20 Best Mobile App Development Companies in Uttar Pradesh

20 Best Mobile App Development Companies in Uttar Pradesh
03Jun, 2021

The Indian mobile app development space is exploding right now, as technical know-how and professional creativity is becoming at home and exemplified by Indian potential and forward-thinking care.

Indian companies are vying to prove just how excellent and careful they are regarding long-form app development, and for that reason, it’s essential for you to give them a chance even as an international customer.

For this reason, we have decided to list 20 of the best mobile app development companies in Uttar Pradesh, helping you ensure that from conception to execution, from the drawing board all the way to applying for verification from Apple, Google or Samsung, you have a great future ahead for how your app reflects your brands capabilities and principles.

We have taken the time to list each company, the service they offer, and the worth that helps them stay unique and worthy of your time. We have also ranked the list in descending order with the most pressing and exciting firms at the top, but be sure to know that none of the companies on this list are here for any other reason than they have impressed us and continue to do great work.Let’s get started:

Mobile App Development Company What makes this firm special?

Exemplary Marketing

Exemplary Marketing are gold-standard designers of mobile applications. They offer seamless UI and UX integrations and improvements, thorough web development that takes into account every possible user, and use the established waterfall method to develop iOS an Android compatible apps. Their apps are noted for being highly responsive and always with a mind to increasing traffic and to rank highly on official storefronts. They are technically proficient, but in our testing always kept complex concepts simple to understand and delivered wholesale in allowing the end-user to benefit from refined solutions. For that reason, they take pride of place in our list.


Flexsin allows you to unlock the power of digital services with enterprise, IoT, AR/VR and gaming apps as part of theirl library of product offerings. Using dat science and analytics, as well as AI integrations if necessary, they provide a competent and highly technical look at how apps are developed, helping them to integrate complex and niche apps into the marketplace.


For brands hoping to develop game-like experiences or to gamify their content, Creatiosoft has become a solid and reputable name. Sporting a range of experience game developments and an impressive portfolio, the digital gamification of a brand can lead to further engagement, especially when integrated correctly and refined as part of a product strategy. In this respect, mobile app development with Creatiosoft is sure to be both competent and worthwhile.


If curating a strong online identity and representing that through your brand is one of your priorities, then it’s important to consider FreeBird as your app development provider. With a reputation for optimizing apps and maintaining them after the process is complete, as well as being able to nurture your specific business goals to help your app feel like a natural limb on top of your processes, then FreeBird justifies its namesake by offering endless creative solutions.

Hipster Inc

While their brand name might suggest that an avant-garde approach to app development is something Hipster are keen on, they are a deepl practical firm that puts the digital transformation of a company first, ensuring that it meets all necessary standards going forward. Hipster are able to utilize the best of blockchain technology, SEO and cloud infrastructure to make sure your app delivers for the modern consumer.


RipenApps has a pedigree of over 500 apps developed in their lifetime, and so their experience for mobile app solutions is vast and quantified. They’re known for holding your hand throughout the entire process without patronizing the aims of your business. From strategy and prototyping all the way up to post-launch maintenance and support, RipenApps ensure that your branding strategy is preserved in every page and interaction of the app of choice.


Resourcifi put flexibility at the top of their priority list, ensuring that you can choose from full team, part time or project basis work that integrates with your overall app development plan.

They allow companies to scale development, design, testing and digital marketing capabilities with care, ensuring that offshore developers and software testers are plentiful and vetted before approaching any task of worth. For that reason, they’re more than worth your time and investment.


With expertise in Java, Apache NiFi, Apache Spark, DevOps, AI & Machine Learning and more, KSolves slogan of ‘emerging ahead always’ is not just a visionary forward march, but a technical path constantly worked for. Witht their successful launch of its PIPO i n2020, Ksolves has gone from strength to strength, and is known as one of the most promising tech development firms in India. For this reason, they are a NASSCOM member and have been listed in Forbes India.

Code Store Solutions

Code Store Solutions boast over 200 recurrent, satisfied customers, and work as Microsoft partner for Silver application development. They craft high-end applications that offer innovative functionalities, which is perfect if you need your firm to offer a full host of capabilities in becoming the de facto basis of your app. For that reason, they are more than worth the investment, serving as that kind of developer you throw your most niche concepts at.


With a shrewd balance of crafting enterprise software that brings with it increased ROI, to experience with Android, Wearable, iOS and Siwft apps, Nettechnocrats are deserving in their name, and in their delicacy in developing apps that also conform to the newest and most effective SEO, blockchain and data science standards.


Digital marketing is an essential part of ensuring your branded app works well and is as appealing to as many new users as possible, and Parangat seem to understand that deeply. They know how to develop apps that will help startups get noticed, as their full-functionality, light and optimized portfolio suggests.

IPH Technologies

It should be clear from IPH Technologies’ website that functionality, simplicity, and organized implementation are key in everything they do. IPH Technologies proudly state that imaginative ideas are their bread and butter, and their history of unique designs has quite clearly led to a unique portfolio. They are certainly a brand to consider using.

Jellyfish Technologies

Jellyfish Technologies are not only able to design mobiel applications from scratch, but apply themselves to hybrid app development, and can consult regarding the architectural revamp of an existing application. They have many experts on hand with a wide variety of engineering experience, and as such, can field any questions while directing your brand to the most optimized app rollout possible.


I-Softinc prides themselves as a one-stop-solution for mobile app development. They have 15 years of experience as a firm and work with 350 experienced developers. As such, they have a range of expertise, from IoT integration, app compatibilities with a wide variety of devices, and world-class consulting, development and support. Clients seem to return to them with glowing reviews, and it’s hard not to see why.


I-webservices are focused on creating long term relationships with their clients, and working as a top 10 react native development company as well as a cherry-picked outfit of app developers with experiences all over the commercial sector, it’s not hard to see this firm as a programming brand for programmers, able to offset common issues while still providing customized and worthwhile solutions. As such, they’re more than worth your time and energy.

GlobalHunt Technologies

GlobalHunt are focused on staying ahead of the competitive market and developing apps that are not only cutting edge, but futureproofed. They’re also unique in that they understand the need for additional services outside of app develop for a firm to truly actualize itself, such as online reputation management and SEO integration.


Dignitech are not only holders one of of the sharpest brand names on this list, but they’ve worked at cutting out the fluff surrounding a mobile app development process. For this reason, they cut out unnecessary middle management and instead give you one solid point of contact that leads your project from start to finish, meaning that the surrounding expertise stays competent and coherent your entire way through. As such, Dignitech are an excellent brand to watch.

Shilsha Technologies

Shilsha is not only an app development firm, but also frontend developers, QA and testing services, full-stack engineers with years of experience, and AI experts specializing in excellent chatbots.

Ascent Web Portal

Ascent Web Portal offers complete web solutions, and have a broad portfolio including developing apps for restaurants, carnivals, legal services and even content creation firms. They have an advanced pedigree and are particularly noted for their graphic design capabilities.


SubcoDevs are last but by no means least on our list, as they offer excellent Android and iOS app development using cutting-edge UX philosophies as well as API integration between hardware and apps, ensuring that your end result works wonders no matter what device it is installed on. As such, they’re a fantastic app development company to watch for a plethora of brands.