25+ Best Mobile App Development Companies in Minnesota

25 Best Mobile App Development Companies in Minnesota
23Apr, 2021

Mobile apps are taking over the world! In recent times, it has been proven that a good mobile app can help accelerate business and form part of an outstanding marketing strategy. Of course, in order to reap the benefits that apps bring, you need to create one. As such, you need a mobile app developer that can help make your dreams come true.

Below, we’ve compiled a list of the best mobile app development companies in Minnesota. Check them out before deciding who to contact:

Exemplary Marketing

Exemplary Marketing has over a decade of mobile app development experience. The company works across numerous mobile app platforms, creating coding that helps your application work seamlessly. Nominated for awards and with thousands of successful projects, it’s really no surprise to see Exemplary sitting in the top spot here.

Creed Interactive

Creed Interactive delivers an All In approach to mobile app development. All of their attention goes into your project, ensuring that all elements of the coding and design are up to scratch. Numerous tests and prototypes are carried out and created to be sure no bugs exist. The result is a modern app that’ll please both you and your target audience.


Octobot is a software consultancy that delivers a range of digital solutions. Mobile development is one of their key services, providing you with software that delivers an undefinable feel of something familiar but new. They work across some of the main development platforms, including Swift, Objective-C, and ReactNative.

Coherent Solutions

Over 1,000 completed projects and app development services across multiple platforms make Coherent Solutions one of the best app development companies in Minnesota. HTML5 & cross-platform development is available, along with Xamarin application development services for Microsoft. Of course, the company also provides custom iOS and Android development.


Mentormate has experience designing apps for a plethora of different sectors and industries. The Mentormate team has deep experience with all facets of mobile app development, using the latest software to deliver premium solutions. Android, iOS, and React Native are all available, alongside a quality assurance service to ensure the best testing practices are provided.

Groove Jones

Groove Jones is a highly recognized app development company in Minnesota. The company has created turnkey software app productions for B2B and B2C purposes across a variety of mobile devices. From games to business apps, Groove Jones has the technical development skills to built an app that works for you.

DKS Systems

DKS Systems is all about finding solutions to people’s problems. With their mobile app development services, the focus is on developing a centralized system that works for your customers all the time. All apps are developed with the ability to send push notifications to users, work offline, and include a whole host of native features. There are so many solutions available, and they all start with you.

Excellent Web World

A company that focuses on innovation, Excellent Web World has been taking Minnesota by storm. They have been voted the number one app development company by some websites, and it’s thanks to the team’s ability to develop strategies and solutions for every single client. One of the standout features of Excellent Web World is the exhaustive list of mobile app development services: iOS, Android, Flutter, React Native, Ionic, AngularJS, IoT, and Real Time are all available.

Think. Code. Go

Think. Code. Go creates a simple framework for success that has led to many happy clients. The mobile app development process kicks after an initial design phase. Here, all of the coding is handled by an in-house team that uses both front-end and back-end development. Ongoing support and testing are provided at all times, along with an interactive prototype to show you what your final app will be like. It’s all very impressive, which is why Think. Code. Go is in the top 10.


KRUTSCH will help you with every aspect of mobile app development. In fact, they promise to be with you from design to delivery! The agency solves problems, developing apps that can help you achieve something great. Proof-of-concept, front-end & back-end development, and much more are all on offer. Plus, you get a development team working on the project that’s hand-picked to be the best fit for you!

New Lion

New Lion is fairly new on the block, compared to other web development companies, but they have already announced themselves with a big roar. In the 7 years they’ve been around, the company has completed a selection of impressive projects for top brands. The team can develop apps across iOS and Android, providing tailormade solutions for every client.

JMG (The Jed Mahonis Group)

JMG has been helping companies develop winning apps for a long time. It all begins with an app consultation, before proceeding into design and development. Native frameworks are used to prevent sluggish apps, ensuring that your apps feel as fast and professional as can be. This is crucial if you want people to download your app and continue using it! A complete service is on offer, including testing, deployment, and ongoing support post-launch.

The Sunflower Lab

The Sunflower Lab is another app development company in Minnesota that uses native app development. Again, this leads to faster loading speeds and more fluidity. Furthermore, they also offer cross-platform development to widen your reach. With an emphasis on customer service and emerging tech, The Sunflower Lab will offer timely and innovative solutions.

Design Center Inc.

Over a dozen reviews have rated Design Center Inc as a five-star company for mobile app development. The business has already worked with some massive brands, developing a whole range of different commercial mobile applications. A team of experts handles the development process from start to finish, providing guidance and advice on where your ideas can be improved.

Auxano Global Services

Auxano Global Services is a top-notch mobile app development company that can offer so many services and solutions. While still a fairly new agency, AGS has still developed over 65 highly successful mobile apps. They offer end-to-end development solutions, with both iOS and Android covered.


Elko are self-confessed experts in software development. They provide a full-stack mobile app development team to help you design and create anything you fancy. The company uses a unique tool that helps develop enterprise-level technical foundations for apps in just a few clicks. This lets the rest of the team focus more effort on developing the key features to make an app stand out. Cross-platform development is available via Flutter or React Native.


With years of experience in strategy, design, and development, Empirical is ready to be your premium mobile app partner. A load of testimonials all praise the clean code used by the Empirical team, offering excellent mobile app fluidity and responsiveness. Every client begins with a product strategy, and the app development process follows on from there, delivering excellent results.

Modern Climate

Modern Climate is fueled by data, insights, technology, creativity, and humanity. This app development company shines the spotlight on finding what matters most to your target audience. If you can find what matters, you can then develop an app around this. It leads to apps with more meaning, which tend to be more successful.


eMagicOne is trusted by brands such as Kimberly-Clark and Huggies. They offer eCommerce mobile application development, providing you with a stable product to offer an exceptional user experience. All the developers have extensive experience with mobile apps, boasting a strong background in OOP and data structures. Regular code reviews are conducted to ensure only the most robust code is implemented in your final product.


If you’re looking for full-stack technology and software development services, SynergyTop will provide them. By using modern UI and UX paradigms, the company is able to build mobile applications with the latest and greatest technologies.


A top digital agency that specializes in intuitive mobile app development. Over 1500 projects have been completed, and Apptunix can call upon a large team of over 200 members to help with all elements of app development. An exquisite experience is promised across all apps, with iOS, Android, Ionic, and React Native all available.


Panacea will deliver full-stack Android, iOS, and Cross-Platform mobile apps. The company uses a unique blend of quality and technology that focuses on user interaction. As a result, all manner of mobile applications can be made and developed to suit your end goal.


Codiant boasts the ultimate mobile app solutions for every single trade. Again, the focus is very much on customer insights, developing an app that appeals to your target market. iOS and Android app development are both available, with cross-platform development also an option. Codiant has worked on apps across so many industries, ranging from Health and Fitness to Social Networking.


Dropsource uses its own proprietary technology tools to develop apps in record time. Your entire app can be up and running in three weeks, and still look and feel as professional as one that took months. It’s a patented development process that’s yielded impressive results for multiple business clients.


Backed by a team of creative experts, Nativ3 is digitally indigenous and packed full of mobile app development experience. Agile and adaptable mobile apps are created with beautiful designs – and everything is done by an in-house team.

These are the top 25 mobile app development companies in Minnesota. If you need a company to help you build a winning app, these are the ones to call.