10+ Best Mobile App Development Companies in Missouri

10+ Best Mobile App Development Companies in Missouri
24Apr, 2021

Mobile app developers are the people to go to when you want to build an efficient and responsive application. Utilizing mobile apps is ideal for your business to grow its brand awareness and customer experience. Not only is it important to integrate the best design features, but also the highest quality of coding. This will ensure a smooth-running modern app, which will offer your business (or personal needs) lots of benefits. For a list of the best mobile app development companies in Missouri, keep reading.

1. Exemplary Marketing

Exemplary Marketing creates cross-platform solutions to ensure full compatibility between devices. No matter if you want your mobile app to be available on iOS or Android (or both), the team can ensure to deliver those requirements as they have expertise in both. The aim of mobile apps is to enhance user experience and make them up-to-date with current digital trends, which the team can provide. They have over 10 years of experience in the field of developing mobile apps, along with other software development services, so you can rely on them to develop an app in line with your vision.

2. Unidev

Unidev is a Missouri-based software development company, who specialize in website and mobile applications. Their aim is to solve all business technology problems for you. If you are looking for a dedicated team with expert knowledge in mobile app development, Unidev is a reliable company with years of experience. They offer many legacy languages that create the most modern mobile apps on the market, including Java, .NET, PHP, and HTML5 to name a few.

3. ZVST Cloud Technologies

ZVST Cloud Technologies team dedicated their work and speciality to creating appropriate client-server technologies, such as mobile apps. The experts provide mobile app development, among other services, which will help you bring your vision to life from the design to the development stage. They will implement the highest grade coding to ensure your app offers consistent business growth and user-capabilities.

4. Netelligent

Netelligent, also known as Intervision, are an expert software development team in Missouri who offer digital strategic solutions. They help businesses modernize their infrastructure, from their communication to their accessibility. Netelligent can help bring your mobile app vision to fruition with simple designs and expert coding. This helps the business stay connected with the staff and customers, as well as be optimized and modernized.

5. Keysoft It Inc

Keysoft It Inc is a mobile app development specialist company located in Chestfield, Missouri. They are a small business that works with other small businesses to bring their mobile app ideas to life. KeySoft It Inc believes it is best to utilize modern mobile apps to bring life to your business, as well as drive sales and keep customers engaged through visual and functional app features.

6. SteadyRain

The team at SteadyRain are a team of digital solution experts, who work on any aspects from design to development of mobile and website applications. They recognize that businesses need to utilize mobile applications to engage customers and enhance their brand. Thus, they work closely with individuals’ ideas to bring them to life. They offer their mobile app development services to any industry, so nobody has to miss out.

7. Prospect Infosys

Prospect Infosys are experts in the field of consulting and software solutions. The team commits to each new project as the next big thing and dedicates their hard work and expertise to ensure they offer businesses the best solution. For those looking for assistance with developing a mobile app, Prospect Infosys can help you achieve your goals. Their optimal IT experience helps pioneer innovative mobile apps to create completely custom applications.

8. PocketCake

PocketCake provides mobile and web based development services to locals in Missouri, as well as worldwide clients. They create custom mobile apps on iOS or Android, or both, to meet the needs of businesses and customers. The team offers one-of-a-kind mobile app features that can be unique to your business. Thus, you will stand out among the crowd and within your industry so that customers are more likely to use your services. PocketCake offers clients cost-effective prices in order to reach your businesses full potential. They are aware that businesses need finances for more than just a mobile app, so they offer competitive prices for large and small businesses. They will utilize their best efforts and expertise with every project so that businesses can offer their customers their best user experience, interaction, and more.

9. Ontarget

Ontarget Interactive is a digital agency that has offices located around the Midwest. They live between marketing and technology, and provide unique solutions for all requests. Ontarget provides full service digital development services, such as mobile app development, to help businesses bring their ideas to life. No longer do you have to be out-marketed by alike businesses in the market. You can reach your customers and improve their experience through developing an app with Ontarget professionals. They offer various coding languages to develop apps for iOS or Android, or both. They do all of the user interface and coding for you. All you need to do is hand over your ideas and the team will bring them to fruition.

10. Rarewire

Rarewire is an app creation studio company located in Missouri, who provide businesses with apps to enhance customer experience and increase brand awareness. Apps can be tricky to develop by yourself, especially without the right knowledge and experience. Thus, handing over your trust and ideas to a company like Rarewire, who specialize in mobile app development, can benefit your business and bring your vision alive. They use simple coding that makes it easy to adapt, add, and takeaway features. Thus, your business can always adjust the mobile app to align with new features or customer requests. All apps they create are native to take advantage of the powerful technology of both mobiles and tablets.

11. Avid Mobile

Avid Mobile is a mobile marketing company, who specialize solely in mobile device technology. They help develop and launch business mobile apps for large and small businesses in any industry. The expert team has developed 20 unique short codes that are ideal for any vision and mobile app concept. Avid Mobile offers all customers risk-free service, as you can use their free trial before committing to them. This proves they are customer-friendly and extremely reliable. With a great lineup of previous clients and customer testimonials, Avid Mobile are a mobile app development company you can trust with your ideas and vision.

12. Tricension

Tricension is a technology solutions firm located in the Missouri area. They are listed as one of the fastest growing companies by several publications, showcasing they are a reliable and expert company you can trust with your mobile app development ideas. The team at Tricension have over 50 years of combined experience in mobile and web development. They do everything in-house and utilize their expertise for every mobile app project. Every project ensures to identify the clients needs and implements the best solutions to offer optimal results.

13. Hyperlink Infosystem

Hyperlink Infosystem is a large enterprise who offer a range of mobile app development solutions. Their expert team can help develop apps for a wide range of devices, from iOS mobiles, Androids, Windows, and more. No matter your creative idea, they will work with you to ensure it reaches fruition and success. The team at Hyperlink Infosystem understands how important it is to utilize mobile apps to drive sales and enhance user experience. Thus, they will ensure to offer expert results with functional and attractive mobile app features.

14. Victory Enterprises

Victory Enterprises is a team of software development specialists who work with you through every step of your mobile app development. First, they will identify your creative concepts to understand your vision. Then, they will offer their plan for creating your ideal and unique mobile app. Victory Enterprises offers a wide range of technological solutions to ensure your app is convenient, appropriate, and easy to maintain for your business.

15. Tecziq Solutions

Teczig Solutions is a software design company who work with websites and mobile applications. Not only can they provide mobile apps for personal use, but also for ecommerce, enterprise, and custom businesses. No matter what your business or personal idea is, the team can ensure they develop an app to align with your vision. Their aim is to build user-friendly mobile apps for clients in iOS or Android, or both. Their team boasts expertise in design, development, and solution architecture, which offers clients premium results.

16. Crema

Crema was founded in 2009 when a small team came together due to their passion for developing mobile platforms. Their first ever app for a client surpassed 20 million downloads and since, have achieved even greater successes. They can create mobile apps, and specialize in games, so if your idea is to create something fun and interactive then Crema is the company to use. Their first focus was PC development. Now, the team has expanded to offer mobile app development solutions to be in line with advancing technologies. They understand mobile devices are being used more than ever, so it is essential to build apps for both the PC and mobile.