10 Best Mobile App Development Companies in Riyadh

10 Best Mobile App Development Companies in Riyadh
24Jan, 2022

Choosing the right mobile app development company in Riyadh can be overwhelming, especially if you have no idea what to look for. With so many companies out there and so many different types of services to choose from, it’s easy to feel lost and confused about which company to hire and what exactly you should expect from them. We’ve put together this list of the top 10 mobile app development companies in Riyadh to help you find your ideal partner.

Exemplary Marketing

Exemplary Marketing is one of the best mobile app development companies in the world. Their advanced and high-quality services are solutions for all tech-related problems. Exemplary Marketing is an award-winning company that specializes in almost all digital marketing services. We’ve established ourselves as one of the top mobile app development companies worldwide.

Proficient Business Solutions

This company specializes in developing Android, iOS, and Windows mobile apps. They are leaders in game development, and their work has been featured in stores like Apple. They also have an expert team of senior managers with a combined 45 years of experience. Their applications focus on various industries, including educational institutions, healthcare organizations, insurance companies, government agencies, and retail outlets. If you’re looking for someone who can create custom solutions to address your needs exactly as they stand now and into the future, Proficient Business Solutions is an excellent place to start.

SGS Techno Soft

SGS Techno Soft is one of the top mobile app development companies in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. We design and develop mobile apps that can bring a new dimension to your business by engaging with customers directly. Our state-of-the-art app development facilities have a team of highly skilled developers who create high-quality apps for iOS, Android, and Windows platforms using various tools and technologies. SGS Techno Soft helps you take advantage of responsive web design, which adapts itself according to any device size – be it a desktop computer or an iPhone screen – without compromising its performance or functionality. Not only do we offer competitive pricing, but we also ensure that our customer receives an exceptional value for money.

Dotnet Developers Inc.

One of our top mobile app development companies. We specialize in iPhone and Android mobile application development services. Dotnet Developers is a leading iPhone app developers provider for many clients across Saudi Arabia. We have successfully executed various kinds of iPhone and Android-based applications across retail, entertainment, travel, finance, and e-commerce industries using the following technologies; Objective C, Swift, and Java PhoneGap technologies. Our vast experience allows us to build different types of custom apps, including iOS and Android social media apps, games as well as custom enterprise software built upon the following technologies: Objective C & Swift / PhoneGap / HTML5

Wiziq LTD.

WizIQ’s mobile app development experts take the time to understand your unique business and develop a solution that fits it perfectly. They focus on quality, not quantity, and ensure their work is done right and at a reasonable price. You can trust Wiziq to create or re-imagine your application following your brand values without sacrificing creativity or user experience. Wiziq’s customer-centric approach emphasizes what you want out of your app rather than what they want, so you can count on them to meet both your technical and business needs while providing attentive service all along. Whether you have an existing idea or need an expert to brainstorm with you from scratch, Wiziq has people ready to listen who will use their expertise to bring it all together into a truly customized solution.


ELQDAFATI is a multi-award-winning company for its software development services. It has unique proprietary products, a full suite of software and app development solutions that cover all fields of business and management. The company offers advanced mobile applications with high speed, security, and responsive designs to meet all industry demands. With years of experience providing custom mobile app development services in Saudi Arabia, ELQDAFATI offers a localized solution to reach worldwide customers with complete privacy guarantees on the cloud. As one of the top Software Development companies, ELQDAFATI fully understands that you need an expert team to help your organization grow online through customized web and mobile applications.

GamesJam Company

GamesJam is a software design and development company specializing in mobile application development, from simple business apps to sophisticated startups. We provide cutting-edge technology with an excellent track record of delivery on time and within budget, ensuring that you get your product exactly as you need it. Because we work closely with our clients, every project is unique – we pride ourselves on paying close attention to your needs and providing you with lasting value throughout every step of your development journey. Our team has years of experience working on large international projects, so you can trust us to bring consistency and expertise to your project when it matters most. You won’t be disappointed!

Informatica Corporation LTD.

Informatica Corporation was established in 1999 by Abhijit Patil, Yatin Wadiwala and Balasaheb Nalawade. The company headquarters is located in Pune, India, and caters to a global clientele through offices across India, the United States of America, the Philippines, Ireland, and Singapore. The company provides software solutions for data integration (ETL) & Data Quality (DQ). ETL products are powered by a component-based architecture that allows easy extensibility for adding functionality or capability. DQ products leverage technology to provide standards-based data quality management solutions for structured and unstructured data.

Mahgoub Software LLC.

Mahgoub Software LLC. is a top mobile app development company based in Saudi Arabia. They have developed several apps, ranging from games to educational tools. They are currently developing an app for women called Yumna, available on both Apple and Android devices. They are also working on the alKuwakib (the insects) project, under development for years. Their team is composed of experts who are up-to-date with cutting-edge technologies, meaning they can give you more than just basic functionality when developing your app! If you’re looking for top mobile app developers in Saudi Arabia, then look no further than Mahgoub Software LLC., as they are dedicated to giving you nothing but quality work!

Al Adalat Global Co.

Al Adalat Global Co. was established in 2010, and we have over 10+ years of experience as a mobile app development company. We focus on developing mobile apps that run seamlessly across Android, iOS (iPhone), BlackBerry, and Windows Phones. We create innovative apps for business and entertainment purposes, including B2B, B2C, GPS Navigation system apps, Social Networking apps, and many more. Based out of Saudi Arabia – Dammam / Khobar & Riyadh, we have consistently delivered high-quality products with a cost-effective approach.


With so many companies offering mobile app development services, it can be a little tricky to know which company is best for your particular needs. To help you make an informed decision, we’ve done our homework and spoken with several potential clients who have used these firms to discover the most responsive, dependable, and budget-friendly. Our top recommendation is JSM – they have over six years of experience working with businesses just like yours and can handle any size project. Plus, they come highly recommended by all their clients – so no matter what you’re looking for, JSM will be sure to have something that fits!