering a range of IT services to small businesses. This includes mobile app development for startups and established companies. Apncoders Solutions can also help with aspects such as website design and general infrastructure design. They could be a great choice if you’re looking for a digital services company in Uttarakhand to cater to all your needs.

Doon Internet Marketing

Doon Internet Marketing design and develop applications for both mobile app startups and general SMEs. Web design and SEO are other services offered by this company. The company is based in Dehradun and has many years of experience in the industry, priding its ‘can-do’ attitude to serving clients.

Tree Multisoft Services

Tree Multisoft Services is an IT solutions company based in Dehradun. Their array of services includes web design, graphic design and digital marketing. They’re also leading developers of mobile apps in Uttarakhand. The company takes a ‘customer first’ approach and could be a reliable choice for those looking for a company to develop an app. They offer free quotes on their website.