10 Best Mobile App Development Companies in Seoul

10 Best Mobile App Development Companies in Seoul
12Oct, 2021

No matter what your business is, you need a well-functioning and exciting website and mobile application. When it comes to finding the best mobile development companies in Seoul – this list takes the hard work out of it.

Exemplary Marketing

At number one is Exemplary Marketing – Exemplary Marketing has a considerable number of clients under their belt and over 500 on-demand developers ready to take on any project.

They have a wide range of industry experts in everything from Aviation to Real Estate and Supply Chain to Transportation. They offer a scalable business model, your own source code, and real-time communication, mobile app design, and development.

Qt Company

Qt Company has over 1 million developers globally using their software and is one of the leaders in independent technology. They offer a unique development environment that enables the reuse of software code.

This feature means that the software code can be used on different platforms, screen types, desktops, mobile technology, and wearable technology. Qt Company offers Mobile app development, device creation, native and hybrid software creation, and more.


Asiance is an award-winning tech company that has a strong focus on marketing. They aim to adapt marketing to meet the correct digital infrastructure and develop strategies to maximize their clients’ value online in Asia.

They offer mobile app development, web localization, display and SEM online campaigns, and more.

21Twelve Interactive

21Twelve is one of the most highly rated mobile application development companies in South Korea. They offer what could be called an ingenious mobility solution to make sure their clients stay ahead of the competition.

They offer a cost-effective solution to mobile technologies and build in Objective C, Java, Swift, and more. They turn your business vision into a functional and beautiful mobile application.

Their primary focus is Android App development, iPhone app development, Web development, and WordPress development.

Creatip Global

Creatip is based in Seoul and covers several service areas. They offer an innovative approach to optimization for their clients through new media.  They don’t deal in a niche, and instead, they are happy to work across multiple fields of expertise.

Creatip Global aims to be flexible and give outstanding performance to their international clients. They are a full-service new media agency and have the following service lines: mobile app development, online campaigns, social media marketing, web design, and development.

Value Coders

Value Coders offer an IT outsourcing option for companies globally. They run a combination of proven methodologies, technology, and domain knowledge to provide a personalized and in-depth outsourcing experience. They have a reasonably large staff of over 450 people and offer high-quality solutions.

The Value Coders offer the following service lines: mobile application development, IT strategy consulting, web application development, staff augmentation, and digital transformation.

MNCS Korea

MNCS Korea prides itself on offering personalized and exceptional cost-effective solutions to the relevant business sectors. MNCS Korea works alongside authorized security services, corporate investigators, and law firms. They are a digital marketing agency that specializes in marketing research and digital marketing.

They offer several service lines, including SEO, digital marketing, and mobile app development.

Monochrome Corp

A UI/UX firm that is both creative and intuitive. Nothing great in the world has been accomplished without passion, according to their tagline. Modeling agencies, mobile-only asset management, hospital systems, and other fascinating clients are among the users of this creative agency.

When it comes to device environment and brand experience, Monochrome Corp aims to deliver a unique viewpoint to the user experience. They provide consultancy, SI & Solutions, Android and iOS apps, web & mobile development, and consulting services.

Backstage Media

Backztage Media aims to be the ultimate partner in delivering cutting edge marketing and increasing the visibility of their clients in a big way. They work with the clients to create an impactful brand presence within the marketplace and on mobile devices.

Backstage Media builds mobile apps that are designed to have an impact – and always take into consideration new and emerging technologies. They brainstorm alongside their clients to ensure that the mobile app development is unique, user friendly, and fit for purpose.

Backstage media offers the following service lines: Android apps, SEO, Marketing Content management systems, and mobile app development.

Korea Mts Ltd

Korea MTS LTD has a distinct emphasis on the information technology and medical tourism industries.

Their major purpose is to assist businesses in identifying and attracting the ideal customers via marketing development strategy, brand design, website design, and software development, including mobile application assets.

They deal with multinational corporations and meet clients where they are, providing a variety of communication options. Korea MTS LTD also focuses strongly on SEO optimization, IT solutions, and mobile app development.