25+ Best Mobile App Development Companies in Montana

25 Best Mobile App Development Companies in Montana
24Apr, 2021

Many companies are seeing the benefit of designing a mobile application for their company. With more users than ever opting to use the app on their phone over other methods such as mobile browser, failing to add these options to your company can leave you behind when adapting your company and evolving with technology.

Recent years has seen a boom in technological advances, and as such, designing a mobile application can ultimately become a preferred option for consumers when engaging with different companies and brands,

What Makes a Good Mobile App?

A good mobile app will have the user experience at its core and blend a mixture of functionality with a clear, intuitive interface that makes it easier for the user to navigate. With over 2 million apps in the Apple Store alone, there is an obvious demand for apps and, in particular, for streaming services, gaming, banking, and shopping.

Keeping your colors simple and avoiding the use of complicated or overly fanciful fonts will help your app lend itself to function over style and avoid becoming too cluttered and hard to use. Focus instead on high-quality graphics and animations to give your app a professional feel.

Focus on reducing the steps involved in different actions and tasks within the app. The idea of an app is to make things easier, and as such, lengthy processes, filling in forms, making decisions, etc., should be broken down to make it easier for the user. Overloading the experience by trying to offer too much at once can be a big turn-off and stop people from using the app.

This extends to auto-fill capabilities for forms, the standard ‘let’s get started’ screen, and how-to options that are a feature in many apps on the market today. These features are used frequently because they have been proven to be beneficial to the app. Forget about using non-standard wording or overcomplicating options as users look for simplicity to get the information they need when in an app.

What You Should Look for In a Good Mobile Application Development Company.

To create a native app that works well on its intended platform, the company you choose to design your bile app should appreciate the differences in functionality and gestures each platform uses and look to avoid replicating icons and navigation for ease. Instead, a good development company will appreciate how each platform is designed to enable them to work with you to realize your vision and goal for your app and translate this into a user-friendly app that allows a level of performance that consumers have come to expect.

As technology advances, so should your app, and this is something you should consider when designing your mobile app. The reality is, feedback will enable you to keep working on improving the app over time to allow you to offer the best service to your clients and anyone who uses the app regularly.

Mobile application solutions for your company need to align with your brand’s ethos and values to allow you to create a unified style and experience no matter how your customers decide to engage with your company or the app.

25+ Best Mobile App Development Companies in Montana

1. Exemplary Marketing

Choose Exemplary Marketing for your mobile design and development needs. With many years of experience in providing software solutions, Exemplary Marketing offers a top-class service for any size business. Building attractive apps focusing on UI/UX design alongside functionality makes them the go-to mobile app development company for Montana.

2. CM&D

CM&D is a full-service virtual reality studio that offers solutions to your virtual reality needs that include mobile app design. Take your company to the next level with state-of-the-art VR technology.

3. Socially Speaking Media

Leading experts in mobile application development, app design, and more, this creative company is committed to delivering high standards to its clients.

4. Future Farm

A fusion of art and science, this mobile app design company boasts an award-winning web and graphic design team specializing in producing assets that deliver for their clients.

5. Wokine

A digital agency providing modern aesthetics and innovative solutions no matter your needs.

6. Authentic Imaging LLC

Whether you are a small start-up or a larger company, you can trust Authentic Imaging LLC as your creative mobile app development company to bring your ideas to life using the best tools to help you succeed.

7. Triple Tree Software

Think of Triple Tree Software as your online architect bringing your back end and front designs to life from scratch while offering you a comprehensive service for all your digital solution needs.

8. Tempest Technologies

Transforming the way companies do business since 1999, Tempest Technologies offers a wide range of web solutions, including mobile app design in Montana.

9. AXIOM IT SolutionsINC.

AXIOM IT Solutions Inc specializes in software developments for businesses that require custom solutions and services. With a proven track record in delivering results, including improved efficiency and productivity.

10. SkyPoint Studios

Utilize the skills and services provided by SkyPoint Studios for all your mobile app and website needs and allow them to guide you from scratch right to the top of the search results.


Stafford is an award-winning agency based in Whitefish comprised of creatives, programmers, branding experts, and more.

12. HX

HX is a full software development company and digital agency based in Missoula. They are uniquely placed to offer digital solutions to both national and local businesses.

13. Point Six Solutions

Point Six Solutions is a technology company committed to providing clients with software design, web development e-commerce solutions, amongst other services.

14. WebFocal

Look to WebFocal to help your business need its digital and technology needs in a personalized and tailor solution.

15. Zee Creative

Zee Creative is a team of skilled artists, developers, and marketers who can focus on your needs to help you design the best mobile app in Montana for your business.

16. Barton Consulting

Barton Consulting specializes in web design and development, app design and development, and more to companies across the nation with creativity and passion.

17. Cedar Mountain Software

Cedar Mountain Software has many years of experience in offering custom software, web solutions, and data management tools perfectly tailored for your company.

18. Agency Labs

work with Agency Labs to help create the perfect website for your company, mobile apps, and software. Take advantage of their many years of experience to help you reach your full potential in your business.

19. Myriad Mobile

with over 3,00 mobile applications under their belt, Myriad Mobile knows exactly what does and doesn’t work. With expertise in these industries, Agriculture, Education, Insurance, Banking, and Funded Startups, Myriad Mobile can adapt to any industry.

20. Also Creative Inc

Xamarin and Xamarin form experts. Also Creative Inc has been an expert in using Xamarin since its inception in 2011.

21. Simply Made Apps

Specialists in designing, well, simply made apps that are easy to use.

22. Onsharp

Onsharp has over 250 clients nationwide and has many years of experience lending their skills to web design, software, and mobile app development in Montana and beyond.

23. Design Wizards

A print publication production and digital media company. Design Wizards are experts in ad creation, mobile apps, lead generation management, data management, and other digital services.

24. Suite 171 LLC

A leading custom web development company that has been offering mobile app services and web design since 2004. suite 171 writes original code and has the expertise that backs up their skills.

25. QWebDesign

QWebDesign.com has been in the web design industry since 1996. with this much experience, they are well placed to help you dort and manage your content marketing and web design needs.

26. JWV Development LLC

The main aim of JWV Development is 100% customer satisfaction. This means they will strive to make sure you are fully satisfied with their service for all your web and mobile solutions.

27. Leidholm Technologies

Software development and support for private companies and 10 years of experience in mobile app development and web applications give Leidholm Technologies an advantage to help you fulfill your software solutions.

28. Ventive

Ventive appreciates small businesses can ill afford to make mistakes. They know you need good work done well the first time, and their experience allows them to deliver on this for your mobile app needs.

29. Webconne8

Founded in 2013, Webconne8 specializes in website design, website management, and app development, to name a few. With the ability to work with clients worldwide, cutting-edge technologies give them the ability to offer top-class service to all clients.

30. Big wood Software Inc

A software firm specializing in developing and marketing mobile and cloud-based applications.

31. Zenware Inc

Formed in 2009, Zenware is an expert in custom mobile software development, iPhone software development, custom web development, and more.

32. AHG Inc

Specialists in business productivity mobile applications for both android and iOS, AHG Inccan offers you services that are engaging and interactive and offer results whether you chose their out-of-the-box services or you want to create a custom application for your needs.

33. Phvntom Inc

A company that provides advanced modern technology solutions for your business needs by creating user-friendly websites or via innovative solutions to your workflow problems.