50 Best Mobile App Development Companies in the World

50 Best Mobile App Development Companies in the World
06Feb, 2021

It’s no secret that the popularity of mobile devices like smartphones and tablets has exploded in recent years. These days, many people use their mobile devices to manage various aspects of their lives on the go, and, of course, for entertainment purposes.

It should come as no surprise that the demand for mobile app development has also risen with the ascent of mobile device usage. The challenge is finding the best mobile app development companies to create apps for people to use.

If you want to develop a mobile app and are unsure who to work with, check out this list of the best mobile app development companies:

1. Exemplary Marketing

Exemplary Marketing is a Chicago-based agency that specializes in various facets of social media marketing. The company also has a dedicated mobile app development team that uses the ‘Waterfall Method’ for iOS and Android app creation.

The apps they build are visually-appealing, easy to navigate, and highly responsive. Exemplary Marketing is also known for its enterprise app development services, which help accelerate each client’s growth systematically and in a scalable manner.

Exemplary Marketing offers various services to help organizations grow, such as web and graphic design, PPC marketing, and SaaS.

2. Messapps

Messapps is a New York-based app development company that designs and builds innovative apps. Their specialties are app design and programming, marketing, and app store optimization.

3. Hyperlink InfoSystem

Based in India, Hyperlink InfoSystem is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company that provides mobile app development services to SMEs and large enterprises. They’re also involved with AR and VR development.

4. VironIT

One of the leading mobile app development companies in Eastern Europe is VironIT. The company, based in Belarus, also undertakes web and software development projects.

5. TekRevol

TekRevol is a Silicon Valley company founded in Houston back in 2014. It offers creative digital solutions, including app development for organizations of all sizes.

6. WillowTree

Founded in 2007, WillowTree is a mobile innovation agency based in Ohio. They produce mobile apps for iOS and Android and offer Xamarin and backend engineering development.

7. Tack Mobile

Based in Colorado, Tack Mobile specializes in building mobile apps for IoT-connected devices like lightbulbs and thermostats. They also build standalone apps and mobile games.

8. Atomic Object

Atomic Object creates mobile apps for iOS and Android, and they also provide custom software solutions for the Web and in the cloud.

9. Mercury Development

Florida-based Mercury Development offers mobile app development services. They also deliver a full suite of enterprise-level mobile solutions, such as web and database projects.

10. Rightpoint

Rightpoint is a Chicago company founded in 2007 that provides its clients with app development, e-commerce solutions, and artificial intelligence and virtual reality platforms.

11. Blue Label Labs

New York-based Blue Label Labs provide mobile app development, user experience and user interface design, and web design services as part of their customer-centric solutions.

12. ArcTouch

ArcTouch is an application development company that also offers backend API, blockchain, and web design services. Aside from app creation, they also provide Alexa development.

13. Netguru

Based in Poland is Netguru, a company that delivers digital solutions to startups, established brands, and Fortune 500 firms. Part of their solution offering includes mobile app development.

14. ScienceSoft

Texas-based ScienceSoft is primarily a software development company working on things like CRMs and e-commerce solutions. However, they also provide mobile app development.

15. Algoworks

Algoworks is a California-based company founded in 2006 that offers award-winning app design and development services. Since the firm’s inception, they’ve developed over 500 apps.

16. Cleveroad

An Eastern-European company, Cleveroad is a Ukrainian software development house that has particular expertise in mobile app development for iOS and Android platforms.

17. Appinventiv

Appinventiv is an established mobile app development company based in New York. Their team of strategists and UX/UI designers offer mobile app development to customers across the globe.

18. Konstant Infosolutions

India-based Konstant Infosolutions focuses on web and mobile app development. They also work with technologies such as cloud computing, AR/VR, and IoT integrations.

19. CodigoDelSur

Founded in 2007, CodigoDelSur is an Uruguay-based mobile app development studio that has worked with hundreds of US-based startups and enterprises.

20. Zco

Zco is a New Hampshire-based company with offices in Boston and New York. They provide iOS and Android mobile app development and offer other services such as enterprise software development.

21. Apptunix

Apptunix is a Texas-based digital strategy studio that provides web and mobile app development services for startups and established brands. They also offer IoT and blockchain development.

22. Intellectsoft

An Inc. 5000 company, Intellectsoft offers custom software development solutions for enterprise-level businesses. Part of their suite of services includes Android and iOS mobile app development.

23. Miquido

Miquido is a Poland-based AI software design and development company. They have particular expertise in building AI-powered apps and web services for industries such as FinTech and healthcare.

24. Exadel

Exadel is a software engineering firm based in California. They produce innovative mobile apps for organizations in various industries and fully integrate them into existing web infrastructures.

25. techahead

techahead is another California-based business. They specialize in mobile app development and are trusted by startups through to Fortune 500 firms across the world.

26. FATbit Technologies

The curiously-named FATbit Technologies focus on marketing and platform selection for their mobile app developments. Doing so ensures the India-based company can tailor its solutions to each client’s needs.

27. Cheesecake Labs

San Francisco-based Cheesecake Labs doesn’t conjure up delicious new cheesecake products. What they actually do is create software design and engineering solutions for their clients that include innovative mobile app development.

28. Scand

Based in the heart of Belarus, Scand is a mobile app development house that leverages technologies such as .NET and Java for its custom iOS and Android apps.

29. itCraft

itCraft is a software house from Poland that has delivered hundreds of ground-breaking digital innovations such as mobile apps since 2010.

30. Blue Label Labs

Located in the heart of New York City, Blue Label Labs is a full-service mobile application firm that also provides app marketing services. They’ve worked with startups and some of the world’s leading brands.

31. Utility

Utility is another New York-based company that provides mobile app development services and web software.

32. DOIT Software

The main focus of DOIT Software is mobile app development for organizations who want to turn their design concepts into reality. They build both iOS and cross-platform apps.

33. Stfalcon

Ukraine-based Stfalcon is a mobile and web app development company that has a particular focus on logistics, healthcare, and travel industries.

34. Y Media Labs

Y Media Labs is a digital strategy, design, and technology agency that creates digital experiences with a long-lasting impact. Part of their solutions includes mobile app development.

35. December Labs

Based in Texas is December Labs, a company that boasts ‘human-centered’ solutions such as mobile and web app development.

36. Dot Com Infoway

Dot Com Infoway is a digital technology solutions provider based in India. They focus on mobile app development for Apple and Android platforms and have worked with leading global brands.

37. Swenson He

California software engineering studio Swenson He is a full-service company that provides custom mobile and web software solutions for startups and established brands.

38. Valuecoders

Founded in 2004 is Valuecoders, an India-based company specializing in mobile app design and development for startups.

39. RV Technologies

Another India-based firm offering mobile app development is RV Technologies. They create compelling and engaging cross-platform mobile apps.

40. Carmatec

Carmatec is a company based in India that offers mobile app and web development services for startups and established firms across various industries.

41. Frogslayer

Situated in Texas, Frogslayer is a firm that produces custom software solutions for mobile devices and the web.

42. Chop Dawg

Chop Dawg isn’t just memorable for its brand name. With offices across the United States, they’re well-placed for creating mobile and web apps that engage and deliver results.

43. Sidebench

An award-winning company based in California, Sidebench creates sleek and innovative mobile app solutions for its clients.

44. Robosoft Technologies

Robosoft Technologies is a full-service digital experience agency with a primary focus on mobile app design and development.


UK-based 3 SIDED CUBE builds digital solutions for its clients with a particular emphasis on iOS and Android app design and development.

46. AndPlus

AndPlus is no stranger to mobile app development. The Massachusetts company also offers strategic consulting, product development, and UX design services.

47. Tapptitude

Located in Romania, Tapptitude creates “mobile apps with attitude” (hence the name). Their design and development studio builds mobiles mainly for small businesses.

48. MLSDev

MLSDev is a Ukrainian company that designs and builds class-leading mobile apps for web, iOS, and Android platforms.

49. Wolfpack Digital

Situated in the heart of Romania is Wolfpack Digital, a design studio that offers a full suite of mobile app development services.

50. Credencys Solutions

Last but not least is Credencys Solutions. The U.S.-based company creates mobile app solutions for large businesses and enterprises across the globe.