25+ Best Mobile App Development Companies in Pennsylvania

25 Best Mobile App Development Companies in Pennsylvania
02May, 2021

Mobile apps are essential for the growth of many businesses, yet many companies rush into developing them and end up with a poorly performing app. Creating an app to solve a particular problem or bring your company closer to its target market has to be professionally planned and built, and that means you need a mobile app development company.

When looking for an app development partner, you need to do more than a quick Google search, all that will tell you is who has the best SEO. You need a company that understands your needs and has the level of skills and experience.

If you are looking for the best mobile app development companies in Pennsylvania, then we have a list of some of the best around.

Exemplary Marketing

Exemplary Marketing has a well-deserved reputation for building innovative apps for businesses across a range of sectors. The highly experienced team is experts in cross-platform development which are both innovative and cost-effective.

They also offer a range of first-class marketing and digital services which allow for a cohesive strategy across all channels.

Bluestone Apps

Working with clients across the US and beyond, Bluestone Apps has over a decade of experience building native and hybrid apps. Underpinning their technical expertise is a great client management system, that ensures that client needs are understood and transformed into a personalized app that exceeds expectations.

Open Source Technologies

With offices in Pennsylvania and Georgia, the Open Source team boasts over 750 years of experience between them. They provide cost-effective solutions for companies all over the world. They are particularly strong in the retail, tech, and manufacturing sectors.


This multi-award-winning developer counts Fortune 500 companies among its clients. They specialize in apps for the healthcare and clinical research, logistics, and airline industries.  Their business ethos is ‘wisdom over knowledge’, using their two decades of experience to know what will work and what will not.

AllianceTek Inc.

Founded by Sunil Jagani, AllianceTek offers end-to-end app development to companies in all sectors. Their core services lie in utilizing technologies such as iOS and Android. Their solutions are designed to knit together the disparate parts of an organization to increase productivity.


A full-service marketing and development agency, NuCitrus describe themselves and ‘visionaries, game-changers, and challengers to the status quo’. Using their unique perspective, they create apps that are as unique as the companies who use them.


With offices in Pennslyvania and the Middle East, Mobiwhiz is the app development company of choice for companies across the world. They develop cross-platform apps and specialize in mobile gaming development and gamification.

With 900 apps already published, Mobiwhiz is one of the most experienced development companies out there.


AppSquadz is one of the most prolific app developers around and has a sack-full of awards to prove it. They have offices all over the world and work with SMEs and enterprises to produce exciting and innovative apps.

Roket – App Design & Development

Specializing in launching big ideas, Roket has wracked up an impressive client list since it was founded. Recent high-profile projects Smart Home App and a youth mental health charity app.


If you have a challenging problem you need solving, then Propmptworks can help. Describing themselves as a team of active thinkers, they thrive on challenging projects that require a novel approach. Their clients include many public and private sector companies.


With over 20 years of experience, the Envative team specializes in web design, mobile app development, and IoT. With offices in New York and Pennsylvania, they work with clients across the US.

Xtreem Solution

With an impressive client list that boasts Adidas, Gillette, Pepsi, and Walmart. Xtreem works with big brands and startups to develop cutting-edge mobile apps. They’ve won a number of awards for their solutions and represent amazing value for money.


As part of their wider digital offering, the team at Seisan crafts innovative cross-platform apps for their clients. Their apps are high-performing, scalable, and designed to meet the needs of their clients. Their clients include Intel, E & Y, and Verizon.

Falcn Lab

Positioning itself as a strategy, technology, and implementation partner, Falcn Lab also creates sophisticated mobile apps for companies ranging from start-up size to Fortune 500 enterprises.

Tonic Design

Tonic boasts a very experienced team that works with companies across the US. Their creative flair and extensive development knowledge have led to the creation of hundreds of successful apps for happy clients.


Amskape is a full-service software development company that works with several non-profits and businesses to create desktop and mobile apps. Each one is designed to meet each customer’s unique needs. They can count among their customers’ such companies as Habitat for Humanity, Comfort Pro, and Griffiths Construction.


Providing mobile solutions for a digital world, the OpenForge development team has the honor of being ranked as the #1 Trusted Partner for the Ionic Framework. Their mobile-first methodology is the key to enhancing the features and functionality needed by clients.

H2H Marketing

A one-stop-shop for all of your marketing and development needs. As part of their wider marketing offering which includes SEO, digital, social, and video, H2H can provide you with a comprehensive strategy.

Their app development team develops on several platforms and H2H apps have been downloaded over 90 million times.

Penn Web Technologies

This agency provides both web design and app development services to its customers. Their development team is highly experienced, each with over 10+ years of industry experience. Their clients include Triangle Chemical Company, Body Break, and True Blue Insurance.


Launched in 2009, ChawpDog has built a great reputation working with companies of all sizes, creating over 350 apps. Their approach is bespoke and there’s no one-size-fits-all approach, each project is tackled on its specific needs. They also offer a set-rate pricing structure and a stony project management team.


The team at KDG sees themselves as ‘doers, thinkers, and innovators from the future’. They use the latest methodologies and technology to create leading mobile apps for their clients.


The team at UppLabs believes that to connect with customers, a company needs a strong web and mobile presence. They specialize in helping organizations with limited time and budget save money by helping to validate their ideas. UppLabs are particularly experienced in the FinTech, Healthcare, and Real Estate sectors.

Dignitas Digital

Serving customers on every continent, Dignitas Digital offers a full range of digital marketing and software development services. Their team specializes in providing agile, scalable projects that deliver for customers.

Phaedra Solutions

Customers all over the world trusting Phaedra Solutions to deliver a seamless experience for users across the web and mobile. Their developers are all highly experienced and work daily with a number of profit and non-profit-based companies. Phaedra will kickstart your digital transformation journey.

ANTLR Interactive

ANTLR is a boutique development firm with an amazing reputation for quality and innovation. They work very closely with their clients to make sure every project is successful. Working with businesses of all sizes, they focus on creating excellent returns on investment.


If you’re looking for Mobile App development companies in Pennsylvania, then you are spoiled for choice. There are a number of experienced and creative companies out there who are producing amazing work.

When choosing a company to work with, there are a number of factors you need to take into account. Do your research and find out which companies have experience in your sector, or solving a problem similar to yours. Get in touch with a few and have a conversation about your needs. You should be able to get a feel for the personality and culture of the company. After all, whoever you choose to work with is going to be your business partner, also an extension of your team. If you’re looking for other marketing or webs development services, you may choose a company that offers these too. Advantages of this include greater strategy integration and attractive pricing options.