20 Best Mobile App Development Companies in Ottawa

20 Best Mobile App Development Companies in Ottawa
28Jul, 2021

Exemplary Marketing

Based in Chicago, Exemplary Marketing is the best of the best in mobile app design companies in Ottawa. They offer a range of outstanding marketing solutions, but more than that, they offer your business the best in mobile app development. You can make sure that your app stands out from the crowd when you choose to use Exemplary Marketing as your agency. Exemplary Marketing offers solutions to businesses no matter the size, and they work to troubleshoot your issues rather than just try to paper over them. They offer a range of mobile app development solutions that can solve any problem – and all you have to do is ask!


If you are looking for a passionate team of open minded and creative people, check out the experts at the Futurify team! The best mobile app development companies are there to support your mobile vision, and Futurify are here to ensure that you get the best software products for your business. You will find that Futurify has a team of experts ready to develop mobile apps for businesses of all sizes.

Ramius Corporation

As a software company, Ramius Corporation can offer you the chance to have the best mobile app development company on your side. They are focused on the design and development of cloud-based social software for research and engagement in your business. They’ve been around since 1998, so you know that this is a business that has seen a lot of change in the mobile development world!

Thornley Fallis

If you are looking to provide your customers with the best communication to succeed in your business, then Thornley Fallis is one of the best mobile app development companies to use. They work with organizations to research and connect, build and sustain excellent relationships. Their mobile app development approach is such that ensures your reputation is the best it can possibly be. They offer your business the commitment to provide smart-thinking solutions that achieve spectacular results. If you want a business to meet your expectations, Thornley Fallis is a company to go for.


You may be looking for a mobile development company to ensure your app is correct, but if you want a mobile app development company in Ottawa that provides more than that, check out CodeAutomation.ai. You will find a business that offers websites, mobile applications and desktop applications to suit any business. They have dealt with a range of products on the market, whether they are SaaS or Fintech. They work in an agile working environment and this allows other companies to excel in their process of development. If you want a business that’s going to concentrate on testing code, then CodeAutomation.ai is the company to choose. They focus their design and development services to accomplish your business needs. They also work to integrate your ideas into your mobile app development so that you end up with a product that works!


When you’re in the market for an exceptional mobile app development company in Ottawa, QPSDigital should be at the top of your list. This is one of the best mobile app development companies in the country and they pride themselves in their ability to deliver success. Not only can they offer app development, but they offer a whole host of software solutions, web hosting and graphic design to help your business bring the experience to life. They help their customers old and new to work on projects whether they’ve been started or not.


Based in the capital of Canada, ZINation was founded in 2012 and has been building mobile apps for a range of businesses in the area and around the world. They have a company that builds on an all in one tech solution to ensure that you can provide your customers with the right service. ZINation covers every single step of your mobile app development journey to ensure that you get everything you need. They serve more than 8,000 businesses and then some – so make sure that you’re in touch with the best!


A leading commerce agency, Smith offers leading expertise in mobile app development and more. You can ensure that you have the experts helping your brand modernize the experience on mobile apps. Their clients include some of the most important brands around the world, including AT&T, Cisco, Best Buy and more. Smith can be found in Seattle, Ottawa and Spokane, and you can bet that they’re servicing clients for mobile app development far and wide.


As an app company that specializes in healthcare, Macadamian stands out in the market in Ottawa for how brilliant they are with their healthcare clients. They are a business interested in ensuring that your business app is developed to meet your user needs. They offer a full service digital agency, creating solutions that are meaningful and simple all at once.


If you want a mobile app development company that offers better than the best results, EzyCode is the place to call first. You will be impressed by this business because of its offerings. They are based in Sri Lanka with offices in the US, UK and Ottawa. Their specialist interest is in mobile apps, and they develop and design apps for mobile and websites that offer what their customers need. EzyCode aims to offer the best possible mobile app development solutions and they will go deeply into your business to analyze what it is that you need before helping with the development side of things.

Segura Innovative Tech Solutions

As one of the top mobile app development companies in Ottawa, Segura offers a range of innovative solutions that suit businesses of all sizes. They push their services toward your needs, so whatever you need for your customers, you can get that with the help of Segura Innovative Tech Solutions. The experts here are on hand to help at any time, and all you have to do is call and make an appointment.

Arctic Leaf

Arctic Leaf are a user design and implementation agency who are aiming to be there for your business for mobile app development. They put their relationships with their clients at the heart of what they do. They provide a range of app design and development services designed to make your business stand out. They have been established as experts for some time and it’s because of the exceptional mobile app development services that they offer!

SimWave Consulting

Incorporated in 2013, SimWave Consulting is a sister company to SimFront Simulation Systems. They are based in Ottawa, Canada and are experts in creating the best mobile apps for companies of all types. They pride themselves on being technologically advanced as a development company, and they create software that just works! Their simulations are amazing and they support development projects in mobile, 3D virtual reality and augmented reality, too. SimWave Consulting are here to ensure that your business mobile app is well developed and on par with the correct user experience. No matter what, you can speak to the team of experts and get what you need for your mobile app development solutions.

GreenReaf Corporation

Providing a range of mobile app development services to businesses, GreenReaf also offers web development, web design and ecommerce development services that stand out. Their customer digital marketing offerings ensure that you get the end to end promotion that your business needs. You can increase your online presence with the help of the mobile app development with GreenReaf Corporation. They are known as one of the best mobile app development companies in Ottawa with a base in the US, too.


At WebShark, you’ll find one of the best mobile app development companies around. You need a team of professionals to work on your web design, logo development and app maintenance, and WebShark offers you these services and more – all you need to do is ask! Getting the best for your business is so much easier with the experts at WebShark.

Peller Media

If you are looking for a full service digital marketing agency that offers mobile app development as one of its specialties. They have a huge track record on increasing search engine rankings for businesses all over. Their success comes from your success, and if you need your mobile app to be developed properly, Peller Media is the company to choose.

Neshes Global

As a leading technology enabler, Neshes Global isn’t just a company focusing on Ottawa businesses. They are leaders around the world and they provide integrated solutions and services for business for all their mobile needs. You need a well developed mobile app and Neshes Global ensures that this is exactly what you get from the very beginning. Neshes Group is based in India, with operations in the UK, Malaysia, Zimbabwe and Ottawa. Their major customers are in the public and private sectors and they have a commitment of being the best for their customers where possible. Choosing Neshes Global is the way to go if you want to improve your mobile app development.