10 Best Mobile App Development Companies in Shenzhen

10 Best Mobile App Development Companies in Shenzhen
10Sep, 2021

Exemplary Marketing

Bringing over 500 team members with skills ranging across multiple disciplines, this team of mobile app developers all works in-house, contributing to the projects that can best make use of their diverse range of skills.

Clients are kept always in the loop through the use of real-time communication, ensuring that they know where the project is, what the next step is, and are able to ask any questions they need to feel at ease about the project. With Exemplary Marketing, the client also fully owns the ownership of the source code, meaning that the developed app is well and truly theirs.


While having originally been founded in NYC, this team has expanded to open offices around the world. This team of 10x engineers has completed over 40 products, including mobile and web apps, chatbots, and much more, with an aim of providing digital innovation to its clients.

By making use of specialized technology with the help of a diverse range of developers with various fields of expertise, HacknCraft aims to not only meet their client’s expectations but to ensure that they deliver unique digital solutions that meet the real needs that help them grow as a business as well. They have worked with businesses of all sizes across a range of industries and welcome any challenge.


Having experience in developing over 60 different mobile apps, this is a full-service design and development team that will help clients oversee projects from the beginning stages of planning to well beyond the launch and support. With a client retention rate of 90%, this is a reliable team that makes sure that product quality is always of the highest priority, creating user experiences that help drive profits and ensure successful outcomes.

Hyperlink InfoSystem

This team of globally positioned software designers and developers has offices around the world, including in Shenzhen. From there, they have worked with a wide series of brands across industries, from small startups to enterprises like the BBC and Disney.

As such, this team is able to develop and deliver apps of all kinds for all platforms, whether it’s to help businesses streamline their internal processes or to help them reach their market in new and innovative ways. Specialize in high-quality, tailor-made apps, they work with the latest technologies to ensure unique solutions.


A team that is a mixture of app developers and artisans, hence the name of the company. This team takes an approach the aims to blend the art of excellent user experience with the kind of technological competence and expertise in developing fields that ensures the delivery of innovative projects, ready to meet all manner of challenges that their clients offer.

With that combination of creativity and technical ability, Apptisan has worked with brands across the globe, of all sizes, and in a wide range of industries including hospitality, fashion, transportation, and more. Offering services in both the design and development of mobile apps for all platforms, as well as hybrid apps, they are able to help their clients hit their target markets exactly where they want them.

Nova Software

Since its founding in 2005, Nova Software has been offering a wide range of IT solutions to meet a variety of needs. They take a supportive, IT-driven stance on mobile application development, having reached a 94% client satisfaction rating across over a thousand projects.

With their no-nonsense approach to app development, they are able to complete projects for Android, iOS, Flutter, HTML56, PhoneGap, and ReachNative. This includes work in a range of industries, including eCommerce, real estate, auto-shipment, education & training, finance, insurance, tourism, content management, and much more.

Angell Echo

A team that specializes first and foremost in the design and delivery of digital education solutions, they are also able to work to bring custom mobile solutions to life across all fields.

This multi-disciplinary team includes software designers, developers, as well as graphic and video artists that can make sure that their clients get not only purpose-driven digital solutions to meet their needs, but user experiences that look and feel unique. With offices across the globe, including in Los Angeles, San Jose, and Shenzhen, they have experience in meeting the needs of a wide variety of clients.

We Software Limited

Also known as WeSoft, this is a multidisciplinary team that provides a range of IT services, including DevOps, testing services, and more, through the majority of their business is in mobile app development and software development.

This team makes use of a Tripartite Outsourcing Model that ensures that they work with the best freelance professionals in China, Hong Kong, and the US to provide quality software solutions that are always crafted by the best people for the job, while still making sure that development and client needs are overseen in-house.

Cloud Ten labs

A new but fast-growing team, Cloud Ten Labs has amassed a gathering of over 250 developers, designers, and professionals with a range of skills. Since 2018, this team has been working hard on creating a range of mobile apps as well as web applications to meet a diversity of client needs.

This team helps from the point of a design’s conception right up to provide updates and support after the app has been launched, making sure that the app is not only a success in its creation, but in its usage after the fact, too.


A team of digital engineers, alongside ERP specialists and IoT experts, this team has worked with a range of global companies and well-established brands, alongside growing businesses to deliver impactful digital solutions that make use of the latest technologies.

While specializing in ERP software as well as IoT solutions, they also develop consumer-oriented apps and internal process software to make sure that no matter what the client’s needs are, they have the ability to create the solution best suited to meet their needs. They offer a full custom software development service for any platform, including a range of mobile operating systems.