25+ Best Mobile App Development Companies in Oregon

25 Best Mobile App Development Companies in Oregon
01May, 2021

In today’s digital age, businesses and individuals rely on mobile applications for efficiency, productivity, and various solutions to make life easier. If you want to launch a mobile application, you would like to ensure that you hire a development company that understands your needs and can produce an app that fits your vision. Gradually becoming an app development state, Oregon is filled with numerous app development companies. To help narrow your search, here is a list of the twenty-five best mobile app development companies we consider to be the best the state has to offer.

Exemplary Marketing

Exemplary Marketing aims at helping businesses go through digital transformation and help close their technical gaps to ensure their success. Exemplary Marketing can build visually stimulating, attractive, and themed applications tailored to your specific requirements with state-of-the-art technologies. Using the Waterfall method, they provide businesses with easy to navigate and highly responsive mobile applications that are iOS and Android compatible.


With over 15 years of experience and success in designing and developing mobile applications and other digital products, SingleMind has earned a place in the app development industry as one of the best. The company understands the need for innovation in an ever-changing world, especially for start-ups and non-profit organizations. Therefore, with their diverse and agile team of experts, SingleMind offers its clients software development consultancy to ensure that they provide their clients with the right solutions to help them gain the success they aim to achieve.


Copius seeks to give clients a unique experience by presenting a team of authentic and honest people dedicated to providing your business with the mobile application solutions it needs to grow and flourish. By analyzing business demands and detecting flaws, they can create an effective plan that would aid your business in achieving its goals.


Citizen is a design and technology company located in the state of Oregon. Their various experiences and skills from their team of strategists, developers, designers, and technologists are harmonized to deliver their clients’ solutions. In analyzing the market and cultural trends, Citizen uses effective digital strategies, interactive mobile applications, and web solutions to reimagine the way people communicate with your business through technology.

Partheon Software Group

From building web apps and mobile apps to providing customers with custom solutions, the Partheon Software Group sets itself apart by offering its clients reliable and effective world-class service. With over 12 years of experience, the Patheon Software Group has acquired in-depth knowledge on several technical issues, putting them in an excellent position to offer businesses in the state of Oregon profound technical advice and provide solutions that yield positive results.

Chamber DS

Located in the heart of downtown Portland, Chamber DS has come to be the household name in mobile development for several businesses in the area. This mobile app development company has a skill for turning business ideas into mobile apps and is dedicated to offering creative mobile app development solutions to its clients.


Knuckleheads stay true to its slogan. These “Mobile Wizards” provide complete and reliable services. They offer full native iOS and Android development services, UI and UX design, and customized analytics and notifications, among other services. To accomplish its aim of being a “mobile arm,” the company gives its clients the space to focus on its business operations. At the same time, they help them in navigating a mobile solutions roadmap.

Metal Toad

Metal Toad has spent over 15 years helping Media and Entertainment businesses across the state find the right mobile development solutions and navigate complex technical transitions smoothly at a lower risk, less cost, and increased value.

IronGlove Studio

Established in 2017, IronGlove Studio transitioned from freelance to a small firm in 2019 to provide various businesses with mainstream services with real-life solutions. Despite its few years in business, this company has made a name for itself by offering customers bespoke design and development solutions.

Pop Art

Pop Art believes that every issue of inefficiency offers an opportunity. Therefore, they provide their clients with mobile applications tailored to facilitate communications and information delivery across organizations in different industries.

ZealTech LLC

ZealTech is committed to helping businesses from various industries share their innovative ideas with a broad audience, from business automation to enterprise applications. This company can provide solutions for any project from start to finish through their different software solutions such as custom, financial, healthcare and e-learning software.


Through solid project management strategies, strategic development, and innovative problem-solving skills, Chromaplex helps businesses connect with their customers effortlessly and effectively. Their expertise in mobile and web apps provides companies with a holistic solution to their digital problems.

Dorey Design Group

For a mobile applications development company, you can trust to handle the various stages of your digital projects, come to Dorey Design Group. This full-service mobile app development company is committed to seeing each customer fulfill its digital goals.

Groove Development

Every mobile application is not the same, and Groove Development understands that. They work closely with their clients to ensure they produce apps that realize their vision. Their codes are always well documented and structured, and thoroughly tested to ensure that their apps are excellent, fast, and scalable.

Hyperlink InfoSystem

After ten years of experience, Hyperlink InfoSystem has grown to be one of the leading names in mobile app development. The company provides its clients with high-quality, excellent, innovative, and cost-effective solutions using advanced technological solutions. This has helped them in accomplishing their goal of establishing long-term relationships with their customers.

Twenty Ideas

If you are looking for a company that can provide your business with excellent and beautiful mobile applications, Twenty Ideas is your best choice. Founded in 2014,  their team of experts is knowledgeable in using open-source technologies in providing solutions that work.

Uncorked Studio

Since 2010, Uncorked Studio has provided businesses across Oregon with strategic product designs that have created meaningful relationships between people and technology. The company comprises an experienced and reliable team of writers, thinkers, developers, and designers who can transform ideas into digital realities for businesses to see and experience the growth and digital transformation they are looking for.


Previously known as Urban Airship, Airship has developed its scope of services over the last 12 years. Initially the pioneer in push notifications, the company has expanded its horizons. It offers companies various digital services such as mobile application development services, user-level data, engagement channels, and AI solutions to deliver in-app messages, push notifications, and emails.

Avtec Media Group

The Avtec Media Group sits majestically on the Pacific Northwest part of Oregon – the state’s technology epicenter. They specialize in providing companies with mobile app development solutions to make it easier for businesses to reach customers from far and wide. In addition to their mobile app solutions, Avtec also provides businesses with web design and development solutions and internet marketing services. With a long track record of success, it is no wonder businesses are confident in this company.

Buildable Custom Software

Founded in 2008, Buildable has been helping businesses solve various digital problems by providing software solutions that increase efficiency and productivity. Their team of experienced engineers and designers is ready to provide businesses with creative means of solving digital problems for a breakthrough.

Development Now

For 16 years, this creative digital company has provided small businesses, startups, and big corporations such as MicrosoftIntel, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Kelly Services, and Avis with innovative digital solutions, support, and advice.


Since 2008, RAZUR has kept a track record of providing clients with designing and developing various complex applications for businesses such as AT&T, UNICEF, and Coca-Cola- to name a few. With their clients in mind, they ensure that their end products are of high quality and per their clients’ specifications. Their years of experience have led them to create increased sales, loyalty, and brand awareness for their clients.

Squishy Media

With clients from both public and private sectors, Squishy Media has built a reputable name amongst developing companies. Their experience since 2001 has given businesses the digital solutions they require to succeed and run smoothly.


As a company with an agile team, Synergtex believes that great projects require effective communication. For this reason, the company seeks to aid businesses across the state by developing native apps, web apps for desktops, and mobile-ready sites. To ensure that their solutions fit their client’s missions, the company works closely with customers. Their dedication to seeing their customers grow is evident in their results.

Limelight Department

Since 2008, Limelight Department has provided businesses with both mobile application and website design and development solutions. By combining traditional and modern strategies, Limelight provides customers with creative solutions to increase customer experience and satisfaction and experience profitability.

The mobile app developing companies mentioned are worth considering for your next digital project if your business is located in Oregon. But don’t just take our word for it – read through their reviews to see the great things they’ve done for other clients!