10 Best Mobile App Development Companies in Tai’an

10 Best Mobile App Development Companies in Taian
23Sep, 2021

Exemplary Marketing

With a group of over 500 software experts working with Exemplary Marketing, businesses can accelerate their development of software solutions and apps. Based in the US and UK, Exemplary Marketing also has offices in China and they continue to provide businesses with worldwide custom technology solutions.

They are both a mobile and website based application development company, and their skilled software engineers work closely with clients all over the globe. They have a passion for continued excellence, so no matter what your business needs for mobile app development, you can be a success.


A global software development company, AxiusSoftware works within India and China to offer exceptional mobile app development services. They work globally for companies who are looking to improve both their mobile and website development, and they partner with customers around the world.

You may be looking to mobilize your business or do better with your customer experience options, but either way, you should be looking to gain a competitive advantage and you can do just that. AxiusSoftware is going to provide you with the solutions that you need to succeed with your mobile app development.

They work within budget and the right time frame, ensuring that your business is trending! AxiusSoftware offers a delivery and engagement model that simply works for all businesses looking for quality delivery to customers.


If you want to work with a business who grows digital products for the best brands in the world, you will be in the right place with Wiredcraft. They have teams of designers and engineers who work across the globe to create web, mobile and omnichannel experiences that work for your customers.

ELY Information Technology Co. Ltd

Founded in 2016, ELY Information Technology Co has a focus on IT solutions development. In both the mobile and web domains, ELY Information Technology has engineers on hand to help you move forward. They provide a range of solutions for their clients, including offline and online commerce, corporate websites and CRM as well as excellent enterprise management systems.


If you are looking for a results-driven digital agency in China, QPSoftware is a strong contender. They specialize in the best website design and mobile app development options around, as well as digital marketing. They are a full service agency and they can and do build websites that use different CMS.

Whether you use Symfony, WordPress, Drupal and more, QPSoftware are there to help you. They are experts and leaders in iOS and Android mobile app development, and they can help you to grow your online business, too. They have been around for over a decade, and they bring experience and efficiency to the table.

Mobile Now Cafe

Based in China, Mobile Now Cafe is a team of expats looking to bring excellence to mobile app development services around the globe. They run an independent mobile app studio, and have already developed apps and games on all iOS and Android platforms. Coding is what they live and breathe, and Mobile Now Cafe is a great place to turn for help.


If you are seeking a specialty outsourcing company for your mobile app development, you need Theotino. They are dedicated to small and medium enterprises, and since 2006, Theotino have offered expertise that you can’t get elsewhere.

They have built a high level of expertise covering all industries, and their technical resources help them to collaborate, innovate and succeed. Theotino develops business solutions for end users and they do more for their target markets, too. They have online analytical practices that are among the very best around the world.

Enveesoft Co Ltd

Started in 2010, Enveesoft Co Ltd has maintained its status as an innovative leader in smart games and apps. From iOS and Android to Meego and more, Enveesoft Co prides themselves as the First and Only content developer in Asia for Inflight Entertainment Systems.

This is a company that has received a lot of endorsement from the authorities of Chengdu Hi Tech Zone and Media Development Authority of Singapore. They leverage the skilled management and technical teams in the East to meet global market expectations.


Established in 2010, Knoworth offers core business services to industries in mobile app development and they build close relationships with their customers. They provide a tailored combination of off and on shore services that match the needs and expectations of the customers.

Their core purpose is to make their customers as successful as possible and they ensure that they offer the best possible web and mobile app development services that work the most. They can create value and help customers to find that success they’re seeking. Choosing Knoworth is one of the best options if you are looking for an expert service.

UGOOD Technology

If you are looking for a business that has developed custom apps by the hundreds, choosing UGOOD Technology is the way to go. On mobile and tablet platforms, UGOOD Technology have worked on devices like iPhone, iPad and

Android. They have offered mobile content publishing solutions for larger publishers, and deliver expert content to mobile devices. They have the content hosting and delivery services that their customers need.

Some of the apps they created work in the publishing industry, social networking, group deal sites, maps and payment gateways. Their team has amazing experience in developing mobile apps that are interactive and use the latest operating systems. They ensure their mobile app development efforts are user-friendly and functional no matter what!


If there is one thing that you need to know about ReignDesign, it’s that they can create an app in a day – and they don’t skip on any of the expertise to do it. They have a highly talented team of designers who work on making high quality and beautiful apps for customers.

They can work on any preferred platform and they have a team who carry decades of custom software development experience. They are all about solving problems and they do it within time limits and under budget.