20 Best Mobile App Development Companies in Sheffield

20 Best Mobile App Development Companies in Sheffield
22Jun, 2021

The mobile app industry is set to grow and mobile technology is something you need if you want to advance your business in the coming years. More and more consumers are using mobile technology for shopping, entertainment, and business purposes, and apps help deliver a better user experience and more engagement with your company or service – especially on the go. Here are 20 of the best mobile app development companies in Sheffield.

Exemplary Marketing

Exemplary Marketing is the number one mobile app development company based in Sheffield. With over 10 years of experience developing innovative apps in the area, Exemplary Marketing is highly recognised for its leading mobile app solutions and services. The company has extensive experience developing apps for clients, these apps are bespoke and precisely engineered. Exemplary Marketing is also fully focused on user experience and technical innovation.

Llama Digital

Llama Digital was founded in 2003 by Stephen Elliott, someone with extensive experience in International Web Design. Llama Digital specialise in Website design, Web Applications, iBeacons – indoor GPS for smartphones – and rapid prototype technology for concept designs. The company also produces mobile apps to integrate with systems, businesses, and applications. Whether you need a mobile app for a small startup or a major corporation, Llama Digital can help turn your ideas into realities.

3Squared Ltd

3Squared is a Sheffield-based mobile app development company that also develops innovative software solutions. 3Squared has operated in this industry for over 15 years and understands the changing landscapes of technology. Always seeking to innovate, 3Squared harnesses the potential of available technologies to maximise value. It doesn’t matter what industry you operate in, 3Squared can develop an innovative and forward-thinking mobile app to boost your business.

Team Cooper

Team Cooper is a fun award-winning digital services business located in Sheffield. They have been developing interactive mobile apps and other technologies for businesses since 2006. Unlike other mobile development companies, Team Cooper specialises in branded games and playful digital activities. They have won awards for their work and partner with international broadcasters like Nickelodeon. If you want an interactive app for your business that stands out, visit the Team Cooper Website.

Cactus Design

Cactus Design is a small digital business based in Sheffield, their team of engineers is close-knit but highly skilled, they partner with local and international clients to build mobile apps that are focused and beautiful. Cactus Design operates a small passionate team that have a personal investment in the projects they design. The Cactus team is dedicated to using the latest technologies to innovate products currently on the market.


Switchstance is a digital industry specialist working at the cutting edge of technology. They build websites, create mobile apps, design websites, and provide digital marketing solutions to businesses. In terms of mobile app development, Switchstance has a track record of innovation and problem solving whatever your app needs and challenges are, Switchstance will work closely with you to deliver the best app solution your budget can afford.

CNS Media Ltd

When you’re developing a marketing product or a business tool for user experience, it is sometimes advisable to work with the same company across your marketing departments. This way you create uniformity and consistency. CNS Media Ltd operates in this way. They are not a mobile app solutions company, rather, they develop a mobile app solution in the context of a marketing strategy. This means all aspects of the business model are consistent and integrated.


Whether you need a high-quality website design, graphic design for your brand or for a client, or high-quality mobile app solutions, Kreativ is an excellent choice. Also based in Sheffield, Kreativ, has been operating since 2007 and has experience working for international clients. If you want a mobile app designed for your business Kreativ gives you excellent support and a team of creative professionals ready to design an app that is beautiful and successful.


Introspection is a complete IT solutions company based in Sheffield that predominantly specialises in mobile app development services and Web Design, but they also offer software solutions, marketing solutions, and search engine optimization. But if it’s mobile app development you’re interested in, Introspection can build one for you that’s pragmatic and budget-friendly. Don’t mess about when building your business app, partner with Introspection for a focused or complete solution.

Shelton Associates

Today mobile apps are the beating heart of many businesses and marketing campaigns. An app can be anything from a self-contained mobile website to an efficient service or marketing solution for your business. At Shelton Associates marketing is the primary focus and the apps they develop are optimized for this purpose. They are focused on social media channels and e-commerce channels, channels that fuel the Internet and give it value. Expect your mobile apps to be fluent with social and commercial channels.

Kinetic Applications

Kinetic Applications understands that you can’t rely on template designs for your mobile apps if you want to stand out in the marketplace, what you need is an innovative app that solves customer issues or adds value to their experience. You also need one that is modern and lasts the distance. Kinetic Applications are committed to understanding the core needs of a company and developing a bespoke app solution unique to them.


Pipe&Piper are based in Sheffield. They specialise in Mobile and Cloud Software Solutions that are creative and bespoke bringing value and practicality to your business. Mobile apps are essential for businesses today as mobile technologies have become more of an expectation than an optional extra for the consumer. Pipe&Piper are experienced and innovative, they can build a stand-alone mobile app or one that’s integrated into a complete solution.

Redemption Media

Redemption Media are another all-rounder. They are an award-winning digital solutions agency run by engineers instead of creative professionals. This means you can expect your mobile apps to operate effectively from the inside out, Redemption Media engineers don’t cut corners. But that doesn’t mean the mobile apps aren’t beautiful at the front end either. Redemption Media have an extensive portfolio to inspire you and value their customer approach.


The internet revolution continues as technology innovates and businesses find more opportunities to grow and develop. Rework was not slow to identify the potential of the Internet and innovative technologies to grow businesses, for this reason, they have extensive experience developing mobile apps products that allow business owners to spend more time on what matters – growing the business. Rework is another customer-focused business that prides itself on a friendly service.

DS Creative

DS Creative might be based in Sheffield but they can offer their services to any business based in the UK. DS creative is an innovative digital design studio with over a decade of experience building websites and mobile app solutions for clients. This experience allows DS Creative to deliver fast and innovative solutions to clients looking to grow their businesses with mobile app technology. They time getting to know their clients so they can offer the best bespoke solution.

Xune Solutions

If you want to take your business forward, take your business mobile. 3.8 billion people now use smartphones globally which is just under 50% of the world’s global population. It’s not surprising with the technological innovations and information available at any given time. To tap into this lucrative market you need a digital design company such as Xune Solutions to build a forward-thinking app for your business. Along with a website, an app is quickly becoming the next essential thing.

Red Dragon Webmaster

Take your business higher with Red Dragon Webmaster. Red Dragon is a digital marketing agency based in Sheffield that offers a complete digital solution for your business. We Drange can provide SEO, Web Design, App Design, and Digital Marketing services as well as mobile app development. The team at Red Dragon are dedicated and professional, they also have a wealth of experience to turn your business into a fire breathing success.

Reach Studios

Reach Studios formed in 2010 as an innovative digital design agency. They specialise in bespoke Web development, app development, and Web applications. Along with their technology, Reach Studios also provide companies with marketing services to grow their business after the infrastructure is in place. Although they are based in Sheffield and traditionally work with small Yorkshire companies, they have expanded quickly to the USA, Italy, and the Middle East.


If you want a digital design studio that can develop or curate your mobile app development project then get in touch with Mookat. Also based in Sheffield, this local agency is dedicated to providing innovative solutions to app development challenges. Mookat will help you decide on the best model for your app and point you in the right direction.

PaxLife Media

If you want a mobile app solution that is cutting edge, slick and operable then check out PaxLife Media based in Sheffield. PaxLife Media is a dedicated team of creative professionals passionate about creating innovative products for new businesses. Their goal is to make products that outshine the competition and deliver where it counts.